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Amiable and good-natured but also shallow and predictable, Short Circuit is hardly as deep or emotionally resonant as E.T. -- though Johnny Five makes for a charming robot protagonist.



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An intelligent, lovable robot known as "Number 5" escapes from a secret research facility and learns to interact with the world at large in this successful comedy. The project's chief technician attempts to track down the slapstick-prone robot before it is destroyed by the military.

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  • May 01, 2016
    An 80's film I never saw whilst growing up. I really enjoyed it. It is clear that Wall-E from Pixar was inspired by Johnny-Five and this movie, even if Pixar deny it. A lot of the jokes are clearly not for kids either but otherwise this is a very enjoyable film. On to the sequel now.
    Ian W Super Reviewer
  • Jul 02, 2014
    Amusing, creative and memorable Sci Fi comedy, Short Circuit is a well crafted picture with some good effects, fun performance by its well chosen cast, and it is a terrific genre film that is worth seeing if you enjoy these types of movies. The film is entertaining for what it is, and it's one of those 80's films that really stand out due to a good story, wonderful performances and great effects. I very much enjoyed the film, and I felt that it was among the best genre films of that decade. Ally Sheedy is quite good here, and she really brings out the best out of the film. Short Circuit is well worth seeing if you enjoy the genre, and it's an entertaining film from start to finish that boasts a good story and fun performances. Short Circuit is a good film for what it is, and it's one of the more memorable comedies of the 80's. Although the film is not perfect, for the most part, I thought that the film's weaknesses were not prominent due to the good ideas displayed on-screen. If you enjoy a good 80's comedy with Sci Fi elements, give Short Circuit a shot, it is an entertaining picture from start to finish. With great effects, memorable performances and a good story, Short Circuit is an engaging picture that is worth seeing if you enjoy 80's cinema. The cast here are well chosen in the parts they play and with effective direction, the film becomes a worthwhile viewing experience that is lots of fun from start to finish. Due to its ideas and concept. Watching the film, you can forget about the weak aspects of the film, and it's a movie that still looks quite good by today's standards.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Jun 20, 2013
    Number 5 is alive! Short Circuit is a hilarious '80s comedy that's a lot of fun. When an electrical accident short circuits a robot, it begins to start thinking and acting on its own, and soon finds itself on the run in order to prevent its manufacture from reprogramming it. The cast is pretty good, especial Ally Sheedy and Steve Guttenberg; who do a good job at interacting with Number 5. And the comedy works especially well, and is kind of clever. At times the film relies too much on screwball comedy stereotypes, but Short Circuit is entertaining and full of input.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Jan 10, 2012
    An OK movie but it wasn't as good as it once was.I remember when I was little, All the kids at school use to love Short Circuit & Johnny 5 & I guess I was hoping it was gonna be as good as I remembered.Steve Guttenberg, Fisher Stevens & Ally Sheedy were a good team but still weren't as good as the team in part 2.Out of both films, Short Circuit 2 was the better version
    Brody M Super Reviewer

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