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The Avengers

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A TV spinoff that lacks enough energy to spin, The Avengers is an ineptly written, woefully miscast disaster.



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Jeremiah Chechick directed this $60 million adaptation of the whimsical 1961 British TV spy series, imported to the United States five years later for ABC airing (beginning 3/28/66), followed by The New Avengers (CBS, 1978-79). In the feature-length version, secret agent John Steed (Ralph Fiennes) and Emma Peel (Uma Thurman) face a meteorological menace as they track sinister super-villain Sir August de Wynter (Sean Connery), threatening to blitz Britain with blizzards and other extreme weather. Vocal cameo by Patrick Macnee (the original TV Steed).


Ralph Fiennes
as John Steed
Uma Thurman
as Emma Peel
Sean Connery
as Sir August de Wynter
Fiona Shaw
as Father
John Wood
as Trudshaw
Patrick Macnee
as Col. Jones
Shaun Ryder
as Donavan
Nicholas Woodeson
as Dr. Darling
Richard Lumsden
as Boodle's Porter
Daniel Crowder
as Messenger
Nadim Sawalha
as World Council of Ministers
Christopher Godwin
as World Council of Ministers
David Webber
as World Council of Ministers
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Audience Reviews for The Avengers

  • Oct 18, 2012
    One of my childhood movies, boring for most but a guilty pleasure of mine.
    Andreia C Super Reviewer
  • Jul 13, 2011
    The initial opening offers an intriguing spy film but everything after is a weird hybrid of exposition and tea inclusion. I can't fault the actors who seem to be doing the best with what they are handed, the overall tone might have worked if the filmmakers knew where they were taking the film. The first 30 minutes are okay, setting the scene for the oddball world here and if it was to continue with this story, it may have worked. The film takes a turn with the introduction of Sean Connery, not a bad choice for the villain but he is very one dimensional. The teddy bear scene is quite inspired but this is a prime example of a hybrid weirdness that doesn't float well, the film is lost within its own ambitions, maybe atudio interference. I have heard that the film was cut heavily and you can't fault the director if the studio abandoned the filmmaker, if it was terrible and left alone by the studio, by all means we throw blame at the director. The film is cut badly and shifts all around the place and is another Warner Bros tv remake that is terrible, Wild Wild West is about on par and never captures the campiness it needed to succeed. Fingers crossed for a longer directors cut in the future. 18-09-2017.
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • Jun 08, 2010
    Yes the plotline is absolutely rediculous and Uma Thurmons acting is terrible as well as her costumes but guess who else is in this movie...RALPH FIENNES! and He can NEVER make a movie bad. He saves them majority of the time. Now he's done it again with smooth moves and wonderful wordrobe. O how I love him. Such class one can only pray to see a glimps of him any man today...sigh.
    Morgan S Super Reviewer
  • Feb 03, 2010
    When evil reigns, only one team can weather the storm. Pretty bad movie! Take my word for it, there is nothing in "The Avengers" for you to get. It is not clever, its not some high concept parody, its just a really, REALLY badly written, acted, and directed movie that I doubt anyone on the production team was happy with after it had been finished. NOT recommended! British Ministry secret agent John Steed, teams up with Emma Peel to stop Sir August De Wynter from destroying the world with a weather changing machine. They are called in to investigate Prospero, a plot to blackmail Britain by controlling the weather. Emma Peel is suspected of being involved but it is discovered that she has a double who works for the real baddie, Sir August de Wynter. He threatens to freeze Britain, at one point unleashing a blizzard on Trafalgar Sqaure.
    Manu G Super Reviewer

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