Garret Dillahunt

Garret Dillahunt

Highest Rated: 95% 12 Years a Slave (2013)

Lowest Rated: 10% Just Before I Go (2014)

Birthday: Nov 24, 1964

Birthplace: Castro Valley, California, USA

In the 2000s, Garret Dillahunt established himself as a talent to be reckoned with, even in supporting roles, wowing viewers and peers alike in two wholly different, unrelated roles on the groundbreaking HBO series "Deadwood" (2004-06), and going on to build an eclectic résumé by working with some of the top producers and directors in premium television and indie films. A graduate of New York University's prestigious theater school, Dillahunt paid his dues in the proverbial trenches of the acting world, including live theater, soaps, some recurring roles on forgettable sitcoms and the odd indie film, before delivering a breakthrough performance on the Showtime series, "Leap Years" (2001-02). Producer David Milch would give Dillahunt's talents their biggest showcase then to date on "Deadwood," where the actor played two successive characters, both scurrilous scoundrels yet both so distinct that even diehard viewers failed to notice it was the same actor. He went on to stand out in turns as a Terminator in "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" (Fox, 2008-09) and a violent sociopath in the 2009 feature remake of "Last House On the Left," becoming a specialist in ultra-creepy villains. Still, he would defy typecasting, winning critical praise as a dryly funny pool-cleaning dad on the quirky Fox comedy series "Raising Hope" (2010-14) and winning indie film leads in John Sayles' feature "Amigo" (2010) and the dark suspense thriller "Oliver Sherman" (2010). With each new outing, Dillahunt built up a sterling reputation as one of the most flexible character actors in Hollywood.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet 42% Benched Michael (Character) - 2018
91% 61% Widows Bash (Character) $42.4M 2018
77% 75% Braven Kassen (Character) - 2018
88% 66% Wheelman Clayton (Character) - 2017
62% 32% Come and Find Me Breyer (Character) - 2016
70% 50% Against the Sun Harold Dixon (Character) - 2014
50% 38% The Scribbler Hogan (Character) - 2014
10% 59% Just Before I Go Lucky Morgan (Character) $8.1K 2014
95% 90% 12 Years a Slave Armsby (Character) $56.7M 2013
No Score Yet 40% Houston Robert Wagner (Character) - 2013
79% 76% Any Day Now Paul (Character) $200K 2012
93% 82% Looper Jesse (Character) $66.3M 2012
No Score Yet 26% Revenge for Jolly! Gary (Character) - 2012
No Score Yet No Score Yet Tall Hot Blonde Thomas Montgomery (Character) - 2012
No Score Yet No Score Yet Burning Tiger Johnny Gavenue (Character) - 2011
94% 76% Winter's Bone Sheriff Baskin (Character) $6.5M 2010
No Score Yet 46% Burning Bright Johnny Gaveneau (Character) - 2010
60% 56% Amigo Lt. Compton (Character) $183.5K 2010
50% 46% Oliver Sherman Sherman Oliver (Character) - 2010
43% 52% The Last House on the Left Krug (Character) $32.7M 2009
74% 68% The Road The Gang Member (Character) $8.1M 2009
20% 16% Pretty Bird Carson Thrash (Character) - 2008
93% 86% No Country for Old Men Wendell (Character) $74.3M 2007
76% 75% The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Ed Miller (Character) $3.9M 2007
83% 82% The Believer Drake (Character) $406K 2001
No Score Yet No Score Yet Last Call Curtis (Character) - 1999
No Score Yet No Score Yet Getting Off Chris Goodman (Character) - 1998


