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Current Publications List

The Current Publications List includes outlets that are approved Tomatometer publications, and outlets that publish reviews from critics with individual Tomatometer approval. All reviews from Tomatometer-approved publications are eligible for inclusion on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Reviews written by any critic on such a publication are eligible for inclusion.
  • Publications that host reviews from specific Tomatometer-approved critics will have those critics listed.
For a list of publications that no longer actively contribute reviews, but whose reviews are still part of the Tomatometer, click here.


Caimán Cuadernos de Cine Tomatometer Publication

Cairo360 when reviewed by Marija Djurovic, Yasmin Shehab

Calgary Senior when reviewed by Bill Brioux

Cambridge Day when reviewed by Allyson Johnson, Tom Meek

Capital Times (Madison, WI) when reviewed by Rob Thomas

CBC News when reviewed by Eli Glasner, Jason Anderson, Stephen Cole

CBC News Network when reviewed by Eli Glasner

CBR when reviewed by Kristy Puchko, Todd Gilchrist when reviewed by Chase Whale

Chesapeake Family Magazine when reviewed by Roxana Hadadi

Chicago Daily Herald when reviewed by Dann Gire, Jeff Bayer

Chicago Reader Tomatometer Publication

Chicago Sun-Times Tomatometer Publication

Chicago Tribune Tomatometer Publication Tomatometer Publication when reviewed by Chris Stuckmann

Christian Science Monitor Tomatometer Publication

Christianity Today Tomatometer Publication

Cincinnati CityBeat when reviewed by Jac Kern, tt stern-enzi

Cine Premiere Tomatometer Publication

Cine Vértigo when reviewed by Ernesto Diezmartinez

Cineaste Magazine when reviewed by Adam Nayman, Christopher Long, Graham Fuller, Robert Koehler

Cinefantastique when reviewed by Peg Aloi, Steve Biodrowski

Cinéfiloz when reviewed by Emmanuel Báez

Cinegarage when reviewed by Erick Estrada when reviewed by Mark Keizer, Ray Greene, Tim Cogshell, Wade Major

Cinema Crazed when reviewed by Felix Vasquez Jr., Phil Hall

Cinema em Cena when reviewed by Pablo Villaça

Cinema Movil Tomatometer Publication

Cinema Runner when reviewed by Luke Y. Thompson

Cinema Scope Tomatometer Publication

Cinema Sight when reviewed by Wesley Lovell

Cinema Signals when reviewed by Jules Brenner

Cinema-stache when reviewed by Rob Vaux

CinemaBlend Tomatometer Publication when reviewed by Roger Tennis

CinemaDope when reviewed by Glenn Lovell when reviewed by Rubin Safaya, Todd Jorgenson

Cinemanía (Spain) Tomatometer Publication when reviewed by David Keyes

Cinemixtape when reviewed by J. Olson

Cinencuentro Tomatometer Publication

Cinesnark when reviewed by Sarah Marrs when reviewed by Daniel Bernal, Felipe Tapia, Juan Carlos Berner

Cineuropa when reviewed by Boyd van Hoeij, Laurence Boyce

CineVue Tomatometer Publication

Cinexcepción when reviewed by Hugo Hernández Valdivia

CineXpress when reviewed by Fico Cangiano

Clarín Tomatometer Publication

Cleveland Plain Dealer Tomatometer Publication Tomatometer Publication

Código espagueti when reviewed by Nicolás Ruiz when reviewed by Cole Smithey

Collider Tomatometer Publication

Columbus Alive Tomatometer Publication

Combustible Celluloid when reviewed by Jeffrey M. Anderson, Rob Blackwelder Tomatometer Publication

Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN) when reviewed by John Beifuss

Common Sense Media Tomatometer Publication

Complex when reviewed by David Ehrlich, Eric D. Snider, Kristen Yoonsoo Kim

Concrete Playground Tomatometer Publication

Consequence of Sound Tomatometer Publication when reviewed by Rich Cline

Contra Costa Times Tomatometer Publication

Correcámara when reviewed by Hugo Lara, Miguel Ravelo when reviewed by Louis Proyect, Prairie Miller

CraveOnline Tomatometer Publication

Creative Loafing when reviewed by Matt Brunson

Culturamas when reviewed by Jaime Fa de Lucas

Culture Trip when reviewed by Elizabeth Weitzman, Graham Fuller

Cultured Vultures when reviewed by Danielle Solzman Tomatometer Publication

CutPrintFilm when reviewed by Chris Evangelista, Karen Han

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