Dead in the Nethers


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Andy (Justin Kirk), due to a court order, is attending Marijuana Anonymous when he meets the lovely Sharon (Brooke Langton). He makes up some shameless lie about being abused as a child in order to convince her to become his sponsor. Doug (Kevin Nealon) and Dean (Andy Milder) help the sexually frustrated Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) set up the bakery she'll use as a front for her pot dealing, and Conrad (Romany Malco) shows up to tell her how she should store her drugs. Celia (Elizabeth Perkins) stops by while Conrad is in the store, and invites him out dancing. "I have cancer and jungle fever," she tells Nancy, "and tonight one of them is going to get cured." While Nancy is out clubbing, interesting things are going on at home. Silas (Hunter Parrish) makes up with Megan (Shoshannah Stern), and Lupita (Renee Victor) hears from a friend that her employer is a drug dealer. She goes on a room-to-room search of the house, looking for Nancy's stash. His elders preoccupied, Shane (Alexander Gould) spends his day directing a mock terrorist beheading video with a schoolmate.


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