Jimmy Conlin

Jimmy Conlin

Highest Rated: 100% Anatomy of a Murder (1959)

Lowest Rated: 60% Angels over Broadway (1940)

Birthday: Oct 14, 1884

Birthplace: Not Available

The pint-sized American actor Jimmy Conlin preceded his film career as a vaudeville headliner on the Keith and Orpheum circuits, where he appeared with his wife Muriel Glass in a song-and-dance turn called "Conlin and Glass." After starring in the 1928 Vitaphone short Sharps and Flats, Conlin began regularly appearing in movie bit roles in 1933. Writer/director Preston Sturges liked Conlin's work and saw to it that the actor received sizeable roles--with good billing--in such Sturges projects as Sullivan's Travels (1941), Hail the Conquering Hero (1944) and Miracle of Morgan's Creek (1944). Conlin's all-time best role was as Wormy, the birdlike barfly who persuades Harold Lloyd to have his first-ever drink in Sturges' The Sin of Harold Diddlebock (1946). When Sturges' fortunes fell in the 1950s, Conlin and his wife remained loyal friends, communicating on a regular basis with the former top director and helping out in any way they could. In 1954, Conlin had a regular role as Eddie in the syndicated TV series Duffy's Tavern. Jimmy Conlin remained a Hollywood fixture until 1959, when he appeared in his last role as an elderly habitual criminal in Otto Preminger's Anatomy of a Murder.

Highest Rated Movies



100% Anatomy of a Murder Madigan 1959
No Score Yet The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock Magruder 1959
No Score Yet The Seven Little Foys Stage doorman 1955
No Score Yet It Happens Every Thursday Matthew 1953
94% On Dangerous Ground Doc Hyman 1952
No Score Yet Mad Wednesday Wormy 1951
No Score Yet A Christmas Wish (The Great Rupert) Joe Mahoney 1950
No Score Yet Operation Haylift Ed North 1950
No Score Yet Tulsa Homer 1949
70% Knock on Any Door Kid Fingers 1949
No Score Yet Smart Woman Miller, the Printer 1948
No Score Yet Dick Tracy's Dilemma Sightless 1947
89% Sin of Harold Diddlebock Wormy 1947
No Score Yet The Hucksters Blake 1947
No Score Yet It's a Joke, Son! Sen. Leeds 1947
80% Blue Skies Jeffrey 1946
No Score Yet Two Sisters From Boston Grandpa Chandler 1946
No Score Yet Whistle Stop Barber 1946
80% Fallen Angel Hotel Clerk 1945
92% The Picture of Dorian Gray Piano Player 1945
No Score Yet It's a Pleasure Messenger 1945
No Score Yet The Town Went Wild Justice of the Peace 1944
95% Hail the Conquering Hero Judge Dennis 1944
No Score Yet Summer Storm Passerby at Mailbox 1944
88% The Miracle of Morgan's Creek The Mayor 1944
No Score Yet Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Little Thief 1944
No Score Yet Man from Frisco Mayor's Secretary 1944
No Score Yet Old Acquaintance Photographer 1943
No Score Yet Hitler's Madman Dvorak 1943
No Score Yet This Is the Army Doorman 1943
97% The Palm Beach Story Mr. Asweld 1942
No Score Yet The Lady Is Willing Bum 1942
92% Woman of the Year Reporter 1942
No Score Yet The Remarkable Andrew Henry Smith 1942
100% Sullivan's Travels Trusty 1941
No Score Yet Out of the Fog Kibitzer 1941
100% The Lady Eve Steward 1941
No Score Yet Ridin' on a Rainbow Frisco 1941
95% Christmas in July Thin, Sour Gentleman 1940
No Score Yet Third Finger, Left Hand Ernest 1940
100% The Great McGinty The Lookout 1940
80% Edison, the Man Waiter 1940
No Score Yet Three Cheers for the Irish Riley 1940
91% My Little Chickadee Squawk Mulligan 1940
No Score Yet Calling Philo Vance Dr. Doremus 1940
80% Charlie Chan At The Wax Museum Barker 1940
No Score Yet Second Chorus Mr. Dunn 1940
60% Angels over Broadway Proprietor 1940
No Score Yet Two Girls on Broadway Poem Vendor 1940
No Score Yet Naughty But Nice Pedestrian 1939
No Score Yet Idiot's Delight Stagehand 1939
No Score Yet The Shining Hour Man 1938
No Score Yet Crashing Hollywood Crisby, Wells' Secretary 1938
No Score Yet Sweethearts Property Man 1938
No Score Yet Hard to Get Dour Diner 1938
No Score Yet Mannequin Elevator Operator 1937
No Score Yet The Adventurous Blonde Dr. Bolger 1937
94% Captains Courageous Thin Man 1937
No Score Yet The Man Who Found Himself Nosey Watson 1937
No Score Yet The Big Broadcast of 1938 First reporter 1937
83% Rose Marie Joe the Piano Player 1936
No Score Yet And Sudden Death Mr. Tweets 1936
No Score Yet The Bride Comes Home Len Noble 1936
No Score Yet 365 Nights in Hollywood Heeber 1934
No Score Yet She Learned About Sailors Irate Neighbor 1934
100% Footlight Parade Uncle 1933
No Score Yet The Bowery Enlistee 1933
No Score Yet A Free Soul Reporter 1931
83% The Great Moment Mr. Burnett 1921


Wormy says: (gives a listing of all the animals Diddlebock now owns via his acquisition of the circus, ending with).. and a puma.

Wormy says: [gives a listing of all the animals Diddlebock now owns via his acquisition of the circus, ending with] ...and a puma.

Algernon McNiff says: A puma?!?

Algernon McNiff says: A puma?!

Wormy says: And what a puma!