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Current Publications List

The list below includes outlets that are Tomatometer-approved, or which publish reviews from critics with individual approval. These publications have published reviews within the last twelve months.
  • Reviews appearing in an approved publication are eligible for inclusion, regardless of whether the critic who wrote them was individually approved.
  • Non-approved publications that publish reviews from individually-approved critics will have that critic’s name listed.
For a list of inactive publications whose reviews are still part of the Tomatometer, click here.


F This Movie! when reviewed by Patrick Bromley

Family Home Theater when reviewed by James Plath

Fan The Fire Approved publication when reviewed by Sean Mulvihill

Fanboys of the Universe when reviewed by Johnny Gayzmonic

FANDOM when reviewed by Drew Dietsch

Far Out Magazine when reviewed by Monica Reid

FestWorks when reviewed by Edward Douglas

FF2 Media when reviewed by Amelie Lasker, Nora Lee Mandel, Pamela Powell

Film Comment Magazine Approved publication

Film Companion Reviews Approved publication

Film Experience when reviewed by Chris Feil, Glenn Dunks, Murtada Elfadl, Nathaniel Rogers

Film Festival Today when reviewed by Christopher Llewellyn Reed, Jeremiah Kipp, Victoria Alexander

Film Freak Central when reviewed by Bill Chambers, Bryant Frazer, Walter Chaw

Film Inquiry Approved publication

Film International when reviewed by Anton Bitel, Elias Savada, Gary M. Kramer, Jessica Baxter, Matthew Sorrento

Film Ireland Magazine Approved publication

Film Journal International Approved publication

Film Pulse when reviewed by Adam Patterson, Blake Crane

Film Racket when reviewed by Bill Gibron, Blake Crane, Chris Barsanti, Chris Cabin, Christopher Null, Josh Bell, Mike McGranaghan, Sean O'Connell

Film School Rejects Approved publication

Film Threat Approved publication

Film Thrills when reviewed by Deirdre Crimmins when reviewed by Kent Turner, Nora Lee Mandel, Phil Hall, Rania Richardson

FilmDrunk when reviewed by Vincent Mancini

Filmfare Approved publication

FilmFed when reviewed by Douglas Davidson

FilmGamed when reviewed by Mahmoud Mahdy

FILMINK (Australia) Approved publication when reviewed by Brian Orndorf, Edward Havens

Filmmixtape when reviewed by Chris Feil when reviewed by Victoria Alexander

Filmspotting Approved publication

Filmswoon when reviewed by Christopher Schobert

Financial Times Approved publication

First Things when reviewed by Armond White, Eve Tushnet

Fishnet Cinema when reviewed by Jourdain Searles

Flavorwire when reviewed by Alison Herman, Alissa Wilkinson, Jason Bailey, Lara Zarum, LaToya Ferguson, Pilot Viruet

Flick Filosopher Approved publication

Flickering Myth when reviewed by Cameron Frew, Rafael Motamayor, Robert Kojder, Shaun Munro Approved publication when reviewed by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, Blake Howard, Glenn Dunks, Sarah Ward when reviewed by Matthew Razak when reviewed by Rosalynn Try-Hane

Forbes when reviewed by Erik Kain, Kristen Lopez, Luke Y. Thompson, Mark Hughes, Merrill Barr, Sam Fragoso, Scott Mendelson, Simon Thompson

Fort Worth Star-Telegram/ Approved publication

Fort Worth Weekly when reviewed by Chase Whale, Kristian M. Lin

Fotogramas when reviewed by Fausto Fernandez, Jordi Batlle Caminal, Manu Yáñez when reviewed by Justin Craig

France24 when reviewed by Jon Frosch, Lisa Nesselson

Fresh and Frowsy when reviewed by Radheyan Simonpillai

Fresh Fiction when reviewed by Courtney Howard

FrewFilm when reviewed by Cameron Frew

FromTheBalcony when reviewed by Bill Clark

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