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      Cassandro (2023) Matthew Jacobs Even though it lands a bit softly by the finale, Cassandro's celebratory spirit taps into a dynamic slice of history unfamiliar to most Americans.
      Posted Sep 18, 2023
      Red, White & Royal Blue (2023) Matthew Jacobs Red, White & Royal Blue occupies an awkward middle ground: too pat to be sophisticated but too evocative to be infantilizing.
      Posted Aug 10, 2023
      Extraction 2 (2023) Jordan Hoffman There is no story, no stakes, and no humanity in Sam Hargrave's sequel to his 2020 film. But as pure, brutal action, it is undeniably impressive.
      Posted Jun 15, 2023
      Reality (2023) Jordan Hoffman Though purposefully small in its scope, this film is a terrific showcase for the 25-year-old Sydney Sweeney.
      Posted May 25, 2023
      White Men Can't Jump (2023) Jordan Hoffman The most interesting thing about this movie is that Kenya Barris and Doug Hall's script remains vague about Jeremy's inner life.
      Posted May 18, 2023
      Peter Pan & Wendy (2023) Matthew Jacobs It's caught between the mature treatment Lowery likely had in mind and the Disney-friendly imperatives that make Peter Pan & Wendy watery.
      Posted Apr 28, 2023
      Ghosted (2023) Jordan Hoffman What's most annoying is that Ghosted doesn't know what to do with Evans.
      Posted Apr 21, 2023
      Longest Third Date (2023) Jordan Hoffman Longest Third Date is very watchable, and it actually lends itself nicely to conversations. Weirdly, movies like this almost feel like a vital, and somewhat new, part of our culture right now.
      Posted Apr 18, 2023
      Murder Mystery 2 (2023) Jordan Hoffman I don't precisely understand what the villain's motivation was... What's more important is that I was never, ever having a bad time as the movie — under 90 minutes — played out.
      Posted Mar 31, 2023
      Tetris (2023) Jordan Hoffman Tetris has no clue just what in the heck kind of movie it wants to be. Is this a gripping period drama about a totalitarian government, or is this a goofy farce featuring a car chase where vehicles bust out into 8-bit visions of themselves?
      Posted Mar 16, 2023
      Boston Strangler (2023) Jordan Hoffman There is a life-threatening lack of oomph in the picture. Carrie Coon is the only spark, as the seen-it-all tough gal reporter with a "screw you" attitude.
      Posted Mar 16, 2023
      Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland (1992) TV Guide Staff Despite all the effort, time and energy lavished on Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland by the excellent talents involved, it is, finally, a disappointment.
      Posted Mar 07, 2023
      Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (1995) TV Guide Staff Street Fighter II brings the characters to life in a compelling and dramatic manner, succeeding where its live-action American counterpart, Street Fighter, failed.
      Posted Feb 13, 2023
      Your Place or Mine (2023) Jordan Hoffman There is, unfortunately, none of the sparkle or wit found in Brosh McKenna's earlier titles evident in Your Place or Mine. Its only value, really, is the chance to watch this on a couch with a loved one and shout, "Ugggggh, really?!?!"
      Posted Feb 10, 2023
      Sharper (2023) Matthew Jacobs Everything is stylish, well-plotted, and soulless. If a Julianne Moore heel turn doesn't ignite much electricity, you know a movie's done messed up.
      Posted Feb 07, 2023
      Pamela, a Love Story (2023) Jordan Hoffman I can't say that Pamela, a love story is an essential addition to the canon, but it did make me think about this very famous woman in a different light.
      Posted Jan 31, 2023
      Teen Wolf: The Movie (2023) Maggie Fremont Even without their best scene partner, both Posey and Roden turn in what might be their best work of the entire Teen Wolf run. Posey, especially, is great as a more mature albeit desperately heartbroken Scott.
      Posted Jan 23, 2023
      Sparkler (1998) TV Guide Staff With its heart on its sleeve and not much on its mind, Darren Stein's uneven comedy floats along on a few good laughs and a certain goofy charm.
      Posted Jan 18, 2023
      Louis Armstrong's Black & Blues (2022) TV Guide Staff While he was internationally recognized and revered for his musical skill and legacy, he had strong opinions about the civil rights issues in his homeland. Archival footage and never-before-heard home recordings of his opinions illuminate these points.
      Posted Dec 19, 2022
      Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio (2022) Jordan Hoffman As a streaming option, Pinocchio wins points for being just different enough compared to typical family-friendly fare.
      Posted Dec 08, 2022
      Emancipation (2022) Jordan Hoffman A brutal but gripping look at the horrors of slavery.
      Posted Dec 01, 2022
      Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022) Jordan Hoffman Daniel Craig is just through-the-roof entertaining as Blanc; his Foghorn Leghorn accent is even more welcome the second time around.
      Posted Nov 21, 2022
      A Christmas Story Christmas (2022) Matthew Jacobs Sure, it's just a harmless sequel, but A Christmas Story Christmas might leave you feeling like the adult Ralphie did in 1983, peering into the snow globe of your memories to recall a more idealized time.
      Posted Nov 16, 2022
      Falling for Christmas (2022) Maggie Fremont You know how this movie is going to go from the first act — the script follows the formula all the way through. You will not find any surprises or playful inversions of cliches. And you know what? That's fine.
