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Air date: Sep 23, 2005
Air date: Sep 30, 2005
Air date: Oct 7, 2005
Air date: Oct 14, 2005
Air date: Oct 21, 2005
Air date: Nov 4, 2005
Air date: Nov 11, 2005
Air date: Nov 18, 2005
Air date: Nov 25, 2005
Air date: Dec 9, 2005
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Season 2 begins with two major additions to Don's FBI team and one surprising subtraction. Joining the L.A. bureau are psychological profiler Megan Reeves (Diane Farr) and agent Colby Granger (Dylan Bruno). Departing is Terry Lake (Sabrina Lloyd), who is reassigned to Washington, D.C. Megan and Colby are quickly thrown into action when a judge's wife is gunned down in her garage. Since she was driving her husband's car, it's unclear whether she or her husband was the intended target. Charlie (David Krumholtz) continues to help Don (Rob Morrow) investigate cases, but when a rival theoretician, Marshall Penfield (Colin Hanks), challenges Charlie's most famous work and states that it is flawed, it forces him to reevaluate his life, specifically whether he should devote more time to his career and less with the FBI. Also, a shooting at FBI headquarters leaves Charlie severely shaken. Back at home, Alan (Judd Hirsch) opens his own consulting business and begins dating again. As for Larry (Peter MacNicol), he sells his home and embraces a nomadic lifestyle, sometimes sleeping in his car or in his office. He also becomes attracted to Megan and they embark on a friendship that turns romantic. Charlie's relationship with Amita (Navi Rawat) is threatened when she is offered a position at Harvard as an assistant professor. It is further endangered when Charlie's ex-girlfriend (Sonya Walger) arrives from London on a book tour and their relationship heats up faster than either of them anticipated. Charlie also struggles with the past and dreams about his deceased mother (JoBeth Williams), who appears to him and tells him he has a question to ask her, but Charlie doesn't know what it is. Cases probed include: a toxic gas scare in downtown L.A.; a black-market organ-harvesting scheme; the murder of an Iraqi woman who was to appear in a documentary about women's rights in Muslim countries; and the apparent suicide of an FBI agent with romantic ties to Don.


Rob Morrow
as Don Eppes
David Krumholtz
as Charlie Eppes
Judd Hirsch
as Alan Eppes
Alimi Ballard
as David Sinclair
Peter MacNicol
as Larry Fleinhardt
Navi Rawat
as Amita Ramanujan
Diane Farr
as Megan Reeves
Dylan Bruno
as Colby Granger
Mark D. Espinoza
as Frank Lopez
Sarah Carter
as Nadine Hodges
Michelle Nolden
as Robin Brooks
Will Patton
as Det. Gary Walker
Susan Beaubian
as Stendhauser
Lesley Fera
as Annie Wilson
Markus Flanagan
as Eric Turner
Joshua Leonard
as Roy Mitchell
Sandra Lindquist
as Nikki Davis
Yasmine Delawari
as Nasreen Kafaji
Alan Rosenberg
as Judge Franklin Trelane
Lou Diamond Phillips
as Agent Ian Edgerton
Russell Wong
as Jeremy Wang
Elizabeth Peña
as Sonya Benavides
John Glover
as Samuel Kraft
JoBeth Williams
as Margaret Eppes
Claire Lautier
as Erica Logan
John Heard
as Peter Houseman
Robert Forster
as Thomas Lawson
Colin Hanks
as Marshall Penfield
Bill Nye
as Bill Waldie
Aaron Baker
as Geoff Morton David
Kurt Caceres
as Agent Romero
Paul Cassell
as Daniel Piermint
Steven Flynn
as Doug Windham
Concetta Tomei
as Dr. Sarah Kemple
Olympia Dukakis
as Charlotte Yates
Liann Pattison
