Adam Hann-Byrd

Adam Hann-Byrd

Highest Rated: 85% The Ice Storm (1997)

Lowest Rated: 18% Diabolique (1996)

Birthday: Feb 23, 1982

Birthplace: New York, New York, USA

Spotted at his school by two casting directors and asked to audition, the nine-year-old, who had no prior professional acting experience, won praise for his natural performance as a lonely child prodigy caught in an emotional tug of war between his working class mother (played by Jodie Foster) and a psychologist (Dianne Wiest) who wants to put him in a special school in Foster's directorial debut, "Little Man Tate" (1991). He went on to portray the title character in "Digger" (1994), about a youth sent to live with relatives during his parents' divorce. Hann-Byrd appeared as the youthful version of Robin Williams's character in "Jumanji" (1995) and in a supporting role in the remake of "Diabolique" (1996) with Sharon Stone and Isabelle Adjani. He also delivered a convincing portrait of a troubled youth in Ang Lee's mood piece "The Ice Storm" (1997).


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet No Score Yet Uninvited Young Tony Grasso (Character) - 1999
52% 49% Halloween H20: 20 Years Later Charles "Charlie" Deveraux (Character) $55M 1998
85% 82% The Ice Storm Sandy Carver (Character) $7.9M 1997
No Score Yet No Score Yet Souvenir Young Charles (Voice) - 1996
18% 34% Diabolique Erik (Character) $16.5M 1996
55% 62% Jumanji Alan, 1969 (Character) $100.3M 1995
No Score Yet 20% Digger Digger (Character) - 1993
73% 66% Little Man Tate Fred Tate (Character) $25M 1991


No Score Yet No Score Yet The Outer Limits Unknown (Character) 1999
84% No Score Yet NYPD Blue Nick Williamson (Guest Star) 1994


Charles 'Charlie' Deveraux says: You're an oedipal enabler.

Sarah Wainthrope says: Oh, I love food. I really do. I hope you don't mind if I get really big and dumpy. It's my goal in life.

Charles 'Charlie' Deveraux says: I, uh, I always found obesity to be very sexy.

Sarah Wainthrope says: God, you are so Renaissance.

John Tate says: I can't believe we're doing this.

Charles 'Charlie' Deveraux says: Desperate measures.

John Tate says: It's illegal.

Charles 'Charlie' Deveraux says: It's harmless and expected.

Charles 'Charlie' Deveraux says: It means we could have a Halloween party, just the four of us. Whole place would be empty. We'd have the run of it. We could have a roaming orgy.

Sarah Wainthrope says: I love the way this man thinks!

Charles 'Charlie' Deveraux says: Studies have proven that all teenagers, at some their adolescent lives, have shoplifted.

Charles 'Charlie' Deveraux says: Studies have proven that all teenagers, at some point, in their adolescent lives, have shoplifted.