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Dann Michalski
Super Reviewer
August 16, 2017
Seinfeld finally breaks out as NBC's premier comedy in its fourth season, delivering some of the show's best and most iconic episodes (not there's anything wrong with that). In a rather daring move, the show attempts a parody of its own real-life creation by having a season long arc following Jerry and George as they pitch and develop a sitcom pilot for NBC. Featuring such classic episodes as "The Trip," "The Bubble Boy," "The Contest," "The Outing," and "The Pilot," the writers make a concerted effort to get creative and take the show to new places. There are also a number of guest stars featured, including Corbin Bernsen, George Wendt, Clint Howard, Brian Doyle-Murray, Denise Richards, Teri Hatcher, and Jeremy Piven. Incredibly funny, Season 4 of Seinfeld moves the series into the more surreal, yet the laughs "are real and they're spectacular!"
Kal X. Attenborough
Super Reviewer
½ February 9, 2016
Let there be light! After three seasons which can only hope to be described as mediocre at best, Seinfeld rips into full form with a 24-episode season in which the legend is born and blossoms over a year full of Junior Mints, Airports, Virgins, Crazy Joe Davola sightings, and of course a Contest to end all contests. This is the season where the "show about nothing" became the "sitcom to end all sitcoms."
May 31, 2018
Seinfeld Season 4 is something of a bridge between the grounded seasons 1-3 and the more ludicrous plots starting in Season 5. Season 4 has a number of memorable subplots, such as the conclusion of Kramer's jacket and the production of the TV show about nothing, "Jerry." The season gets off to a somewhat weak start, resetting the series after Kramer went off to California at the end of Season 3. The Season finds its stride in the third episode. From there, there are a number of classics, such as "The Bubble Boy," "The Contest," "The Implant," "The Smelly Car."
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