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The fast-paced, and sometimes brutal world of ice hockey provides the setting for this exciting, adolescent-oriented chronicle of a naive, and almost too pacifistic, farm boy's determination to become a champion on the ice. Complicating matters is his love for the coach's lovely daughter.


Rob Lowe
as Dean Youngblood
Cynthia Gibb
as Jessie Chadwick
Patrick Swayze
as Derek Sutton
Ed Lauter
as Coach Murray Chadwick
Jim Youngs
as Kelly Youngblood
Eric Nesterenko
as Blane Youngblood
Fionnula Flanagan
as Miss McGill
Ken James
as Frazier
Walker Boone
as Assistant Coach
Martin Donlevy
as Referee Hannah
Harry Spiegel
as Thunder Bay Coach
Rod Sapiensze
as Thunder Bay Assistant Coach
Bruce Edwards
as Thunder Bay Trainer
Jain Dickson
as Bar Girl
Barry Swatik
as Starting Guard
Murray Evans
as Linesman
Jay Hanks
as Young Fan
Greg Salter
as Young Fan
Charlie Wasley
as Young Dean
Ricky Davis
as Young Kelly
Joe Bowen
as Radio Announcer
Peter Zezel
as Hamilton Mustang
Kevin Hunter
as Hamilton Mustang
Neil Trineer
as Hamilton Mustang
Steve Thomas
as Hamilton Mustang
Jules Jardine
as Hamilton Mustang
David B. Sharp
as Hamilton Mustang
Jeff Palmateer
as Hamilton Mustang
Tim Salmon
as Hamilton Mustang
Brian Meharry
as Hamilton Mustang
Mark Laniel
as Hamilton Mustang
Nick Calabrese
as Hamilton Mustang
John Coranci
as Hamilton Mustang
Claudic Russo
as Hamilton Mustang
Bruno Pullara
as Hamilton Mustang
Kevin Robinson
as Hamilton Mustang
Rob Watson
as Hamilton Mustang
Dave Mezzaros
as Hamilton Mustang
Davin Kimber
as Hamilton Mustang
James Richmond
as Thunder Bay Bomber
Gerry Iuliano
as Thunder Bay Bomber
Steve Torkos
as Thunder Bay Bomber
Vito Cramarosa
as Thunder Bay Bomber
Sebastiani Bianchi
as Thunder Bay Bomber
Paul Cavalini
as Thunder Bay Bomber
Andy Gribble
as Thunder Bay Bomber
Johnny Braybrook
as Thunder Bay Bomber
Frank Cini
as Young Fan
Don Campbell
as Thunder Bay Bomber
Rick Dibiase
as Thunder Bay Bomber
Steve Trearty
as Thunder Bay Bomber
Fred Fioruni
as Thunder Bay Bomber
Michael Winger
as Thunder Bay Bomber
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Audience Reviews for Youngblood

  • Aug 08, 2017
    Lowe is well cast in the lead and gives the film a character who is flawed but interesting. The film isn't a classic by any means, the support cast is hit and miss, while the director seems intent on making the film comical. The ice hockey scenes are the real treat and that's where the film shines. The film plays out like most 80s films and is quite over the top but never at the expense of boring the audience. Not without its flaws this cult film has a core audience that has lived on over time, just remember that there isn't a lot of great ice hockey films out there. The film plays out like a Top Gun on ice with Swayze and Lowe giving it all as the bromance two of the film. 08-08-2017.
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • Oct 13, 2010
    I saw this sports romance movie on TV about a month ago, and I thought it was pretty good, especially with the two hot stars Lowe and Swayze, but it could've been better, less predictable, I mean.
    Aj V Super Reviewer
  • Jul 11, 2010
    It's really 80s oriented and completely ridiculous half of the time, but there's a really good story within it as well. Rob Lowe parades around as the ultimate beefcake and Brat Pack star at the time, learning from the wise ways of Patrick Swayze. I think it's accessible to people that like sports movies and also people that don't like them because it's just as much a coming of age and love story.
    Conner R Super Reviewer
  • Sep 30, 2009
    When you have a movie that deals primarly with hockey fights, it probably would've been a wise move to cast someone a little tougher than Rob Lowe. Lowe plays Dean Youngblood, a hotshot young hockey player who gets a tryout with a minor league team, The Hamilton Mustangs. After winning a spot on the team, he learns that it takes more than fast skating and slapshots to make it in hockey. Patrick Swayze assumes the role of mentor, although his teachings are cut short when he is severly injured after a cheap shot during a game. It's here that the movie runs into its biggest problem...trying to make Rob Lowe tough. He goes through some Rocky-like training with his father and older brother in an effort to avenge Swayze. However, even after this training, it's obvious that Lowe has no idea how to throw a punch. So when the big fight comes, it's like watching Pee Wee Herman square off against Arnold Schwarzenegger. So that aspect of the movie fails miserably. Other than that though, it's a pretty solid movie. All of the actors know how to handle themselves on the ice, and are totally believable as hockey players. Ed Lauter is a standout as the hard as nails coach with a smart mouth, who also happens to be the father of Lowes love interest, played by the very cute Cynthia Gibb. So some good hockey, good characters, and a very welcome nude scene with Ms Gibb, and you've got yourself a tight little hockey picture. Just be sure to turn your suspension of disbelief up to the max when the movie asks you to accept Lowe as a brawler.
    RJ M Super Reviewer

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