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Current Publications List

The Current Publications List includes outlets that are approved Tomatometer publications, and outlets that publish reviews from critics with individual Tomatometer approval. All reviews from Tomatometer-approved publications are eligible for inclusion on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Reviews written by any critic on such a publication are eligible for inclusion.
  • Publications that host reviews from specific Tomatometer-approved critics will have those critics listed.
For a list of publications that no longer actively contribute reviews, but whose reviews are still part of the Tomatometer, click here.

LISTING BY SOURCE when reviewed by Willie Waffle

Wall Street Journal Tomatometer Publication

Washington City Paper Tomatometer Publication

Washington Free Beacon when reviewed by Sonny Bunch

Washington Post Tomatometer Publication

WBAI Radio when reviewed by Prairie Miller

We Got This Covered Tomatometer Publication

We Live Entertainment when reviewed by Ashley Menzel, Fred Topel, Kit Bowen, Scott Menzel

Weekend Special (South Africa) when reviewed by Theresa Smith

What Culture Tomatometer Publication

What the Flick?! when reviewed by Alonso Duralde, Ben Mankiewicz

Willamette Week Tomatometer Publication

Winnipeg Free Press Tomatometer Publication

Wizard when reviewed by Fred Topel, Luke Y. Thompson, Todd Gilchrist

Women's Voices for Change when reviewed by Alexandra MacAaron

WORLD when reviewed by Megan Basham

World of Reel when reviewed by Jordan Ruimy

WOW247 when reviewed by Matthew Turner

WTTG-TV (FOX TV) when reviewed by Kevin McCarthy

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