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Current Publications List

The Current Publications List includes many of the outlets that are Tomatometer-approved publications or publish reviews from critics with individual Tomatometer approval. All reviews from Tomatometer-approved publications are eligible for inclusion on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Reviews written by any critic on such a publication are eligible for inclusion.
  • Publications that host reviews from specific Tomatometer-approved critics will have those critics listed.
For a list of many of the inactive publications whose reviews are still part of the Tomatometer, click here.


Radio Times Tomatometer Publication

RealClearLife Tomatometer Publication

Reason Online when reviewed by Glenn Garvin, Kurt Loder when reviewed by Andrew Wright, Bill Clark, Bob Bloom, Brian Orndorf, Chris Bumbray, David N. Butterworth, David Nusair, Dragan Antulov, Drew McWeeny, Eric Lurio, Eugene Novikov, Frank Ochieng, Geoff Berkshire, Greg Dean Schmitz, James Sanford, Jeffrey Huston, Jon Popick, Josh Gilchrist, Karina Montgomery, Kristian M. Lin, Laura Clifford, Louis Proyect, Mac Verstandig, Mark R. Leeper, Matt Prigge, Michael Dequina, Michael J. Doyle, Phil Hall, Scott Mendelson, Scott Renshaw, Scott Tobias, Shane Burridge, Shay Casey, Susan Granger, Ted Prigge, Wallace Baine, Willie Waffle

Reel Film Reviews when reviewed by David Nusair

Reel Reviews when reviewed by Frank Wilkins

Reel Talk Online when reviewed by Candice Frederick

Reeling Reviews when reviewed by Laura Clifford, Robin Clifford

ReelTalk Movie Reviews when reviewed by Betty Jo Tucker, Diana Saenger, Donald J. Levit, Frank Wilkins, Ian Waldron-Mantgani, Jeffrey Chen, John P. McCarthy, Ryan Cracknell

ReelViews Tomatometer Publication

Refinery29 Tomatometer Publication

Reforma Tomatometer Publication

Remezcla when reviewed by Claudia Puig, Kiko Martinez

Reno News and Review when reviewed by Bob Grimm

Rescu (Australia) when reviewed by Keeva Stratton

Reuters Tomatometer Publication

Reverse Shot when reviewed by Adam Nayman, Dan Callahan, Eric Kohn, Jeannette Catsoulis, K. Austin Collins, Keith Phipps, Keith Uhlich, Leo Goldsmith, Michael Nordine, Nick Pinkerton, Violet Lucca when reviewed by Diana Saenger, Jean Lowerison, Michael Black

Richard Tomatometer Publication

Richmond Times-Dispatch when reviewed by Kimberly Gadette, Mike Ward

Riot Material when reviewed by Kristy Puchko when reviewed by Roger Catlin Tomatometer Publication

Rolling Stone Tomatometer Publication

Rolling Stone Mexico Tomatometer Publication

RTÉ (Ireland) Tomatometer Publication

Rotten Tomatoes is not affiliated with the authors and sources listed above and accepts no responsibility for the content posted which is provided to the user "as is" as a service.