The Titan on the Tracks


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A detailed investigation into the cause of an explosive locomotive accident leads Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and FBI Agent Seely Booth (David Boreanaz) to suspect that the incident was much more than a simple suicide as season two of the Fox mystery series gets underway. Upon arriving at the scene of the accident, Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth are both greeted by Dr. Camille "Cam" Saroyan - who speculated that the train was derailed by a car parked on the railroad tracks before revealing that she is in fact Dr. Brennan's new boss at the Jeffersonian. Investigating the body in the scorched car nearby, Dr. Brennan speculates that the victim was male and that there was another catalyst involved in the accident. Afterwards, Cam informs Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth that one of the fatalities in the crash was a senator. Later, at the Jeffersonian, Cam performs an autopsy on the senator as Dr. Brennan and Zack reveal the driver of the car to be an ex basketball player turned powerful CEO. As the investigation intensifies, it quickly becomes apparent that nothing is what it seems in this bizarre case.


Emily Deschanel
as Dr. Temperance Brennan
David Boreanaz
as Seeley Booth
Eric Millegan
as Zack Addy
T.J. Thyne
as Dr. Jack Hodgins
Michaela Conlin
as Angela Montenegro
Jonathan Adams
as Dr. Daniel Goodman
Tamara Taylor
as Dr. Camilla Saroyan
Ray Wise
as Rick Turco
Ann Cusack
as Dianne Hochman
Sam Witwer
as Michael Downs
Jonelle Kennedy
as Yolanda Lawrence
Alex Hyde-White
as Dietrich Hobbs
Timothy Landfield
as Dan Burroughs
Allison Dunbar
as Brianna Lynch
Jeremy Luke
as Eddie Bean
Marlon John
as Fireman
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