75% 65% Fear the Walking Dead John Dorie (Character) 2018-2020
No Score Yet 74% Talking Dead Guest 2020 2018
No Score Yet No Score Yet Friday Night In with The Morgans Guest 2020
64% 87% The Guest Book Dr. Andrew Brown (Character) 2017-2018
79% 70% The Gifted Dr. Roderick Campbell (Guest Star) 2017-2018
86% 82% The Mindy Project Unknown (Guest Star) 2015-2017
30% 87% Hand of God KD (Character) 2017 2014-2015
95% 94% Brooklyn Nine-Nine Dave Majors (Guest Star) 2015
97% 95% Justified Ty Walker (Character),
Unknown (Guest Star)
95% 89% Elementary Bart MacIntosh (Guest Star) 2014
96% 89% Raising Hope Burt Chance (Character) 2010-2014
88% 95% Burn Notice Simon Escher (Guest Star) 2013 2010
81% 77% Alphas Jonas Englin (Guest Star) 2011
24% No Score Yet Gary Unmarried Goose (Guest Star) 2010
78% 89% Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Kevin O'Donnell (Guest Star) 2009
No Score Yet 87% Lie to Me Unknown (Guest Star) 2009
No Score Yet 85% CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Unknown (Guest Star) 2009 2003
No Score Yet 86% Criminal Minds Unknown (Guest Star) 2009
85% 87% Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Cromartie (Character),
Unknown (Guest Star)
70% 80% Life Unknown (Guest Star) 2008
58% No Score Yet John From Cincinnati Dr. Michael Smith (Character) 2007
No Score Yet 91% Numb3ers Unknown (Guest Star) 2006
No Score Yet 80% ER Steve Curtis (Guest Star) 2005-2006
No Score Yet No Score Yet Law & Order Unknown (Guest Star) 2006 2002
54% No Score Yet The Book of Daniel Jesus (Character) 2006
92% 96% Deadwood Francis Wolcott (Guest Star) 2004-2005
No Score Yet 84% CSI: New York Steve Collins (Guest Star) 2005
No Score Yet No Score Yet A Minute With Stan Hooper Unknown (Character) 2003
13% No Score Yet Leap Years Gregory Paget (Character) 2001-2002
No Score Yet No Score Yet Millennium Unknown (Guest Star) 1998
No Score Yet No Score Yet 7 Days Unknown (Guest Star) 1998
No Score Yet No Score Yet Maximum Bob Unknown (Guest Star) 1998
75% 85% The X-Files Edward Skur (Guest Star) 1998
84% No Score Yet NYPD Blue Bryce Coopersmith (Guest Star) 1996
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Inside Unknown (Guest Star)


Wendell says: You think this boy Moss has got any notion of the sorts of sons of bitches that're huntin' him?

Sheriff Ed Tom Bell says: I don't know, he ought to. He's seen the same things I've seen, and it's certainly made an impression on me.

Wendell says: Well, it's a mess..ain't it sherrif?

Wendell says: Well, it's a mess... ain't it sherrif?

Sheriff Ed Tom Bell says: If it ain't, it'll do till the mess gets here.

Sheriff Ed Tom Bell says: That look like a '77 Ford to you Wendell?

Wendell says: It could be.

Sheriff Ed Tom Bell says: I'd say it is not a doubt in my mind.

Wendell says: Well it's a mess ain't it sheriff?

Sheriff Ed Tom Bell says: If it ain't it'll do till the mess gets here.

The Gang Member says: You ain't gonna shoot that thing. You ain't got but two shells. Maybe one. And they'll hear the shot.

The Man says: Maybe. But you won't. Because that bullet will be through your head and in your brain before you can hear it. To hear it, you'll need a frontal lobe, and things with names like "colliculus" and "temporal gyrus". And you won't have 'em anymore, because they'll just be soup.

The Gang Member says: You a doctor?

The Man says: I'm not anything.

The Man says: You think I won't kill you? You're wrong.

The Gang Member says: You know what I think? I think you're chicken-shit. You never killed a man in your life.

The Man says: You look at him again, I'll shoot you in the head.

The Gang Member says: That boy looks hungry. Why don't ya'll come on to the truck? Get you somethin' to eat. Ain't no need to be such a hard-ass.

The Man says: You don't have anything to eat.

Wendell says: It's a mess, ain't it Sheriff?

Wendell says: It's a mess, ain't it, sheriff?

Sheriff Ed Tom Bell says: If it ain't it'll do til a mess gets here.

Sheriff Ed Tom Bell says: If it ain't, it'll do till the mess gets here.

Justin says: Dad, look, I was just trying to liquidate some of the..

Krug says: Liquidate. Wow. Is that my word or yours?

Wendell says: Aw, hells bells. They even shot the dog!