Hiroyuki Sanada

Hiroyuki Sanada

Highest Rated: 99% The Twilight Samurai (Tasogare Seibei) (2004)

Lowest Rated: 0% Ringu 2 (Ring 2) (2005)

Birthday: Oct 12, 1960

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Began his film career at age 5. Toured with the Royal Shakespeare Company in a 1999production of King Lear, with Nigel Hawthorne playing the title role. Won a Japanese Academy Award for his work in The Twilight Samurai (2002). Received an honorary MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) in 2002. Has a black belt in karate.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Mortal Kombat Scorpion 2021
61% Minamata Actor 2020
94% Avengers: Endgame Akihiko 2019
67% Life Sho Kendo $30.2M 2017
88% Mr. Holmes Mr. Umezaki $14.2M 2015
55% Minions Sumo Villain $278M 2015
66% The Railway Man Nagase $4.2M 2014
No Score Yet Kowagaru hitobito (Uneasy Encounters) Actor 2014
16% 47 Ronin Oishi $20.6M 2013
71% The Wolverine Shingen $132.6M 2013
No Score Yet Tugumi Actor 2012
39% The City of Your Final Destination Pete $0.5M 2010
No Score Yet Yellow Fangs Actor 2009
40% Speed Racer Mr. Musha $44M 2008
18% Rush Hour 3 Kenji $140.1M 2007
76% Sunshine Kaneda $3.8M 2007
49% The White Countess Matsuda $1.7M 2005
31% The Promise (Master of Crimson Armor) (Wu ji) Gen. Guangming $0.7M 2005
0% Ringu 2 (Ring 2) Ryuji Takayama 2005
No Score Yet Bôkoku no îgisu (Aegis) Actor 2005
No Score Yet Death of A Ninja Actor 2005
99% The Twilight Samurai (Tasogare Seibei) ?????? ????? 2004
66% The Last Samurai Ujio $111.1M 2003
50% Onmyoji Doson 2001
No Score Yet First Love (Hatsukoi) Shinichirô Fujiki 2000
No Score Yet Rasen Actor 1998
No Score Yet Tadon to chikuwa Actor 1998
97% Ringu (Ring) Ryuji Takayama 1998
No Score Yet Sharaku Tombo (Sharaku) 1995
No Score Yet Yellow Fangs Actor 1990
No Score Yet Kataku no hito (House on Fire) Actor 1986
No Score Yet Kamui no ken (Dagger of Kamui)(Revenge of the Ninja Warrior)(The Blade of Kamui) Jiro 1985
No Score Yet Shogun's Samurai - The Yagyu Clan Conspiracy Actor 1984
No Score Yet Ninja Wars Actor 1984
No Score Yet Legend of the Eight Samurai (Satomi hakken-den) Shinbee 1983
No Score Yet Ninja Wars Actor 1982
No Score Yet Long zhi ren zhe (Ninja in the Dragon's Den) (Ninja Warriors) Actor 1982
No Score Yet Samurai Reincarnation (Makai tenshô) Actor 1981
No Score Yet G.I. Samurai Actor 1981
No Score Yet Space Ninja - Sword of the Space Ark Actor 1981
No Score Yet Ninja bugeicho momochi sandayu, (Shogun's Ninja) Actor 1980
No Score Yet Mâjan hourouki (Mahjong Horoki) Actor


77% Extant
Kinji Matsumo Hideki Yasumoto 2015
81% Helix
Dr. Hiroshi Hatake 2015
69% Revenge
Satoshi Takeda 2015
85% Lost
Dogen 2010
No Score Yet Revenge
Satoshi Takeda


Oishi says: When a crime goes unpunished, the world is unbalanced. When a wrong is unavenged, the heavens look down on us in shame. We too must die for this circle of vengeance to be closed. We will leave this record of our courage so that the world will know who we were and what we did. Tonight we will regain our honor and avenge our lord. None of us knows how long he shall live or when his time will come. But soon all that will be left of our brief lives is the pride our children feel when they speak our names. Now we are forty-seven.

Oishi says: Riku. You must make the whole world believe you've divorced me. It is the only way to protect you from what I have to do. No one but you and I can know that you are, and will always be, the joy of my life.

Icarus says: Ninety seven percent of shield in full sunlight.

Kaneda says: Final panel and closing of shield is secure.

Capa says: You have to move now! Captain!

Harvey says: Kaneda's not going to make it.

Capa says: Captain! You have-

Harvey says: It's too far.

Capa says: Have to move! Why isn't he moving?

Searle says: Kaneda. What do you see?