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Current Publications List

The list below includes outlets that are Tomatometer-approved, or which publish reviews from critics with individual approval. These publications have published reviews within the last twelve months.
  • Reviews appearing in an approved publication are eligible for inclusion, regardless of whether the critic who wrote them was individually approved.
  • Non-approved publications that publish reviews from individually-approved critics will have that critic’s name listed.
For a list of inactive publications whose reviews are still part of the Tomatometer, click here.


Haaretz when reviewed by Adrian Hennigan, Uri Klein

Hammer to Nail when reviewed by Chase Whale, Christopher Llewellyn Reed, Don R. Lewis, Jessica Baxter

Hannah Hoolihan when reviewed by Hannah Hoolihan

Harper's Bazaar when reviewed by Candice Frederick, Emma Dibdin, Yolanda Machado

Heard Tell when reviewed by Candice Frederick

Hello Beautiful when reviewed by Candice Frederick

Herald Sun (Australia) Approved publication

HeraldNet (Everett, WA) when reviewed by Robert Horton

Hero Collector when reviewed by Matthew Turner

HeyUGuys Approved publication

HighDef Digest when reviewed by Deirdre Crimmins, Jason Gorber

Hindustan Times Approved publication

HitFix Approved publication

Hollywood News when reviewed by Joey Magidson, Sean O'Connell, Todd Gilchrist

Hollywood Reporter Approved publication Approved publication

Hollywood360 Radio when reviewed by Sarah Knight Adamson when reviewed by Christian Toto when reviewed by Marisa Mirabal, Michelle Swope

Hot Press when reviewed by Roe McDermott, Tara Brady

House Next Door when reviewed by Andrew Schenker, Bill Weber, Chris Cabin, Dan Callahan, Ed Gonzalez, Ela Bittencourt, Elise Nakhnikian, Eric Henderson, Fernando F. Croce, Glenn Heath Jr., Jeremiah Kipp, Keith Uhlich, Michael Nordine, Nick Schager, Odie Henderson, Paul Schrodt, Rob Humanick, Simon Abrams, Steven Boone, Tina Hassannia

Houston Chronicle Approved publication

Houston Community Newspapers when reviewed by Danny Minton, Gary Brown

Houston Press Approved publication

Huffington Post when reviewed by Brandon Judell, Dan Lybarger, Derek Malcolm, E. Oliver Whitney, Gregory Weinkauf, Jackie K. Cooper, Jenna Busch, Maureen Ryan, Nell Minow

Hye's Musings when reviewed by Heidy Morales

Hypable when reviewed by Katie Awad, Shana O'Neil, Sonya Field

Hyperallergic when reviewed by Ela Bittencourt, Tanner Tafelski

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