Ju-on 2 (Ju-on: The Grudge 2)

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The film grows more repetitive as it goes on, and as a result, the scares lessen.



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Pregnant Kyôko Harase and her fiancé are in a car crash. While Kyoko loses her baby in the crash, she is later informed that she has a three-and-a-half-month-old fetus in her womb.


Noriko Sakai
as Kyoko Harase
Chiharu Niiyama
as Tomoka Miura
Kei Horie
as Noritaka
Yui Ichikawa
as Chiharu
Takako Fuji
as Kayako Saeki
Yukizumi Ito
as Obstetrician
Mio Kagawa
as Nurse B
Hidetoshi Kageyama
as Kazumasa Ishikura
Sakura Kamata
as Little Kayako B
Yuu Kamata
as Little Kayako A
Hidekazu Mashima
as Assistant Director
Kaoru Mizuki
as Aki Harase
Yasuhi Nakamura
as Soma a Soundman
Chika Nojima
as Nurse A
Yuya Ozeki
as Toshio
Ayumu Saito
as Masashi Ishikura
Hiroko Toda
as Actress
Kenji Yamagami
as Watanabe a Cameraman
Shinobu Yuuki
as Kaoru Ishikura
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Critic Reviews for Ju-on 2 (Ju-on: The Grudge 2)

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  • The truly frightening thought is how long this franchise, like the curse itself, can continue to be reborn.

    Feb 23, 2012 | Full Review…

    Jay Weissberg

    Top Critic
  • If you are new to horror that places atmosphere and psychological intensity over gore, Ju-On is a good place to start.

    Nov 5, 2004 | Rating: 3/4 | Full Review…
  • It's creepy, all right. It's just that how it goes about creeping you out is sometimes just plain cheesy.

    Oct 15, 2004 | Full Review…
  • It's much harder on you than mere fright: It's... creepy.

    Oct 15, 2004 | Full Review…
  • Shimizu is obviously impatient with dull exposition and wants us to get straight to the good scary stuff.

    Oct 8, 2004 | Rating: 2.5/4
  • Ju-on has the ability to shoot chills up, down and, well, sideways across a viewer's spine.

    Sep 23, 2004 | Rating: B-

Audience Reviews for Ju-on 2 (Ju-on: The Grudge 2)

  • Jun 16, 2010
    4 stars? Sure! Why so serious? The flying wig and the toy cats alone would already be worth your money!
    Rhady N Super Reviewer
  • Jun 16, 2010
    Now, here's the film that I'm mad at. Came to my profile ratings mysteriously and had to watch it. 'Ju-On: The Grudge 2' is what I've learned the fourth film in the series. Watched the first one, wasn't amazed and skipped right to this one. This film continues the story of the "curse" that was initialized in the original. In this one, a reality TV show host wants to make a feature of the house because he has become interested of the whole thingy. It doesn't come as a surprise that death is waiting for them all... This installment to the series is just as scary as the first one. Like I said, I skipped the middle ones and went directy to see this. Felt uncomfortable but not that much as in the original because the "curse" was familiar to me. Nevertheless, scared the shit out of me at times but I still prefer different horror movies, like 'The Others' or 'White Chicks'...
    Jani H Super Reviewer
  • Jun 16, 2010
    If this film was any longer I don't think I'd have had the patience to sit through it. Frankly, it only makes occasional sense and the deliberately confusing narrative, replete with unacknowledged shifts in time, would still annoy if it even bothered to explain itself. I'm not the biggest fan of Japanese horror movies; they too often confuse 'Disturbing' with 'Scary' when they are not necessarily the same thing. This film is neither one thing nor the other.
    Stephen M Super Reviewer
  • Jun 16, 2010
    Have you ever considered that maybe - just maybe - the idea of revenge could be so terrible that it totally creeps you out and makes you unable to sleep for a month or two? Doesn't it scare you how much hate and horror does that kind of revenge keep? So, let's face it - Ju-on: The Grudge is by far one of the scariest and creepiest horror movie ever made. Takashi Shimizu really knows how to fill the audience with fear. This movie is a good proof for that. Concerning the plot, there's actually not very much to tell. The idea is so simple that it makes it work so well. The whole movie is based on one simple yet terrifying thing: powerful rage in flesh. It's a curse no one can escape from. This is what makes Ju-on so creepy. No matter who you are or where, the curse WILL kill you. No cheap tricks or complicated mysteries - just pure fear... Besides this, there's also two very strong elements in Ju-on, a haunted house and a vengeful female spirit (with a long black hair of course). To add some creepiness, there's also this little dead kid running around and scaring people. The film is actually a bunch of different stories which are connected by the curse. They're "character-based", meaning that one story follows one or two characters till the end of their days. Those characters are always somehow related (or a better word could be "infected") to the curse. To make it more confusing, the stories are not in a chronological order. (This is very important thing to know if you're planning to watch this) Each story is a significant piece of the plot, meaning that everyone of them drives the main story forward until the whole thing is revealed in the end. And one more very important thing why is this so good; each story is more frightening than the previous one. I've seen a lot of horror movies which fall for a simple reason: the beginning is far better and scarier than the ending. This does not happen in Ju-on! The ending is just mind-blowing! In Ju-on it's all about horror. The director, Takashi Shimizu, really gets everything out of it. There's nothing this man can't do when we're talking about horror flicks. If he wants you to be scared, you will be scared. I've seen this movie like a thousand times and it still manages to creep me out every time I watch it. Nothing is more frightening than a good scare scene which first slowly builds up the tension and then blows it right to your face. Ju-on -horror is slow-paced (so you actually have enough time to be scared) and creepy. (I feel sorry for you if you have an attic in your house. Watch the movie and see what I mean..) but if you're sick and tired of all these vengeful-female-ghost-with-a-long-black-hair -movies, Ju-on has less (I'm not saying "nothing"!) to give to you. But do not call it "a cliché" 'cause it's not, "Finding a bunch of black hair blocking a sink" is a cliché. Having a dark-haired female ghost in a movie is not( even though it seems to be becoming one now), It's very important to know that these vengeful ghosts are the basic element in Asian horror. It's just the matter of how this element is used in a movie. (Trust me when I say that Takashi Shimizu really knows how to use this element) What about the script then? Well, it's not that good. The scares are awesome but the characters... They're simply just lacking personality. I can forgive this easily though 'cause there's still something that makes you care about them - they are the victims of something evil. It's not about the acting, it's just the idea of helplessness and desperacy. Just the idea of being a victim is awful... And about the actors - most of the acting is terrible. Especially that Katsuya guy who just keeps overacting whole the time. I'm not saying that would be laughable, it just lowers the fear-factor. Not all of the acting is terrible though! The main character, Rika, does an average job as a frightened social-worker. And let's not forget that girl who played Izumi! She's very convincing as a frightened high-school student. Overall, Ju-on: The Grudge is one of the best *horror movie* I've ever seen. It gives a whole new meaning to the word "fear". Why is it so good? Because it's all about the terror. No cheap tricks, no pointless confusion - just horror, nothing more. If you're waiting for a perfect script or flawless acting, forget it! Just let this movie fill you with fear.
    David L Super Reviewer

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