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3.5 100% The Devil We Know (2018) If you're under the age of 60 Teflon is in your bloodstream. This is a well documented fact that... Dupont and 3M acknowledge in documents and - when pressed - under oath.‐ CineGods.com
Read More | Posted Oct 16, 2018
8/10 95% BlacKkKlansman (2018) Spike is contained by a true story, and being contained allows him to focus.‐ What the Flick?!
Read More | Posted Aug 10, 2018
45% The Meg (2018) It would've benefitted by being more dumb. ‐ What the Flick?!
Read More | Posted Aug 10, 2018
5/10 49% The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018) I think this is a new genre that they're all sort of working their way through it and haven't got all the kinks worked out yet but it's a genre that works for me.‐ What the Flick?!
Read More | Posted Aug 10, 2018
**** 97% Black Panther (2018) The first studio produced, major motion picture to feature a Black superhero Black Panther is a very good movie, exceptional beyond its big-budget entertainment values...‐ CineGods.com
Read More | Posted Feb 7, 2018
** 83% Detroit (2017) For Black Americans, the events of Detroit '67 are not the events of a 'dramatic thriller.' They are the events of a tragedy and still-living history we know very well. ‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Aug 7, 2017
3.0 80% Barry (2016) ...thinking about Barry, the 1981-set film about a young Barack Obama as he arrived in New York City to attend Columbia University, I found myself thinking about a young Me in 1981, as I arrived in New York City to attend Columbia University...‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Mar 8, 2017
3 88% Don't Breathe (2016) Horror filmmaker Fede Alvarez avoids the fate of the sophomore curse with his second feature film, Don't Breathe, which establishes the director as the real deal when it comes to horror and thrills... and horror.‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Aug 26, 2016
3.5 91% Captain America: Civil War (2016) "...for me to consider Captain America: Civil War a good movie - good enough to make me forget Prince had just died - it must be pretty good indeed. ‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted May 6, 2016
3.5 89% My Golden Days (Trois Souvenirs De Ma Jeunesse) (2016) ...you don't need to see "My Sex Life" to enjoy "My Golden Days," which is wonderful by merit for several reasons, including young stars...‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Apr 7, 2016
3.5 73% Miles Ahead (2016) Miles Ahead" the album is brilliant; the movie of the same name is not, but it's very good, brightly conceived not as a cradle-to-grave bio-pic but rather a musical chart of Davis' life.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Apr 3, 2016
2.5 28% My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016) It's sweet, just like the original movie. It was faint praise then, and it still is.‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Mar 21, 2016
38% The Brothers Grimsby (2016) Do note, it's not dumb. Stupid, occasionally, but never dumb, not even when our heroes are inside the elephant vagina. ‐ TheWrap
Read More | Posted Mar 8, 2016
*** 81% Chi-Raq (2015) Chi-Raq is a plea for us to Wake Up. It's a tearful plea proffered by a broken mother over a murdered child. Dead for no good reason, as if a good reason might be found.‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Dec 5, 2015
3.5 74% Trumbo (2015) Trumbo stars Bryan Cranston giving a great performance in a movie that is highly entertaining while managing to shovel the history of the blacklist at the audience in every scene.‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Nov 7, 2015
3.0 93% Room (2015) Couched in reality and replete with great performances Room is a well done, topical film that succeeds by all measures and I do appreciate it greatly. But I still don't like it.‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Oct 17, 2015
3.0 No Score Yet Bread and Butter (2015) Bread and Butter is a nice debut that refreshes the genre with an interesting point of view, professional execution, and a girly sensibility that most women and brighter boys will appreciate.‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Sep 1, 2015
3.0/5 No Score Yet Lord Montagu (2013) The 1954 Montagu trials were on the order of the 1895 prosecutions of Oscar Wilde... In 1950s England, homosexuality was as illegal as it ever was.‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Aug 5, 2015
3/5 19% In Stereo (2015) In Stereo... is a funky New York-set romp... The film's writing is sharp, its performances are very good, and it has a boss-ass soundtrack. It ain't When Harry Met Sally..., but who gives a f%#k?‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Jul 12, 2015
3/5 100% Teacher of the Year (2015) Teacher of the Year is a smart and funny movie that manages to pull off one of the more difficult balancing acts in filmmaking; it actually is smart while still being funny.>‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Jun 1, 2015
3.5 97% Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) In Fury Road there is nothing pacifist or even docile in Miller's conception of the nature of the feminine, no matter what they look like or what they are wearing.‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted May 15, 2015
4 99% Selma (2015) Still, what is most startling about Selma isn't its painstaking presentation of this painful history, but how salient that history remains nearly 50 years on. ‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Jan 4, 2015
4/5 93% Whiplash (2014) Whiplash flows freely; it's literally full of improvisations in at least two art forms, but like all good jazz, it always knows where it is, and where it's going.‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Oct 12, 2014
**** 94% Love Is Strange (2014) Love Is Strange is beautiful in every way that a film can be beautiful, and unabashedly so. ‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Aug 24, 2014
3.5 97% Boyhood (2014) This 12-year undertaking is one of the most intriguing narrative film projects ever conceived. Richard Linklater has quietly become part of the foundation of American cinema.‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Jul 12, 2014
