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Rating Title/Year Author
The Staggering Girl (2019) Emily Maskell In this intersection of fashion and film, classic and timeless style is abound EDIT
Posted Feb 15, 2020
Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) (2020) Emily Maskell This refreshingly feisty script from Hodon leaves you forgetting that The Joker was ever in the picture. EDIT
Posted Feb 5, 2020
Won't You Be My Neighbor? (2018) Emily Maskell Almost as if in these times of uncertainty and constant worry, we need a figure to trust in. EDIT
Posted Feb 1, 2020
Tell It to the Bees (2018) Emily Maskell Tell It To The Bees is buzzing with desire and dances to the tune of humming bees EDIT
Posted Nov 20, 2019
Célébration (2018) Emily Maskell The Last Collections feels as though it plucks a loose thread and the documentary itself becomes untied EDIT
Posted Oct 25, 2019
Circus of Books (2019) Emily Maskell Crucially, Circus of Books remains honest to the intentions of the Mason family. EDIT
Posted Oct 23, 2019
Matthias & Maxime (2019) Emily Maskell Life-long companions, they are magnets repeatedly being drawn back together; no matter how hard they try to fight it, it is almost impossible to resist. EDIT
Posted Oct 18, 2019
() Emily Maskell With matching tartan skirts and knee-high grey socks, Our Ladies walks hand in hand with the small-town girl hitting the big city EDIT
Posted Oct 9, 2019
Hail Satan? (2019) Emily Maskell Hail Satan? is a wonderful example of a documentary that makes the effort to challenge the preconceived notions of what is expected, an enjoyable film that holds time for both laughter and contemplation. EDIT
Posted Oct 7, 2019
Life in the Doghouse (2018) Emily Maskell Touching and heartwarming, this is a sincere film that is one of the gems in Netflix's catalogue. EDIT
Posted Oct 7, 2019
Bull (2019) Emily Maskell Perhaps not as memorable as some alternative films that offer a similar presentation of the modern western, Bull finds itself viewing this world through a unique perspective. EDIT
Posted Oct 7, 2019
Apollo 11 (2019) Emily Maskell Apollo 11 manages to be an outstandingly rare film about space travel that invests in real heart-stopping tension. EDIT
Posted Oct 7, 2019
Kingdom of Us (2017) Emily Maskell The film is an extraordinary insight into a family coming to terms with suicide, a topic that, understandably, opens up difficult but necessary conversations. EDIT
Posted Oct 7, 2019
As Slow as Possible (2008) Emily Maskell Tackling the idea of young people forging their own way in life, As Happy As Possible is a lovely indie film that embarks on a tale of friendship, and the journey of pondering the future. EDIT
Posted Oct 7, 2019
Tucked (2018) Emily Maskell Tucked nestles itself within the category of LGBTQ+ cinema as an overall optimistic film. Endearing humour is an essential element that prevents the film falling into a thematically dark space. EDIT
Posted Oct 7, 2019
United We Fan (2018) Emily Maskell United We Fan is heartfelt in how it allows interviewees to be vulnerable on camera and share their personal experience of how their fandoms have changed their lives. EDIT
Posted Oct 7, 2019
Iris (2014) Emily Maskell Iris is a wonderful reflection on the legacy of an individual who has lived an exceptional life. EDIT
Posted Oct 7, 2019
Varda by Agnès (2019) Emily Maskell A beautiful tribute to a remarkable woman EDIT
Posted Aug 10, 2019
Sauvage (2018) Emily Maskell Lying bare, exposing all, Leo's world is introduced in an abrupt manner which comes to define the matter-of-fact nature of this film EDIT
Posted Aug 9, 2019
And Then We Danced (2019) Emily Maskell [Levan] Gelbakhiani and [Bachi] Valishvili share palpable chemistry that ensures the raw affection of their characters' magnetic connection to be at the heart of this film. EDIT
Posted Aug 9, 2019