as Alison Trelane
Jesse Marchant
as Jason Brewer
Sonya Walger
as Susan Berry
Ben Campbell
as Justin Price
Brian Cousins
as Matt Pribitech
Luna Lauren Vélez
as Claudia Gomez
Josh Eriksson
as Daniel Shay
Jordi Vilasuso
as Gabriel Ruiz
Tamara Taylor
as Olivia Rawlings
Loren Dean
as Noah Stevens
Mary Kay Place
as Hester Stirling
Craig Zimmerman
as Dave Taggart
Kim Strauss
as Chandler Yates
Jay Karnes
as Martin Rausch
Darren Pettie
as Agent Cullen
Assaf Cohen
as Kareem Allawi
Patrick O'Connell
as Bill Yardley
Leighton Meester
as Karen Camden
Matt Roth
as Mike Belweather
Dylan Kenin
as Roger Holstein
Dean Czechvala
as Yuri Chernov
David Day Fisher
as Michael Tolchuck
Sara Botsford
as Susan Weinar
Yasen Peyankov
as Yuri Koverchenko
Grace Phillips
as Lucinda Shay
Ian Unterman
as Alex Dewitt
Kirk Acevedo
as Gino McGinty
Kate Linae
as Becky Flynn
Carol Locatell
as Elsie Korfelt
Scott Cohen
as James Grace
Nick Kiriazis
as Rob Evans
Jacob Vargas
as Victor Borrego
Dennis Cockrum
as Jack Morrison
George Coe
as Steven Logan
Wayne Pére
as Herbert Quilty
Jordan Baker
as Dr. Jenloe
Ray Baker
as Jack Bennett
Gary Perez
as Hector Machado
Richard Fancy
as Thomas Galway
Sophina Brown
as Bianca Styles
Michael Muhney
as Lt. Joseph Karnes
Veanne Cox
as Trish Schane
Sara Vaught
as Lyndsey
John Mariano
as Derrick Lamberg
Allan Louis
as John Owens
Scott Macdonald
as Lt. Barry Burchfield
Rob Moran
as Jon Northrup
Bob Morrisey
as Dr. James Handel
Mark Harelik
as Taylor Brindell
Nancy Bell
as Colleen
Art Chudabala
as Danny Phan
Richard Cox
as Edward Barret
Michael Maize
as Wallace Gordon
Aldis Hodge
as Travis Grant
Hannah Marks
as Libby Lamberg
Jorge-Luis Pallo
as Ignacio Nadal
Heather Mazur
as Janet Eckworth
Claudia Elizabeth Wohl
as Laura Stirling
Bill Sage
as Scott Winnard
Sam Trammell
as Thomas Gill
Mike Damus
as Remy Logan
Traber Burns
as Kenneth Eckworth
Daisy Eagan
as Goth Girl
Mirelly Taylor
as Lupe Sandovol
Jesse Head
as Gregory Dietrich
Jennifer Siebel
as Diane Rausch
Raphael Sbarge
as Malcolm Galway
Taso Papadakis
as Warren Wells
Chastity Dotson
as Karen Rhimes
Anna Khaja
as Saida Kafaji
Al Espinosa
as Alec Schane
Robert Wu
as Raymond Hmong
Patrick J. Adams
as Adam Bennett
Larry Bates
as Leonard Jones
Jennifer Jean Snyder
as Michelle Collins
Owiso Odera
as Tate Gilliam
Stephen Quadros
as Lance Dolan
Jennifer Jacobson
as Mrs. Standbury
Mary Gordon Murray
as Marlene Stallworth
Lynn Chen
as Bree Eng
Adrian LaTourelle
as Allen Kelly
Zeb Newman
as Nate Tuttle
Sayed Badreya
as Sayed Malik
Robert O'Reilly
as Kurt Delock
Madison Davenport
as Julia Rausch
Cynthia Preston
as Mrs. McHugh
Megan Paul
as Debbie
Ping Wu
as Steven Jintao
Mark Tymchyshyn
as Lawrence Bainsworth
Gabriel Cordell
as Daniel Ratchet
Megan Adele Lopez
as Stendhauser
Don Leslie
as Bartender
Kelly Van Kirk
as Brian Reynolds
Jeff Perry
as Morton Standbury
Sean Smith
as Professor
as Orso
Sam Zeller
as Tiny Rimbelli
Kristin Proctor
as Sheriff's Deputy
Mary Beth Fisher
as Claire Brewer
David O. Katz
as Salesman
Linda Kerns
as Barbara Taddeo
Marin Mazzie
as Joan Camden
Sky Soleil
as Security Man
Ethan Phillips
as Leonard Philbrick
Robert Torti
as Arthur Rimbelli
Jamie Sorrentini
as Stacy Manning
Frank Novak
as John Taddeo
Rosalie Ward
as Student
Ben Mezrich
as Blackjack Player
Daniel Booko
as Jake Porter
Jason Pugatch
as Bartender
Mark D. Espinoza
as Frank Lopez
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