Michael Jeter

Michael Jeter

Highest Rated: 100% Zelig (1983)

Lowest Rated: 7% Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993)

Birthday: Aug 26, 1952

Birthplace: Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, USA

With his trademark red moustache, personable smile, and childlike demeanor, longtime character actor Michael Jeter brought smiles to children nationwide with his role on Sesame Street as Mr. Noodle's Brother. Aside from his memorable role on that children's television mainstay, Jeter could also be seen in a number of memorable film roles in such efforts as Miller's Crossing (1990) and The Fisher King (1991). Chances are, if you don't recognize his name you would certainly recognize his face. Born in Lawrenceburg, TN, in August of 1952, Jeter first opted to follow a career in medicine, though a stint at Memphis State University found the creative young student leaning ever closer to a career as an actor. Taking on minor film roles beginning with 1979's Hairspray, the burgeoning young actor would subsequently appear in such films as Milos Foreman's Ragtime (1981) and Woody Allen's Zelig (1983), though early struggles with alcohol and substance abuse threatened to sideline his screen career in the mid-'80s. Abandoning the screen for a career as a legal secretary the same year that Zelig was released, fate guided Jeter back into his true calling when a producer, recalling his role in television's Designing Women, asked that he take a supporting role on the Burt Reynolds' sitcom Evening Shade. Accepting the role as assistant football coach Herman Stiles, Jeter's enthusiasm for acting was re-ignited as he was honored with an Emmy for the role in 1992. A busy stage actor as well, Jeter won a Tony in 1990 for his performance in Grand Hotel. From 1990 on, Jeter maintained his film career with a series of memorably quirky roles. Perhaps his most unique and affecting role came with the release of director Terry Gilliam's The Fisher King. As a homeless transvestite who croons for Amanda Plummer's character after making a flamboyant entrance into her quiet office, Jeter's carefree ditty was a highlight of the film. The 1990s proved a busy decade for Jeter, and roles in such popular films as Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993), Air Bud (1997), and The Green Mile (1999) assured that his career would flourish well into the new millennium. Announcing that he had been infected with HIV in 1997, audiences could never have known how quickly the deadly virus would take its toll on the energetic and optimistic actor. Though Jeter would usher in the new millennium with roles in such prominent box-office releases as The Gift (2000) and Jurassic Park III (2001), it was his role on Sesame Street that endeared him to children and made good use of his genuinely playful nature. Sadly, Jeter succumbed to complications from the HIV virus in late March of 2003. Before his untimely death, Jeter would complete roles in Kevin Costner's Open Range (2003) and Robert Zemeckis' family fantasy The Polar Express (2004).


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Elmo's World: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Actor 2015
56% The Polar Express Smokey/Steamer $162.9M 2004
No Score Yet Elmo's World - Families, Mail and Bath Time Actor 2004
No Score Yet Broadway's Lost Treasures II Actor 2004
79% Open Range Percy $58.3M 2003
55% Welcome to Collinwood Toto $75.7K 2002
No Score Yet Elmo's World - Happy Holidays! Actor 2002
49% Jurassic Park III Udesky 2001
86% Daddy and Them Actor 2001
No Score Yet Elmo's World - Springtime Fun! Actor 2001
57% The Gift Gerald Weems $11.2M 2000
14% South of Heaven, West of Hell Uncle Jude 2000
78% The Green Mile Delacroix 1999
29% Jakob the Liar Avron 1999
54% True Crime Dale 1999
22% Patch Adams Rudy 1998
33% Thursday Dr. Jarvis 1998
No Score Yet Zack and Reba Actor 1998
No Score Yet The Ransom of Red Chief Bill Driscoll 1998
20% The Naked Man Actor 1998
50% Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Bumquist 1998
42% Mouse Hunt Quincy Thorpe 1997
45% Air Bud Norm Snively 1997
54% The Lost World - Jurassic Park Actor 1997
No Score Yet Mrs. Santa Claus Arvo 1996
No Score Yet The Boys Next Door Arnold Wiggins 1996
45% Waterworld Gregor 1995
41% Drop Zone Earl Leedy 1994
No Score Yet Men, Movies, and Carol Actor 1994
7% Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit Father Ignatius 1993
No Score Yet Bank Robber Night Clerk 1 1993
50% Gypsy Mr. Goldstone 1993
83% The Fisher King Homeless Cabaret Singer 1991
91% Miller's Crossing Adolph 1990
31% Tango & Cash Skinner 1989
33% Dead Bang Dr. Krantz 1989
45% The Money Pit Arnie 1986
100% Zelig Freshman No. 2 1983
No Score Yet Alice at the Palace Actor 1982
No Score Yet Soup for One Mr. Kelp 1982
92% Ragtime Special reporter 1981
No Score Yet My Old Man George Gardner 1979
90% Hair Sheldon 1979


No Score Yet Sesame Street
Voice Mr. Noodle 2020
No Score Yet Touched by an Angel
Gus 1999
No Score Yet Veronica's Closet
No Score Yet Murphy Brown
Vic 1997
No Score Yet Suddenly Susan
Dr. No 1996
No Score Yet Chicago Hope
82% Picket Fences
Peter Lebeck Frogman 1995
No Score Yet Evening Shade
Herman Stiles 1994
No Score Yet Night Court
75% More Tales Of The City
Carson Callas
100% Tales of the City
Carson Callas


Alan Grant says: I have never been on this island.

Paul Kirby says: Sure you have. You wrote that book.

Billy Brennan says: That was Isla Nublar, this is Isla Sorna. Site B.

Udesky says: You mean there's two islands with dinosaurs-

Paul Kirby says: Alright, could you stay out of this!

Udesky says: Don't worry... this'll be just a walk in the park...

Udesky says: Don't worry. It's just a walk in the park.