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      The Black Pirate (1926) Film Daily Staff It has Doug; its pirates are as terrible as anyone ever pictured and it is the finest specimen of the all- color feature yet produced.
      Posted Mar 22, 2023
      The Devil Horse (1926) Film Daily Staff Canutt may not be the best actor available but he is a skilled horseman and to watch him perform is indeed a pleasure.
      Posted Mar 21, 2023
      Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928) Film Daily Staff Buster Keaton gets a great break with nifty story heavily gagged, and he sends it over with lots to spare. Ernest Torrence as his dad, the captain of the steamboat, is at his funniest zest. Marion Byron is charming and full of pep.
      Posted Mar 21, 2023
      Lotus Blossom (1921) Film Daily Staff Lotus Blossom is considerably below the average photoplay production of the present day.
      Posted Mar 10, 2023
      Safety Last (1923) Film Daily Staff This last half of Lloyd's latest may not have a soothing effect upon people afflicted with nervous disorders... there are genuine shocks in Safety Last, some that can only be described by seeing them.
      Posted Feb 21, 2023
      Back to Bataan (1945) Film Daily Staff The cast merits a citation. John Wayne does a fine job as an American colonel who leads the guerrillas. Among others who perform with distinction are Anthony Quinn and Beulah Bondi.
      Posted Jan 31, 2023
      Main Street (1923) Film Daily Staff At times rather appealing but usually quite far-fetched and unconvincing.
      Posted Jan 25, 2023
      Frankenstein (1931) Film Daily Staff A nightmare of entertainment which moves along swiftly, never failing to hold audience interest firmly.
      Posted Jan 13, 2023
      The Lady Eve (1941) Film Daily Staff Sturges' script is a zany comedy based on an old story theme, but he makes it a refreshing and sparkling entertainment piece that will hold audience interest from beginning to end.
      Posted Dec 29, 2022
      Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) Film Daily Staff Here is a picture so masterfully produced and of such unusual entertainment value that it will make motion picture history.
      Posted Dec 20, 2022
      Steamboat Willie (1928) Film Daily Staff This is what Steamboat Willie has; First, a clever and amusing treatment; secondly, music and sound effects added via the Cinephone method. The result is a real tidbit of diversion.
      Posted Nov 14, 2022
      The Maltese Falcon (1941) Film Daily Staff It is beautifully made, excellently cast and acted, while John Huston's direction of his own screenplay is as brilliant as any of the jewels which are alleged to encrust the figure of the falcon whose possession is the crux of the story.
      Posted Nov 11, 2022
      Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) Film Daily Staff The film has impressive settings filmed in superlative Technicolor. The physical details are notable. The cast has been beautifully directed by Vincente Minnelli.
      Posted Nov 10, 2022
      King Kong (1933) Film Daily Staff It is the exploitation and the showmanship possibilities, aside from the story itself, that put this picture in the big class
      Posted Nov 08, 2022
      Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) Film Daily Staff It is so good and has such timely warm human qualities that it gives Capra another outstanding contender for Academy of M. P. Arts and Sciences honor.
      Posted Nov 08, 2022
      A Study in Scarlet (1933) Film Daily Staff This well-known mystery story has been brought to the screen with an excellent cast, each player giving a convincing characterization.
      Posted Oct 22, 2022
      Java Head (1934) Film Daily Staff The picture is very attractively costumed. Dialogue is very literate and the conflict worked out principally in well-pointed talk... Miss Wong gives a splendid performance, as do John Loder, Elizabeth Allan, Edmund Gwenn and the rest of the able cast.
      Posted Oct 21, 2022
      When Were You Born? (1938) Film Daily Staff This serves to make the work of Miss Wong very impressive and convincing.
      Posted Oct 21, 2022
      The Thief of Bagdad (1924) Film Daily Staff Probably the most magnificent production of this kind ever made.
      Posted Oct 21, 2022
      Shanghai Express (1932) Film Daily Staff Although not particularly new, the yarn has been made with intelligence and big production values and has been given expert performances by Dietrich, Clive Brook and other players.
      Posted Oct 20, 2022
      Lady From Chungking (1942) Film Daily Staff A very satisfactory offering in the modest budget range.
      Posted Oct 20, 2022
      The Toll of the Sea (1922) Film Daily Staff While the coloring in this is still somewhat removed from perfection, it is the closest approach to the natural that any of the experimenters have obtained. The tones are clear, unconfused and the colors do not jump.
      Posted Oct 18, 2022
      Daughter of the Dragon (1931) Film Daily Staff A preposterous and draggy story.
      Posted Oct 18, 2022
      Cobra Woman (1944) Film Daily Staff Cobra Woman possesses a potent sensuous appeal that will establish the box-office fortunes of the production, a Technicolor drunk revolving around the Maria Montez framework.
      Posted Sep 20, 2022
      Mutiny (1917) Wid Gunning The offering got moving along about the third reel, however, with some wild-eyed action, and oh, boy! -- it was some wild!
