Lude Awakening


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A crate of soft drinks has fallen off a cargo plane and nearly destroyed the Hodes home. While Dean (Andy Milder) deals with the insurance adjuster, Celia (Elizabeth Perkins), who recently learned she has breast cancer, visits with a faith healer. Celia's bout with cancer seems to have given her a devil-may-care outlook on life. She starts giving away her worldly possessions and wearing the satin roller-disco jacket she wore as a girl. Doug (Kevin Nealon) spends an afternoon getting high and watching porn with Andy (Justin Kirk), and leaves behind papers for Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) to sign to start the process of buying the bakery. Silas (Hunter Parrish) is being pressured by a friend to dump "the deaf girl," Megan (Shoshannah Stern). A drive-by shooting at Heylia's (Tonye Patano) place leaves Nancy shaken up. ("White folks get soda pop," Heylia dryly laments. "[We] get bullets.") Nancy's in no mood to hear about Shane (Alexander Gould) getting in trouble at school for writing gangsta rap about gunning down his classmates. She's contemplating getting out of the drug game, and she rejects Andy's offer to use his culinary skills to team up with her in the bakery biz. Andy decides to go into business for himself; he makes a buy and then unwisely mocks the bike cop who stops him for a traffic violation on the way home.


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