** 52% Jersey Boys (2014) Clint Eastwood's Jersey Boys is based on the hit Broadway musical and is a crushing bore. But the music and the performances of the music, are great.‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Jun 21, 2014
3.5 90% Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow (2014) Tom Cruise is the last movie star, fortunately, he's in Edge of Tomorrow, making it better despite itself.‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Jun 6, 2014
4/5 60% Nymphomaniac: Volume II (2014) It's who "we" are individually and as a society that Lars von Trier is questioning - a few personal issues involving his own family revelations referred to in our review of Nymphomaniac: Vol. I notwithstanding.‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Apr 7, 2014
4/5 75% Nymphomaniac: Volume I (2014) Lars von Trier is an actual genius, as opposed to the myriad filmmakers called genius who are actually just clever.‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Mar 22, 2014
4/5 96% The Lunchbox (2014) The Lunchbox, sweet and bitter, full of heartache and hope, asks its audience to accept the possibility that something "new" can happen, and then revel in the possibilities.‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Mar 7, 2014
2.5 94% Captain Phillips (2013) Mostly adapted from the Captain's memoir Captain Phillips is conversely taut and slack; culturally savvy and naive; politically astute and manipulative; emotionally sincere and embarrassingly overwrought.‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Oct 16, 2013
4 91% Blue Jasmine (2013) In Blue Jasmine, with the help of several perfectly pitched performances, Woody Allen once again reminds us that if there is an Us and a Them, he's one of Us.‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Jul 26, 2013
3.5 40% Only God Forgives (2013) Only God Forgives is a controversial film and not Nicolas Winding Refn's first. It's also a remarkably good thriller. But I don't believe in god, so that's easy for me to say.‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Jul 20, 2013
4/5 78% A Cop (Un Flic) (2013) Jean-Pierre Melville's last film, Un Flic / A Cop (1972), is a late noir classic...‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Jun 29, 2013
2/5 75% The East (2013) The East is a didactic polemic couched in a mediocre thriller that takes itself far too seriously to be taken seriously...‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Jun 10, 2013
4/5 75% Paradise: Love (2013) Sugar Mama sex tourism is the subject of Paradise Love, and director Ulrich Seidl's remarkable film about the subject is deeply affecting in a number of ways.‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Jun 10, 2013
3/5 97% Mud (2013) Mud is as beautiful to watch as it is to listen to, and feel kinship to, whether you're from the South or just Southern at heart.‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Jun 10, 2013
2/5 69% Stoker (2013) While one is sure Stoker will satisfy many with its haughty ambivalence about any number of social taboos, others will find Park's first English-language effort decidedly vapid...‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Jun 10, 2013
2/5 46% To The Wonder (2013) To the Wonder is built from shattered hearts, broken relationships and unanswered prayers, all better long since forgotten rather than pondered on film, yet again... ‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Jun 10, 2013
4/5 82% Like Someone in Love (2013) Veteran Director Abbas Kiarostami's Like Someone is a fine followup to his brilliant Certified Copy. It's lovely, intriguing, stylish and very, very good.‐ Alt Film Guide
Read More | Posted Jun 10, 2013
2/5 60% Lucky (2010) Lucky has its moments, but even with good... performances its vile characters are never likable enough to make you laugh at (or forgive) their wickedness.‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jul 22, 2011
3/5 86% Viva Riva! (2011) This is just a gangster movie, but it has the edge of a unique time and place, and in a crowded summer movie market any edge will do.‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jun 17, 2011
3/5 55% Spork (2011) A quirky, imaginative and outrageously funny little movie that will speak to more of us than any of us would like to admit.‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jun 6, 2011
3/5 50% Bloodworth (2011) The visuals are as lingeringly rich as Carolina summers. The music is supervised by the legendary T-Bone Burnett and is authentic and poignant.‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted May 28, 2011
3/5 73% Harvest (2011) It's a movie about a life, and life can be kinda funny and kinda poignant, even when it's full of ordinary things, like age, sickness and loss.‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted May 7, 2011
* 33% Meeting Spencer (2011) Meeting Spencer is comprised mainly of actors talking, yet it's funny in that continuous smile kind of way that you don't notice until you're half way through it‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Read More | Posted Apr 26, 2011
3/5 82% The Double Hour (2011) Suffice it to say that the twists and turns in The Double Hour are not arbitrary; rather, they are well considered and effective, right down to the last frame.‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Mar 22, 2011
4/5 87% Even the Rain (Meme La Pluie) (2011) This sort of filmmaking is what the medium was created for.‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Feb 25, 2011
2/5 47% Vanishing On 7th Street (2011) The promise of its opening wears off as the film wears on.‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Feb 19, 2011
3/5 68% Mumbai Diaries (2011) This is a wholly accessible story that most filmgoers will find pithy and generally well done.‐ Boxoffice Magazine
Posted Jan 21, 2011