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      The Lost King (2022) Bilge Ebiri The fact that The Lost King never quite reconciles this tension between striving for noble recognition and the fallacy of divine majesty feels like an implicit damnation of both.
      Posted Mar 24, 2023
      John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023) Angelica Jade Bastién Chapter 4 is blissfully entertaining, full of pratfalls and acting turns that lead to the audience swelling with oohs, aahs, and yelps.
      Posted Mar 23, 2023
      National Anthem (2023) Matthew Jacobs National Anthem grants familiar coming-of-age beats a fresh backdrop.
      Posted Mar 20, 2023
      Inside (2023) Alison Willmore As a movie, Inside is utterly bloodless — an exercise in eking out an existence in improbable circumstances that just feels like a chore.
      Posted Mar 18, 2023
      Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023) Bilge Ebiri It’s competent, uninspired swill, undone largely by the fact that it’s following up a superior first movie.
      Posted Mar 17, 2023
      Problemista (2023) Matthew Jacobs Torres’s directorial eye is wholly his own, though one can see shades of Miranda July, Michel Gondry, and Charlie Kaufman in Problemista.
      Posted Mar 15, 2023
      Come and See (1985) David Denby The movie is a succession of brutally sincere "art" assaults, jammed together like the poorly articulated cars of an old freight train.
      Posted Mar 14, 2023
      Scream VI (2023) Bilge Ebiri Despite my antipathy toward the Scream-quels, I found myself gripped by enough of Scream 6 that I imagine fans of the series will embrace it.
      Posted Mar 10, 2023
      Palm Trees and Power Lines (2022) Roxana Hadadi The relationship McInerny and Tucker build is so convincing in its mixture of exploitation and yearning that Palm Trees and Power Lines capably secures what Lea desires most too: your attention.
      Posted Mar 08, 2023
      Chris Rock: Selective Outrage (2023) Kathryn VanArendonk On paper, it all seems thrilling and possibly combustible. Which is why it is so disappointing when, in life, Chris Rock’s Selective Outrage cannot rise to the moment.
      Posted Mar 06, 2023
      Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre (2023) Bilge Ebiri Everybody in Operation Fortune — yes, even Ritchie — seems to be having fun. Sometimes, that’s all you need.
      Posted Mar 04, 2023
      Creed III (2023) Alison Willmore Creed III’s greatest achievement is demonstrating that there’s more story to be told about Donny, who after two films had been looking pretty thoroughly explored as a character.
      Posted Mar 03, 2023
      Thelma & Louise (1991) David Denby Thelma & Louise is wonderfully acted from top to bottom, and it's full of life and jokes and offbeat perceptions. Ridley Scott has rid himself of the alien gnawing at his insides. People, it turns out, are far more interesting in the long run.
      Posted Mar 02, 2023
      Cocaine Bear (2023) Bilge Ebiri Cocaine Bear is just as good as it needs to be. If it were any better, it probably couldn’t call itself Cocaine Bear.
      Posted Feb 24, 2023
      Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania (2023) Bilge Ebiri I’m getting bored just typing all this up. More concerningly, it looks like the filmmakers themselves were bored putting it onscreen.
      Posted Feb 17, 2023
      Return to Seoul (2022) Angelica Jade Bastién [Chou] grounds his story in the contours and illuminations of lead Park Ji-Min’s features and expressions in a debut performance so piercing it makes the entire film move like a breathing poem.
      Posted Feb 17, 2023
      The Blue Caftan (2022) Roxana Hadadi Maryam Touzani’s film is as precise and vivid as its titular garment.
      Posted Feb 12, 2023
      Magic Mike's Last Dance (2023) Alison Willmore Despite being half–“Let’s put on a show” movie and half–romantic comedy, two genres dedicated to delight, Magic Mike’s Last Dance never achieves satisfaction... No matter how winking, the intellectualizing drains the mojo.
      Posted Feb 07, 2023
      Knock at the Cabin (2023) Bilge Ebiri The most exhilarating and wounding film M. Night Shyamalan has made in many, many years.
      Posted Feb 03, 2023
      One Fine Morning (2022) Bilge Ebiri This could have easily become a torrid, tear-jerking melodrama, but Hansen-Løve’s matter-of-fact approach to performance and incident allow the emotions to emerge organically from the unfussy drama onscreen.
      Posted Jan 27, 2023
      Infinity Pool (2023) Alison Willmore The film’s woozy spectacles do eventually become numbing, as does Goth’s turn as the yowling ringleader, but that’s all in line with the experience.
      Posted Jan 27, 2023
      The Big Lebowski (1998) David Denby Jeff Bridges has so much dedication as an actor that he sacrifices himself to the Coen brothers’ self-defeating conception. Even Bridges can’t open up a character who remains unconscious.
      Posted Jan 21, 2023
      Skinamarink (2022) Alison Willmore Skinamarink is as hair-raising as it is boring, which doesn’t feel like a failure so much as the goal of this micro-budget effort.
      Posted Jan 13, 2023
      Plane (2023) Bilge Ebiri The highest compliment I can pay the new Gerard Butler action film is that it lives up to the conceptual purity of its title.
      Posted Jan 13, 2023
      Just Another Girl on the I.R.T. (1992) David Denby There isn't a thought that's worked out, a dramatic situation perceived clearly and told truly... Harris short-circuits her own movie.