      Posted Nov 10, 2022
      Enola Holmes 2 (2022) Jordan Hoffman The story in Enola Holmes 2 is secondary to the jokes — a large percentage of which are Brown adorably mugging to the camera — and general vibe, but it isn't without a message.
      Posted Oct 28, 2022
      The Good Nurse (2022) Jordan Hoffman This pass-the-buck conspiracy, similar to the crimes exposed in the film Spotlight, really angers up the blood... Chastain is in typically fine form as the single mother of two who must choose between her career and doing the right thing.
      Posted Oct 26, 2022
      Hocus Pocus 2 (2022) Matthew Jacobs In shedding the original's director, peppering the Salem scenery with CGI that looks garish instead of kitschy, and reuniting the oft-impersonated witch trio nearly 30 years later, something was bound to get lost. You can't brew the same potion twice.
      Posted Oct 07, 2022
      Prince of Jutland (1994) TV Guide Staff [Prince of Jutland] is epic in structure, but has an intimacy worthy of a small character study.
      Posted Oct 04, 2022
      Blonde (2022) Jordan Hoffman Yes, it's about a woman who (at least in Oates/Dominik's version) is consigned to a miserable existence from the moment she is born, but the point of this nasty movie seems to be to ensure the audience suffers along with her.
      Posted Sep 16, 2022
      Do Revenge (2022) Jordan Hoffman Do Revenge wears its love of '90s teen movies on its sleeve. How well it fares by comparison, however, might be determined by your level of nostalgia, or how much tolerance you have for plots centered on Instagram.
      Posted Sep 16, 2022
      Goodnight Mommy (2022) Jordan Hoffman Like a match that won't spark a flame no matter how many times you strike it, this is a movie that should work, but, frustratingly, does not.
      Posted Sep 16, 2022
      Prey (2022) Jordan Hoffman Prey is a solid-enough entry in the franchise, and a quality base hit for Hulu for August.
      Posted Aug 03, 2022
      The Gray Man (2022) Jordan Hoffman Evans's performance is, alas, the only notable thing in this preposterous, globe-trotting movie with so many cliché moments of barked dialogue it comes this close to sounding like a Saturday Night Live parody.
      Posted Jul 14, 2022
      Good Luck to You, Leo Grande (2022) Jordan Hoffman Even though Emma Thompson is one of the most charming performers ever to go before cameras, there's only so much she can do.
      Posted Jun 15, 2022
      Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969) TV Guide Staff This very funny movie about mate-swapping spoke to the condition of moviegoers in 1969, but it has quickly become dated.
      Posted Jun 15, 2022
      Spiderhead (2022) Jordan Hoffman Much like all it takes is a little tweak to our brain's synapses to make a huge impact, just a smidge of intelligence and care really does set this picture apart.
      Posted Jun 13, 2022
      Buck and the Preacher (1972) TV Guide Staff Stereotypes abound in this foolish, witless western -- a production misusing the fine talent in its cast.
      Posted May 26, 2022
      The Last Starfighter (1984) TV Guide Staff Clever, exciting, and fun, The Last Starfighter boasts good performances by Guest and Preston, and a literate, funny script that highlights the real story.
      Posted Apr 27, 2022
      Moonshot (2022) Jordan Hoffman It's a trip worth taking.
      Posted Apr 21, 2022
      Mississippi Masala (1991) TV Guide Staff Newcomer Choudhury is excellent as the rebellious Mina, effectively playing the nonconformist side of her character without ever losing sympathy.
      Posted Apr 15, 2022
      Coal Miner's Daughter (1980) TV Guide Staff Masterfully directed by Michael Apted, the film traces the famed country singer's life from her beginnings in a tumbledown shack in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky, through her huge success, marital discord, and battle with prescription drugs.
      Posted Apr 06, 2022
      Deep Water (2022) Jordan Hoffman The "is he or isn't he?" mystery plays out for a while, until we are given a definitive answer. What we're left with instead is "will she care?" And that's where the movie gets interesting.
      Posted Mar 16, 2022
      The Adam Project (2022) Jordan Hoffman When, exactly, did I invite this much Ryan Reynolds into my life?
      Posted Mar 10, 2022
      No One Gets Out Alive (2021) Jordan Hoffman [W]hen [Cristina Rodlo] is screaming her head off in terror, I was right there with her.
      Posted Sep 30, 2021
      Gunpowder Milkshake (2021) Jordan Hoffman A carnival of brutal shootings, gruesome stabbings, shocking explosions, and blood-spraying mayhem
      Posted Aug 07, 2021
      The Tomorrow War (2021) Jordan Hoffman [A] gloriously moronic picture
      Posted Jul 01, 2021
      Tom Clancy's Without Remorse (2021) Jordan Hoffman Michael B. Jordan deserves better, and so do you. This movie stinks.
      Posted Apr 28, 2021
      Mortal Kombat (2021) Jordan Hoffman A successful movie if you measure success by how many gruesome ways one person can murder another in battle.
      Posted Apr 23, 2021
      Stowaway (2021) Jordan Hoffman Moral crisis in space!
      Posted Apr 22, 2021
      King Kong Escapes (1968) TV Guide Staff It's all as campy as can be and a great time waster...
      Posted Mar 24, 2021
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