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      Castle Rock: Season 2 Reviews

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      Sep 19, 2022

      Season 2 an improvement as the story is tighter. There is a 15- second scene at the end which sort of closes both seasons, but I wish they had continued with more seasons.

      Aug 9, 2022

      Lizzy Caplan should have an Emmy for capturing Annie Wilkes at least as well as Kathy Bates. Her storyline made season 2 worthwhile and all of the Stephen King easter eggs unnecessary. Wasn't a huge fan of season 1 and it isn't a necessary prerequisite for season 2.

      Oct 25, 2021

      It was difficult to get through this season because for almost 5 episodes, the story drags on to reveal the central plot. One thing worth mentioning is the focus on characters more than plot, it is less utilised in horror stories. Stitching together King's stories was also done seamlessly. The actors have given their best in their performance as well, especially Lizzy Caplan. Despite all this good aspects, it somehow did not shape up to anything.

      Sep 13, 2021

      Once again, set up all the dominoes, failed to knock them down

      Jan 27, 2021

      The series benefits most when its leads its focus on psychotic Annie and the mystery and storyline around her character. The other storylines don't add much weight. I feel the series would have benefited from a central psychological thriller storyline, and removing the unnecessary elements with some subtle references to the other King novels.

      Jan 21, 2021

      Simply appalling that no one ever brings to justice the child-abusing, murderous, psychotic abductress lead character.

      Nov 27, 2020

      A slow burn horror series, giving us the vibe of one creepy horror city with everyone living inside it. Two alternating storylines for each season, giving us a big picture of what's going on. Bill Skarsgård (ex Clown of ‘IT') perfectly portrayed his role as one creepy character for Season 1. However the plot remains questionable for Season 2 | follow us at

      May 16, 2020

      Another anti-white story. Bad bigoted white men, Somalia men all good. Liked season 1 but season 2 is another boring story with a forced ideology . Yawn!

      May 12, 2020

      A amazing performance by Lizzy Caplan, and by Bill Skarsgård. A season that had a few plot holes but more consistently disturbed then its prior season.

      Apr 11, 2020

      Hulu wrote "STEPHEN KING" on a baseball bat, and hit the audience with it. There's no suspense and absolutely no intellect to this mess. And boy do I mean "mess." It's a curiosity watch for Corona and nothing more. Pretty miserable, to be honest.

      Apr 5, 2020

      It's very different from the first season but love how they incorporated some other Stephen King characters into one show!

      Mar 25, 2020

      Absolutely amazing!!! Great acting, soo many Easter eggs for Stephen King fans, the most satisfying ending to a TV series I've ever seen. Must watch!!

      Feb 24, 2020

      Phenomenal performance from Lizzy Caplan as Annie Wilkes.

      Jan 29, 2020

      Well worth watching. Season one was a bit ho-hum, but "heavens to Betsy", season 2 is a big step up. Lizzy evokes her inner "dirty bird" and puts up a remarkable performance. She has all the tiny nuances that Kathy Bates made famous all those years ago as Annie Wilkes. The plot loses a bit when they steer too far away from Annie's story, but it comes back with a bang at the end. Go watch it.

      Jan 22, 2020

      best, it was really good, i enjoyed it. please give us no2 etc asap. as I WANT MORE !!!!

      Jan 20, 2020

      I kicked myself I didn't pay attention to the title (and her name didn't connect)...but that made the ending all the better. Great story and acting.

      Jan 19, 2020

      Stephan King's material is running very thin, the whole thing is a retread.

      Jan 17, 2020

      What an incredibly woke series. It takes a lot of hard digs at the military regarding their involvement in Somalia. I guess if one knows history, they have to ask....why? Somalia was controlled by war lords who were starving the populace by the millions. The UN multi national force including the US military fought and suffered casulties to bring food aid to the country. So cool JJ Abrams, villify that. What a predictible plot filled with characters that constantly don't act logically. I like Stephen King, I hope they are paying him enough to attach his name to Abrams.

      Jan 12, 2020

      Castle Rock is great - both seasons!! - while I was sad to say goodbye to the first season's storyline and cast I was just as invested in season 2 by the last episode. I really hope they make a season 3. I can't wait! (also, to be honest I've watched I think Castle Rock is better then some of the other popular shows out right now, not gonna mention any names)...

      Jan 11, 2020

      Horror at it's very best.

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