      Posted Jan 10, 2023
      Eve's Bayou (1997) Angelica Jade Bastién What stays with me after all these years are the images of its female characters in liminal states, on the edge of awakenings: Roz’s beautiful façade cracking under the pressure of her husband’s impropriety...
      Posted Jan 10, 2023
      The Pale Blue Eye (2022) Bilge Ebiri A mystery that’s more about mood than ingenuity. But the chill you feel in your bones may actually enhance the suspense; Cooper clearly understands that mysteries live or die on their atmosphere.
      Posted Jan 06, 2023
      A Dry White Season (1989) David Denby Unbearably stiff.
      Posted Jan 03, 2023
      Living (2022) Bilge Ebiri The highest compliment I can pay Living is that it takes those dusty ideas and makes them resonate once more. Not unlike remembering an old, familiar song, and understanding it for the first time.
      Posted Dec 26, 2022
      Babylon (2022) Angelica Jade Bastién Babylon is a film too busy writing an elegy for the still-breathing body of film as a medium to capture the true beauty and complications of being alive.
      Posted Dec 21, 2022
      Strictly Ballroom (1992) David Denby This Australian production requires extreme indulgence -- and not the pleasant kind of indulgence, either, the kind in which you feel yourself to be a capital fellow; in this case, you feel that someone has made a fool of you.
      Posted Dec 21, 2022
      Groundhog Day (1993) David Denby Groundhog Day might have been a mere gimmick movie, but it isn't; it's something better -- a gentle fantasy of both paralysis and liberation.
      Posted Dec 21, 2022
      Jhund (2022) Siddhant Adlakha A stylish, propulsive, and resonant tale of frustrations channeled through sport.
      Posted Dec 20, 2022
      Gangubai Kathiawadi (2022) Siddhant Adlakha Rather than trying to eke out a new place for sex workers in conservative society, it makes the convincing case that they are already a vital fixture.
      Posted Dec 20, 2022
      Vikram (2022) Siddhant Adlakha The camera crafts a lurid atmosphere as it follows each man down dark corridors and murky moral paths in one of the most ludicrously enjoyable movies of 2022.
      Posted Dec 20, 2022
      Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) Bilge Ebiri If the first Avatar is remarkable because it shows us wondrous lands nothing like our own, The Way of Water is remarkable because it shows us that this world is, in fact, very much like our own.
      Posted Dec 13, 2022
      Empire of Light (2022) Bilge Ebiri All life appears to have been drained out of this movie.
      Posted Dec 09, 2022
      Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (1975) David Denby There's subversive black humor and violence lurking in Jeanne Dielman's implacable calm.
      Posted Dec 07, 2022
      Devotion (2022) Bilge Ebiri There are stretches of Devotion where it doesn’t seem like all that much is happening, but then you look closer and you realize that just about everything is happening.
      Posted Nov 25, 2022
      Strange World (2022) Alison Willmore So much of Strange World’s audaciousness is front-loaded into its concept, and so little of it comes through in the execution.
      Posted Nov 25, 2022
      All the Beauty and the Bloodshed (2022) Alison Willmore If Goldin and Poitras seem like an odd pairing, the tension that comes from their collaboration is what gives All the Beauty and the Bloodshed its vitality.
      Posted Nov 23, 2022
      The Inspection (2022) Alison Willmore Bratton, who has an eye for compelling framing and unexpected beauty, has made something more complicated than a treatise against the power structures enshrined in the military, though he’s very aware of them.
      Posted Nov 21, 2022
      Disenchanted (2022) Jen Chaney This isn’t an organic continuation of Giselle’s story so much as an uninspired knockoff of the original, yet another attempt to use existing IP to attract viewers and subscribers besotted by the prospect of watching something familiar on a Friday night.
      Posted Nov 18, 2022
      Bones and All (2022) Bilge Ebiri The whole film, for all its gore and talk of animalistic abandon, feels like a dutiful, skin-deep pastiche.
      Posted Nov 18, 2022
      The Menu (2022) Alison Willmore What makes The Menu more satiating than other recent, glitzier skewerings of ultracapitalism is that its satire isn’t so glib that it leaves you feeling comfortably outside of the proceedings.
      Posted Nov 18, 2022
      Braveheart (1995) David Denby Gibson puts us in the peculiar position of longing for him to die. Braveheart overstays its welcome. It's an epic looking not only for a point but an exit line.
      Posted Nov 18, 2022
      The Son (2022) Alison Willmore The Father is such an achievement that it’s hard to believe The Son was made by the same person.
      Posted Nov 11, 2022
      Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022) Angelica Jade Bastién Regrettably, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever tries to do so many things that it comes across as threadbare and pallid — less a failure of imagination and more of circumstance, time, and narrative constraints.
      Posted Nov 09, 2022
      Weird: The Al Yankovic Story (2022) Bilge Ebiri This fake Weird Al movie could have used some of the real Weird Al’s cleverness. Weird doesn’t feel like a parody; it feels like an impostor.
      Posted Nov 07, 2022
      Something In The Dirt (2022) Roxana Hadadi For those who are fine without finality, Something in the Dirt’s funky, frenetic paranoia is fun to hang out with for a while.
      Posted Nov 04, 2022
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