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Missionary Father Laforgue travels to the New World in hopes of converting Algonquin Indians to Catholicism. Accepted, though warily, by the Indians, Laforgue travels with the Indians using his strict Catholic rules and ideals to try and impose his religion.

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Aden Young
as Daniel
Tantoo Cardinal
as Chomina's Wife
Frank Wilson
as Father Jerome
Harrison Liu
as Awondoie
Francois Tasse
as Father Bourque
Jean Brousseau
as Samuel de Champlain
Yvan Labelle
as Mestigoit
Raoul Trujillo
as Kiotseaton
James Bobbish
as Ondesson
Denis Lacroix
as Taratande
Gilles Plante
as Older Workman
Gordon Tootoosis
as Old Aenons
Marthe Tungeon
as Laforgue's Mother
Deano Clavet
as Mercier
Paul Stewart
as Workman
Marco Bacon
as Montagnais
Patrick Tenasco
as Montagnais
George Pachanos
as Iroquois Leader
Minor Mustain
as 1st Iroquois
Don Brisebois
as Iroquois Guard
Jean-Baptiste Raphael
as Iroquois Elder
Guy Provencher
as Old Iroquois Member
Joe DeLaronde
as Tall Painted Iroquois
Linlyn Lue
as She Manitou
Wanda Obomsawin
as Pregnant Woman
Alison Reid
as Iroquois Torture Woman
Brenda Adams
as Iroquois Torture Woman
Denis Plante
as Musician
Daniel Thonon
as Musician
Cordelia Beresford
as Mile La Fontaine
Annie Bearskin
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Joseph Campean
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Mirya Obomsawin
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Rodrigue Boivin
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Valerie DeContie
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Roger Wylde
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Helen Atkinson
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Jonathon Blacksmith
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Doreen Stevens
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Eric Johnston
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Zoe Hopkins
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Waylon Hare
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Walter Jacobs
as Algonquin Tribe Member
John Tenasco
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Marthe Turgeon
as Laforgue's Mother
Earl Danyluk
as Algonquin Tribe Member
Arnold Eyah-Saulteux
as Algonquin Tribe Member
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Audience Reviews for Black Robe

  • Apr 18, 2016
    "Black Robe," the 1991 film directed by Bruce Beresford starts off wonderfully until it drifts into a completely different film about an hour into it. What started off as two very different cultures trying to understand each other bounded by trade is muddied and in the process becomes an uneven mess. The most interesting aspects of the film are demonstrated by the French and Natives trying to understand each other's concept of religion and had that been the whole picture it could've stood out as a great picture with beautiful cinematography. But, it seemed like they couldn't expand that idea and threw in tribal warfare out of fear audiences would get bored. Once the filmmakers threw that in was the minute I got bored with it. It's worth seeing just for the first hour.
    Joseph B Super Reviewer
  • Feb 03, 2011
    Beautiful scenic photography of the area in and around Ontario. I love historical based movies, so I very much enjoyed this. A jesuit priest travels to the Americas from France to "save" the savages from themselves. Interesting subject, because this perspective seems more the reality than what we've been taught in school. May be a little slow for some, but the story is engaging, and the acting and directing is of high calibur.
    Cynthia S Super Reviewer
  • Dec 29, 2010
    Often simply too pat to enjoy, and all the ending manages to accomplish is closing the film.
    Dillon L Super Reviewer
  • Mar 02, 2009
    This film about a French missionary?s journeys among the Algonquin?s during the colonial era has often been called a Canadian Dances with Wolves, but this story is a lot bleaker and probably more realistic than that Kevin Costner vehicle. The main character is a frustratingly stubborn religious fanatic who never realizes the damage he?s doing by trying to convert the Native Americans to his ways. It?s very well made and it conveys the period quite well. However, the acting is a bit weak and the story itself doesn?t really go much of anywhere. It gets an ?A? in the historical reenactment department, and probably a ?C? in the narrative storytelling department.
    MJS M Super Reviewer

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