Yimou Zhang

Yimou Zhang

Highest Rated: 100% Ju Dou (1990)

Lowest Rated: 34% A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop (2009)

Birthday: Nov 14, 1951

Birthplace: Xi'an, China

One of the most acclaimed Chinese filmmakers of the late 20th century, award-winning director Zhang Yimou produced a series of intensely moving period dramas about the political and emotional inequalities suffered by women in Chinese history, including "Ju Do" (1990), "Raise the Red Lantern" (1992) and "To Live" (1994) before scoring international hits with the martial arts thrillers "Hero" (2002) and "House of Flying Daggers" (2004). Part of China's acclaimed "Fifth Generation" of filmmakers, whose work flew in the face of government control over how movies were made, Zhang emerged as the most successful of the group, thanks to his early dramas which all featured the sensuous actress Gong Li as their long-suffering but resolute heroines. After a brief fallow period in the late 1990s, Zhang emerged again with "Hero," a lavishly expensive historical epic with martial arts star Jet Li in its lead. Its phenomenal success allowed Zhang to move between major efforts like "House of Flying Daggers" and "Curse of the Golden Flower" (2006) and smaller fare like "A Woman, A Gun and a Noodle Shop" (2009), a screwball adaptation of "Blood Simple" (1984). "The Flowers of War" (2011) marked his return to grand scale filmmaking, as well as his commitment to telling honest stories about the lives of people under oppression, both from their circumstances and from within their hearts.

Highest rated movies

The Turandot Project




80% 80% Cliff Walkers Director - 2021
100% No Score Yet One Second Director,
- 2020
94% 80% Shadow Director,
$521.4K 2018
35% 42% The Great Wall Director $45.1M 2016
No Score Yet 78% Suddenly Seventeen Producer - 2016
89% 85% Coming Home Director $377.4K 2014
41% 73% The Flowers of War Director $308.2K 2011
No Score Yet 76% Under the Hawthorn Tree Director - 2010
34% 40% A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop Director $190.7K 2009
65% 65% Curse of the Golden Flower Director,
$6.6M 2006
80% 81% Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles Director $251.6K 2005
87% 82% House of Flying Daggers Director,
$11.0M 2004
94% 87% Hero Director,
$53.6M 2002
72% 78% Happy Times Director $239.1K 2001
77% 79% The Turandot Project Unknown (Character) - 2000
89% 90% The Road Home Director $1.3M 1999
96% 90% Not One Less Director $589.1K 1999
No Score Yet 55% You hua hao hao shuo (Keep Cool) Director - 1998
No Score Yet No Score Yet Dragon Town Story Executive Producer,
- 1997
90% 71% Shanghai Triad Director $2.1M 1995
86% 96% To Live Director $2.2M 1994
86% 85% The Story of Qiu Ju Director $25.8K 1992
96% 94% Raise the Red Lantern Director $22.6K 1991
100% 88% Ju Dou Director $10.3K 1990
No Score Yet 60% A Terracotta Warrior Tian Fong (Character) - 1989
83% 84% Red Sorghum Director - 1988
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Old Well Shun (Character),
- 1986
No Score Yet No Score Yet Old Well Wangquan Shun (Character) - 1986
100% 77% Yellow Earth Cinematographer - 1984
No Score Yet No Score Yet One and Eight Cinematographer - 1983
No Score Yet No Score Yet Wisdom Tooth Producer - 0000