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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) Min-sik Yoon What we got was a decent film, but not one to carry the torch of the Star Wars legacy. EDIT
Posted Dec 31, 2019
Ashfall (2019) Min-sik Yoon Ashfall is not a masterpiece by any standard, but directors Lee Hae-jun and Kim Byeong-seo managed to create a decent disaster film that is up to standard in every way, from good acting and character-building to a solid storyline and suspense. EDIT
Posted Dec 20, 2019
Forbidden Dream (2019) Min-sik Yoon The central friendship and the characters' mutual respect for their shared dream are depicted beautifully in what may be the best chemistry between two leads of all the Korean films released this year. EDIT
Posted Dec 20, 2019
Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) Min-sik Yoon Overall, it is a standard sequel with a somewhat charming world and not-bad-at-all acting. EDIT
Posted Dec 12, 2019
The Two Popes (2019) Min-sik Yoon The Two Popes director Fernando Meirelles has created a perfectly riveting drama brought to life by the fascinating back-and-forth performance by Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce. EDIT
Posted Dec 5, 2019
() Min-sik Yoon Director Chung Ji-young's earlier work National Security was full of heart and righteous anger, but I don't think anger was the proper path to take in this particular picture. It doesn't work that well when things aren't so black and white. EDIT
Posted Nov 4, 2019
The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful (2019) Min-sik Yoon One-dimensional characters, comic-bookish exaggeration, numerous plot holes and no real twist -- yet the film still manages to be quite fun with adrenaline-pumping action and excitement. EDIT
Posted Oct 31, 2019
Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) Min-sik Yoon Pro: Terminator: Dark Fate is the best in the Terminator franchise other than the first two films, which were both amazing. Con: That's not saying much considering what followed those two magnificent flicks. EDIT
Posted Oct 25, 2019
Rambo: Last Blood (2019) Min-sik Yoon It felt like a rehash of the old, formerly beloved character trying to relive his glory days. Simply put, the franchise has overstayed its welcome. EDIT
Posted Oct 17, 2019
The Journalist (2019) Min-sik Yoon While it is not really a standout film, I admire the director and cast for boldly raising the film's core issue. EDIT
Posted Oct 17, 2019
Joker (2019) Min-sik Yoon There are films that push you to the limit, have you on the edge, and then there's Joker, starring the brilliance of Joaquin Phoenix. EDIT
Posted Sep 27, 2019
The Battle of Jangsari (2019) Min-sik Yoon Kwak is a talented veteran auteur. But he has a tendency to go one step too far in depicting the emotions and dramas of his films. EDIT
Posted Sep 26, 2019
Man of Men (2019) Min-sik Yoon Surprisingly, the buddy flick starring Sol Kyung-gu and Cho Jin-woong turns out to be pretty fun, buoyed by a mix of drama and comedy -- albeit pretty much by the book -- from the accomplished actors. EDIT
Posted Sep 19, 2019
Yesterday (2019) Min-sik Yoon From a film perspective, neither the structure, the narrative nor the plot is really impressive. What is impressive is the music. EDIT
Posted Sep 19, 2019
The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos (2019) Min-sik Yoon Simply put, this is Lee at his best. EDIT
Posted Sep 5, 2019
Tune in for Love (2019) Min-sik Yoon I wouldn't say the film would blow anyone's mind, but it's sure to give a warm, fuzzy feeling to those who share the same frequency. EDIT
Posted Aug 29, 2019
47 Meters Down: Uncaged (2019) Min-sik Yoon If you are into straightforward slasher films starring great white sharks with over-the-top action, and you can look past all the obvious flaws, this may be your cup of tea. EDIT
Posted Aug 23, 2019
() Min-sik Yoon While it aimed to be funny and original, and its props were quite creative, its narrative was sloppy and the parade of cheap and uncomfortable jokes unimpressive. EDIT
Posted Aug 16, 2019
Ghost Walk (2018) Min-sik Yoon Yu Eun-jeong explores an existential question in her first feature film through the eyes of someone who is no longer among the living. EDIT
Posted Aug 8, 2019
The Battle: Roar to Victory (2019) Min-sik Yoon Every once in a while we get what I like to call "face-palm movies": Films with great intentions and worthy causes that are made so poorly that I end up feeling guilty for hating them. EDIT
Posted Aug 5, 2019
() Min-sik Yoon The documentary prompts strong emotion through the power of Kim's life, and notable moments in her struggles. EDIT
Posted Jul 30, 2019
The Divine Fury (2019) Min-sik Yoon While it has some good elements and can be fun from time to time, the unoriginal plot and concept, flat storyline and uninteresting characters do not really heighten expectations for the upcoming films. EDIT
Posted Jul 25, 2019
Exit (2019) Min-sik Yoon For every flaw, the flick had many more enjoyable elements. EDIT
Posted Jul 18, 2019
The Lion King (2019) Im Eun-byel Every hair, whisker and muscle of a lion comes through in the final product. Even the footsteps of the creatures sound like the real thing. EDIT
