Larry Cohen

Larry Cohen

Highest Rated: 100% King Cohen: The Wild World of Filmmaker Larry Cohen (2018)

Lowest Rated: 9% Captivity (2007)

Birthday: Jul 15, 1938

Birthplace: Not Available

Although he was seldom a favorite of mainstream critics, and veered widely between seriousness and satire, Larry Cohen staked his claim as one of the more successful screenwriters, directors, and producers to emerge from television in the 1950s. Born and raised in New York City, he attended City College (CUNY) and New York University, and broke into the entertainment business as a page at the NBC Building in Rockefeller Center. He wrote scripts for some of the television anthology shows of the late '50s, including Kraft Television Theatre, Zane Grey Theater, the U.S. Steel Hour, and Roald Dahl's Way Out, plus the suspense program Checkmate. Cohen was treading water professionally, however, mostly because he was living on the wrong coast. Live television was disappearing rapidly at the end of the 1950s. Most of the best television had shifted to film, and was coming out of Los Angeles by the time Cohen was ready to move up from the anthology series. He was lucky enough, however, to get a shot writing for one of the last of the truly good, successful dramas out of New York, The Defenders. The weekly series, starring E.G. Marshall and Robert Reed as a father-and-son team of defense attorneys, was easily the most critically acclaimed dramatic program on television during the early '60s, and Cohen got to write several scripts for the series. With that under his belt, he was able to move on to other top-quality programs on both coasts, including The Nurses, Sam Benedict, Arrest & Trial, and The Fugitive. In 1964, using the movie The Four Feathers (1939) as his initial inspiration, he conceived the series Branded. The program, a serious and often surprising psychologically oriented Western starring Chuck Connors as a cavalry officer unjustly convicted of cowardice in battle, gave the familiar genre several new twists. It also ran for two seasons on NBC and established Cohen as one of the better creative minds in television of the era. He devised other series over the next few years, including such unusual entries as Coronet Blue and The Invaders. Meanwhile, Cohen also became involved with motion pictures by way of the Mirisch brothers, for whom he conceived and wrote the movie Return of the Magnificent Seven (1966)). On many of these shows, Cohen showed a knack, as a writer and creator, for tapping into odd, unconventional storylines. Coronet Blue quickly developed a cult following and, in fact, anticipated The Bourne Identity in its story of an amnesiac (Frank Converse) fished out of the river and caught in a web of espionage and terror. Even more unsettling was The Invaders, starring Roy Thinnes as a man who spots a flying saucer landing and is forced to spend his life convincing others of the dangers of invasion. Cohen's writing took him into the areas of suspense (Daddy's Gone A-Hunting) and satire (Call Holme) in film and television, and he made his directorial debut in 1972 with Bone, an extraordinary satirical thriller with a strong racial edge, from his own screenplay. A year later, he made the more obvious blaxploitation title Black Caesar, and followed this up with Hell up in Harlem, both of which were very successful -- meanwhile, he continued to develop new series, including Cool Million. Cohen was still writing for television, including episodes of Columbo (including the classic "Candidate for Crime," starring Jackie Cooper), when he went into production on the movie that would establish him as a serious horror director. It's Alive! (1974), from Cohen's own script, touched on numerous sensitive psychological points in its tale of a mutant killer-newborn, becoming not only a huge box-office success but a major cult favorite, eclipsed only by John Carpenter's Halloween a little later in the decade. Cohen followed this with God Told Me To (aka Demon, 1976) and The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover (1977). The latter, although considered the height of camp at the time of its release, did nothing to hurt Cohen's reputation amo

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100% King Cohen: The Wild World of Filmmaker Larry Cohen Actor 2018
33% The Trouble with Bliss Counter Guy $11.4K 2012
No Score Yet Budd Boetticher: A Man Can Do That Actor 2012
86% American Grindhouse Actor 2010
100% Nightmares in Red, White and Blue Actor 2009
No Score Yet The Gambler, The Girl, & the Gunslinger Screenwriter 2009
No Score Yet Trailer Park of Terror Producer 2008
No Score Yet Connected (Bo chi tung wah) Screenwriter 2008
No Score Yet It's Alive Screenwriter 2008
9% Captivity Screenwriter $2.7M 2007
No Score Yet Masters of Horror Director 2006
No Score Yet Make Your Own Damn Movie Actor 2005
55% Cellular Screenwriter $32.1M 2004
72% Phone Booth Screenwriter $46.6M 2003
No Score Yet Baadasssss Cinema Actor 2001
No Score Yet The Defenders Choice Of Evils Screenwriter 1998
56% Uncle Sam Screenwriter 1997
No Score Yet The Ex Screenwriter 1997
No Score Yet Ed McBain's 87th Precinct: Ice Screenwriter 1996
53% Original Gangstas Director 1996
No Score Yet Ed McBain's 87th Precinct: Heatwave Screenwriter 1996
No Score Yet Invasion of Privacy Screenwriter 1996
No Score Yet As Good as Dead Director 1995
38% Guilty as Sin Screenwriter 1993
No Score Yet Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence Screenwriter Producer 1993
69% Body Snatchers Screenwriter 1993
44% Delirious Producer 1991
No Score Yet The Ambulance Screenwriter Director 1990
60% Maniac Cop 2 Screenwriter Producer 1990
No Score Yet Wicked Stepmother Executive Producer Screenwriter Director 1989
50% Maniac Cop Producer Screenwriter 1988
No Score Yet Desperado: Avalanche at Devil's Ridge Screenwriter 1988
73% Best Seller Screenwriter 1987
No Score Yet Deadly Illusion Screenwriter Director 1987
50% It's Alive III: Island of the Alive Executive Producer Screenwriter Director Producer 1987
No Score Yet A Return to Salem's Lot Director Executive Producer Screenwriter 1987
32% Spies Like Us Ace Tomato Agent 1985
69% The Stuff Executive Producer Director Screenwriter 1985
50% Special Effects Screenwriter Director 1984
No Score Yet Scandalous Screenwriter 1984
No Score Yet Perfect Strangers (Blind Alley) Director 1984
69% Q Director Screenwriter Producer 1982
40% I, the Jury Screenwriter 1982
No Score Yet Full Moon High Screenwriter Producer Director 1982
35% Ghost Story Screenwriter 1981
No Score Yet The American Success Company Screenwriter 1980
No Score Yet The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover Director Screenwriter Producer 1978
50% It Lives Again Director Producer Screenwriter 1978
93% Carrie Screenwriter 1976
64% The Big Bus Producer Screenwriter 1976
73% God Told Me To Screenwriter Director Producer 1976
No Score Yet S*P*Y*S Screenwriter 1974
88% Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore Diner at Mel and Ruby's 1974
74% It's Alive Screenwriter Producer Director 1973
58% Black Caesar Director Producer Screenwriter 1973
22% Hell Up in Harlem Director Producer Screenwriter 1973
71% Bone Screenwriter Producer Director 1972
No Score Yet El Condor Screenwriter 1970
83% Start The Revolution Without Me Screenwriter 1970
No Score Yet Daddy's Gone A-Hunting Screenwriter 1969
No Score Yet Scream, Baby, Scream Screenwriter 1969
No Score Yet I Deal in Danger Screenwriter 1967
13% Return of the Seven Screenwriter 1966


63% Masters of Horror
Director 2006
No Score Yet Columbo
Screenwriter 1975
No Score Yet The Fugitive
Screenwriter 1965


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