Isuzu Yamada

Birthday: Feb 5, 1917
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
The daughter of an actor, from early childhood Isuzu Yamada took acting lessons, and debuted onscreen at the age of 14. In the mid-'30s, she became a significant screen personality in films directed by Kenji Mizoguchi; later she often worked with director Teinosuke Kinugasa, who became one of her six husbands. She remained busy in films through the mid-'60s, at first in leads and later in character roles. She is best known in the West for her work in such films as Hiroshima (1953), Throne of Blood, and The Lower Depths (both 1957), and Yojimbo (1961). She has also done much work on the Japanese stage. She is the mother of actress Michiko Saga.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Ohara Shôsuke-san Actor 2012
No Score Yet Akujo no kisetsu Actor 2011
No Score Yet Kurosawa Actor 1999
100% Osaka Elegy (Woman of Osaka) (Naniwa erejî) Ayako Murai 1979
97% Yojimbo Orin 1961
No Score Yet Mozu Actor 1961
No Score Yet Yoru no nagare (Evening Stream) Actor 1960
98% Throne of Blood Asaji 1957
80% Donzoko (The Lower Depths) Osugi the Landlady 1957
100% Tokyo Twilight (Tokyo boshoku) Kisako Soma 1957
No Score Yet Nagareru (Flowing) Actor 1956
No Score Yet Shozo, A Cat And Two Women (Neko to shozo to futari no onna) Actor 1956
89% Sisters of the Gion (Gion no shimai) Omocha 1936
No Score Yet The Downfall of Osen (Orizuru Osen) Actor 1935


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