      Posted Sep 07, 2022
      The Secret of the Swamp (1916) Wid Gunning It has one or two very good twists, but these are not impressive enough to make the production big.
      Posted Sep 07, 2022
      The Girl of Lost Lake (1916) Wid Gunning The story is routine melodrama. The cast are all acceptable, but none of them register a personality which might be called distinctive. We have entirely too much detail of continuity, making the story drag very badly at times.
      Posted Sep 06, 2022
      The Greater Law (1917) Wid Gunning It has a lot of action and a fairly good element of suspense, so far as the average patron is concerned... While the important situations are convenient coincidences, they are rather good and, as individual incidents, compel attention.
      Posted Sep 06, 2022
      The Show Down (1917) Wid Gunning Many attempts were made to put over comedy bits, but about 80 per cent of these were so forced that they failed utterly to register, and, because of that, I fear the film will seem quite tiresome to intelligent patrons.
      Posted Sep 06, 2022
      Southern Justice (1917) Wid Gunning Its chief fault is that at no time does the action really convince and none of the characters had sufficient personality to dominate or appeal, with the result that the scenes just moved along as so much routine action.
      Posted Aug 29, 2022
      Gentleman's Agreement (1947) Film Daily Staff Gentleman's Agreement is moving, stirring, emotional drama handled in such terms as the screen has never dared to until this time.
      Posted Aug 17, 2022
      The Life of Emile Zola (1937) Film Daily Staff It has been made with distinction and sincerity. It is a radical departure from the usual screen storytelling. Paul Muni's performance as Zola ranks with the best since the inception of pictures.
      Posted Aug 02, 2022
      How Green Was My Valley (1941) Film Daily Staff How Green Was My Valley glows with greatness. It is one of those productions which reflect the fullness and the richness of the creative talent of the people associated with its making.
      Posted Jul 26, 2022
      The Extra Girl (1923) Wid Gunning I believe this is a fire-cracker that fizzled.
      Posted Jun 27, 2022
      You Can't Take It With You (1938) Film Daily Staff Capra evidently used a fine-toothed comb in gathering a cast best suited for the individual roles, with the result that the portrayals are flawless.
      Posted Feb 07, 2022
      The Lost Weekend (1945) Film Daily Staff A starkly dramatic film overwhelming in its effect.
      Posted Jan 31, 2022
      The Miracle Man (1919) Wid Gunning It is time to rejoice. The Miracle Man is the most exceptionally entertaining and tremendously appealing dramatic production I have ever seen.
      Posted Jan 11, 2022
      Far from the Madding Crowd (1915) Wid Gunning The direction of the story throughout is decidedly "old-school," there being too much foreground to most of the action, with many of the characters playing their parts in a mechanical manner.
      Posted Jan 10, 2022
      Little Iodine (1946) Film Daily Staff The youngest children handle their roles effectively, and the direction by Reginald LeBorg is creditable.
      Posted Jan 10, 2022
      The Outlaw (1943) Film Daily Staff Howard Hughes is deserving of a full measure of praise for his dual enactment of the roles of producer-director.
      Posted Dec 09, 2021
      Nightmare Alley (1947) Film Daily Staff It leaves an impact, is eye-popping, shows up the ways and means by which the public is deluded and at the same time prevails upon the imagination to adhere to mysticism.
      Posted Dec 03, 2021
      His Girl Friday (1940) Film Daily Staff Never a dull moment has been allowed to creep into the picture from start to finish.
      Posted Oct 14, 2021
      Leave Her to Heaven (1945) Film Daily Staff The film marks Wilde's coming-of-age as an actor. Miss Tierney has never shown to finer advantage, nor has Miss Crain. Standing out in the fine supporting cast is Vincent Price as the prosecutor.
      Posted Sep 29, 2021
      Redes (1936) Film Daily Staff For discriminating and appreciative audiences, this feature, with its glorious photography, its simple but powerful story and genuine technical excellence, is a production of rare delight.
      Posted Aug 25, 2021
      George Washington Carver (1940) Film Daily Staff The film has enough of a story apart from its straight biographical aspects to make it interesting.
      Posted Jul 22, 2021
      The Big Clock (1948) Film Daily Staff After dawdling for about a half hour, this whodunit gets into gear and becomes an engrossing contest.
      Posted Jul 21, 2021
      The Pearl (1947) Film Daily Staff A compelling dramatic work which takes a place among photographic poetry of the screen.
      Posted Jul 19, 2021
      Ladies Lake (1934) Film Daily Staff This is an enjoyable love story, filmed in the beautiful background of the Tyrol, with some music and dancing, and acted by an excellent cast.
      Posted Jun 29, 2021
      The Philadelphia Story (1940) Film Daily Staff A brilliant and important picture -- easily one of the standout, smart comedies of the '40-'41 season.
      Posted Jun 09, 2021
      The Dream Girl (1916) Wid Gunning I think this is a very rotten story. Certainly none of the situations will convince, and at times the uncanny convenience of some of the twists made it very, very hard for the efforts of the artists to register.
      Posted Jun 02, 2021
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