Posted Jul 18, 2019
The Culprit (2019) Min-sik Yoon A jumbled pile of pretentious plots that are convoluted and confusing for all the wrong reasons. EDIT
Posted Jul 8, 2019
Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) Min-sik Yoon A delightful teenage coming-of-age tale with great characters, good humor and an upgrade in action, serving both as a wistful epilogue to the "Infinity Saga" and as a prologue to the chaotic new world awaiting the audience in phase four of [the MCU]. EDIT
Posted Jul 3, 2019
4/10 Men in Black: International (2019) Min-sik Yoon Compared to the original, it was a huge let-down, but the film definitely has its moments. EDIT
Posted Jun 13, 2019
Parasite (2019) Min-sik Yoon It may seem far-fetched and absurd, but when you think about it, it is freakishly grounded in reality. This makes it not only the director's story, but each viewer's story as well. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2019
6/10 Aladdin (2019) Min-sik Yoon Overall, it was a fun film, an OK film, but not one that leaves much of an impression. EDIT
Posted May 24, 2019
A Boy and Sungreen (2019) Min-sik Yoon Director Ahn Ju-young's first feature film is not a masterpiece, yet it has a strange appeal to it. EDIT
Posted May 24, 2019
Avengers: Endgame (2019) Min-sik Yoon What can I say but "Thanks Marvel", and "Excelsior!" EDIT
Posted Apr 24, 2019
Shazam! (2019) Min-sik Yoon The film packs so much heart and fun with a superhero that truly feels like no other. EDIT
Posted Mar 29, 2019
The Spy Gone North (2018) Min-sik Yoon Director Yoon Jong-bin's attempt to raise tension through words, not actions, is admirable and quite effective. EDIT
Posted Mar 18, 2019
Money (2019) Min-sik Yoon Overall, the film is a bit formulaic and not one that gives us a ton of food for thought, but one that is fun and has interesting story and characters. EDIT
Posted Mar 14, 2019
Idol (2019) Min-sik Yoon Overall, the movie tries to appear more poignant and thought-provoking than it really is, which is disappointing from a young director who has shown much promise. EDIT
Posted Mar 10, 2019
Captain Marvel (2019) Min-sik Yoon Despite its flaws, the film is a decent superhero flick, and has the potential to take off to new heights with more character development. EDIT
Posted Mar 5, 2019
A Resistance (2019) Min-sik Yoon Hammering home a message hardly ever works in the film medium, and it goes from the messages being a bit on the nose to practically screaming it head-on. EDIT
Posted Feb 25, 2019
Svaha: The Sixth Finger (2019) Min-sik Yoon While it is not a bad film, I did not think the payoff was satisfying at the end of such a heart-pumping journey. EDIT
Posted Feb 14, 2019
Creed II (2018) Min-sik Yoon Overall, the film follows what is almost a formulaic narrative, but this is not a shortcoming in light of the poignant storytelling. EDIT
Posted Feb 14, 2019
Zombie for Sale (2019) Min-sik Yoon The only thing that is more irritating than watching a film that is a complete disaster is to watch a movie and think "coulda shoulda woulda" throughout. EDIT
Posted Jan 31, 2019
Hit-and-Run Squad (2019) Min-sik Yoon Just how do you make a story about cops, race car drivers, and street race with super cars this boring? EDIT
Posted Jan 31, 2019
Innocent Witness (2019) Min-sik Yoon It has some flaws along the way, but not enough to eclipse the good parts. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience. EDIT
Posted Jan 28, 2019
February (2019) Min-sik Yoon A Korean indie film that shows a lot of promise, great characters jointly created by the actors and the smart director, impressive imagery, but lacking the critical "it" factor EDIT
Posted Jan 21, 2019
Unfinished (2018) Min-sik Yoon The villains are laughably lax in terms of security, Lee Beom-soo as Lee Young-min is no Liam Neeson in Taken and the overall action is substandard. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2019
High Society (2018) Min-sik Yoon It is not a bad film, but it is also not one that really offers any new perspective. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2019
On Your Wedding Day (2018) Min-sik Yoon It is a slightly cuter version of the film Architecture 101 with the nostalgia factor intact, and what makes it work is the two actors' chemistry and heart and the director's character building. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2019
Sunset in My Hometown (2018) Min-sik Yoon The couple's chemistry is so good that just looking at them puts a smile on my face, not to mention the dialogue -- not trying too hard to be funny -- is charmingly hilarious. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2019
The Drug King (2018) Min-sik Yoon It is a film that is at least passable. But it should have been much, much more. EDIT
Posted Jan 9, 2019
The Villagers (2018) Min-sik Yoon Overall, The Villagers is a well-acted, passably directed action flick with heart, but not one with much of a twist or thrill. EDIT
Posted Jan 9, 2019
The Wrath (2018) Min-sik Yoon The lines are old-fashioned, the story is one-dimensional and the effects are embarrassing. EDIT
Posted Jan 9, 2019