7 Days of Sex (2012 - )

7 Days of Sex

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Release Date: 2012

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This series takes couples who are in troubled relationships, two couples per episode, and tries to recharge each relationship with a radical fix -- having the couple make love every day for a week. Viewers follow each couple's emotional journey as bedroom insecurities are thrown out the window and the couple lets cameras into their bedroom, allowing the show to highlight what happens when they break the confines of their ordinary routine by bonding physically, sharing their fantasies and doing special things for each other. The ultimate goal is to remember how they felt when they first fell in love and reconnect emotionally. Does intimacy equate to a healthier marriage or will it just seem like a daily chore? That's the question that "7 Days of Sex" sets out to answer.

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Cast & Crew

Nick Emmerson
Executive Producer
Jennifer O'Connell
Executive Producer
Dan Peirson
Executive Producer
Elizabeth Cook
Executive Producer
David Van Taylor
Executive Producer
Ali Pomeroy
Executive Producer
Robert Sharenow
Executive Producer
Gena McCarthy
Executive Producer
Colleen Conway
Executive Producer
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