Slim Pickens

Birthday: Jun 29, 1919
Birthplace: Not Available
Though he spoke most of his movie dialogue in a slow Western drawl, actor Slim Pickens was a pure-bred California boy. An expert rider from the age of four, Pickens was performing in rodeos at 12. Three years later, he quit school to become a full-time equestrian and bull wrangler, eventually becoming the highest-paid rodeo clown in show business. In films since 1950's Rocky Mountain, Pickens specialized in Westerns (what a surprise), appearing as the comic sidekick of Republic cowboy star Rex Allen. By the end of the 1950s, Pickens had gained so much extra poundage that he practically grew out of his nickname. Generally cast in boisterous comedy roles, Pickens was also an effectively odious villain in 1966's An Eye for an Eye, starting the film off with a jolt by shooting a baby in its crib. In 1963, director Stanley Kubrick handed Pickens his greatest role: honcho bomber pilot "King" Kong in Dr. Strangelove. One of the most unforgettable of all cinematic images is the sight of Pickens straddling a nuclear bomb and "riding" it to its target, whooping and hollering all the way down. Almost as good was Pickens' performance as Harvey Korman's henchman in Mel Brooks' bawdy Western spoof Blazing Saddles (1974). Slim Pickens was also kept busy on television, with numerous guest shots and regular roles in the TV series The Legend of Custer, B.J. and the Bear, and Filthy Rich.

Highest Rated Movies



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39% 1941 Hollis Wood 1979
0% Beyond the Poseidon Adventure Tex 1979
No Score Yet The Sacketts Actor 1979
43% The Black Hole Bob 1979
11% The Swarm Jud Hawkins 1978
No Score Yet J.D. and the Salt Flat Kid Actor 1978
No Score Yet The Sweet Creek County War Jitters Pippin 1978
No Score Yet Heartbreak Motel Orville 1978
20% The White Buffalo Abel Pinkney 1977
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No Score Yet Wonderful World Of Disney: The Bluegrass Special Actor 1977
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No Score Yet White Line Fever Duana Haller 1975
56% The Apple Dumpling Gang Frank Stillwell 1975
No Score Yet Poor Pretty Eddie Orville 1975
69% Rancho Deluxe Henry Beige 1975
No Score Yet Redneck County Actor 1975
No Score Yet Ginger in the Morning Sheriff 1974
No Score Yet Bootleggers Silas Pruitt 1974
No Score Yet The Gun and the Pulpit Billy One-Eye 1974
91% Blazing Saddles Taggart 1974
No Score Yet The Legend of Earl Durand Phil Chumley 1974
85% Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid Sheriff Baker 1973
85% The Getaway Cowboy 1972
75% The Cowboys Anse 1972
No Score Yet Hitched Actor 1971
No Score Yet J.C. Actor 1971
No Score Yet Deserter Tattinger 1971
93% The Ballad of Cable Hogue Ben 1970
No Score Yet Savage Season Actor 1970
42% Skidoo Switchboard Operator 1968
No Score Yet Never a Dull Moment Cowboy Schaeffer 1968
85% Will Penny Ike Wallerstein 1968
75% The Flim-Flam Man Jarvis Bates 1967
No Score Yet Violence à Jericho Yarbrough 1967
No Score Yet Fool's Gold Actor 1967
No Score Yet Stagecoach Buck 1966
No Score Yet An Eye for an Eye Ike Slant 1966
60% The Glory Guys Gregory 1965
97% Major Dundee Wiley 1965
40% In Harm's Way CPO Culpepper 1965
98% Dr. Strangelove Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Major T.J. "King" Kong 1964
50% Savage Sam Willy 1963
57% One-Eyed Jacks Lon 1961
No Score Yet Escort West Wheeler 1959
No Score Yet Gunsight Ridge Hank Moss 1958
No Score Yet The Sheepman Marshal 1958
No Score Yet Tonka Ace 1958
No Score Yet Gun Brothers Moose MacLain 1956
No Score Yet The Great Locomotive Chase Pete Bracken 1956
No Score Yet When Gangland Strikes Actor 1956
No Score Yet The Last Command Abe 1955
No Score Yet Santa Fe Passage Sam 1955
No Score Yet The Outcast Boone Polsen 1954
No Score Yet The Sun Shines Bright Mink Sterling 1953
No Score Yet Iron Mountain Trail Slim 1953
No Score Yet Colorado Sundown Joshua 'Slim' Pickens/Ma Pickens 1952
No Score Yet Border Saddlemates Slim Pickens 1952
No Score Yet The Story of Will Rogers Dusty Donovan 1952
No Score Yet Rocky Mountain Plank 1950


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