Stephen Chow

Stephen Chow

Highest Rated: 95% The Mermaid (2016)

Lowest Rated: 15% Dragonball: Evolution (2009)

Birthday: Jun 22, 1962

Birthplace: Hong Kong

Known for his outlandish style of humor and rubber-faced facial expressions, actor, director and producer Stephen Chow has become a martial arts powerhouse on the Hong Kong cinema circuit. Along with fellow fight master Jackie Chan, Chow has dominated the Asian box office for most of the 1990's. Chow's "Shaolin Soccer" (2001), a madcap romp where the ancient power of Shaolin Kung Fu meets the modern game of soccer, took in over $46 million across Asia, making it the highest grossing movie in Hong Kong history.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet No Score Yet The New King of Comedy Director,
- 2019
58% 49% Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back Screenwriter,
$870.5K 2017
95% 60% The Mermaid Director,
Executive Producer,
$3.2M 2016
94% 69% Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons Director,
Executive Producer
$17.7K 2013
15% 20% Dragonball: Evolution Producer $9.4M 2009
49% 52% CJ7 Ti (Character),
$206.7K 2008
90% 89% Kung Fu Hustle Sing (Character),
$17.1M 2004
90% 84% Shaolin Soccer Mighty Steel Leg Sing (Character),
Executive Producer
$488.9K 2001
No Score Yet 70% King of Comedy Wan Tin-sau (Character),
- 1999
No Score Yet 40% The Tricky Master Wong Si Fu (Character) - 1999
No Score Yet 56% Gorgeous H.K. Police Officer (Character) - 1999
No Score Yet 44% The Lucky Guy Sui (Character) - 1998
No Score Yet 55% Lawyer Lawyer Chan Mon-Gut (Character) - 1997
No Score Yet 49% All's Well Ends Well '97 Lo Kung (Character) - 1997
No Score Yet 86% God of Cookery Stephen Chow, The God of Cookery (Character),
- 1996
No Score Yet 87% A Chinese Odyssey Unknown (Character) - 1996
No Score Yet 77% Forbidden City Cop Ling Ling Fat (Character),
- 1996
No Score Yet No Score Yet Dahua Xiyou Joker / Monkey King (Character) - 1995
No Score Yet 87% A Chinese Odyssey II -- Cinderella Joker/Monkey King/Sunset Warrior (Character) - 1995
No Score Yet 68% Out of the Dark Leon (Character) - 1995
No Score Yet 41% Sixty Million Dollar Man Lee Chak-Sing (Character) - 1995
No Score Yet 88% Flirting Scholar Tong Pak Foo (Character) - 1994
No Score Yet 61% Love on Delivery Ho Kam-An (Character) - 1994
50% 87% From Beijing With Love Ling Ling Chat (Character),
- 1994
No Score Yet No Score Yet My Hero 2 Unknown (Character) - 1993
No Score Yet No Score Yet Fight Back to School III Unknown (Character) - 1993
No Score Yet 51% The Mad Monk Dragon Fighter Lo Han (Character) - 1993
No Score Yet 91% All's Well, Ends Well Shang Foon (Character) - 1992
No Score Yet 81% Lu ding ji II zhi shen long jiao (Royal Tramp II) Unknown (Character) - 1992
No Score Yet 69% King of Beggars So-cha-ha-yee Chan / So Hat-Yi / Beggar So (Character) - 1992
No Score Yet 71% Fight Back to School II Chow Sing Sing (Character) - 1992
No Score Yet 79% Justice, My Foot! Sung Sai Kit (Character) - 1992
No Score Yet 81% God of Gamblers II Chow Sing Cho (Character) - 1991
No Score Yet 56% The Gods Must Be Crazy III Narrator (Voice) - 1991
No Score Yet No Score Yet Legend of the Dragon Chow Siu-Lung (Character) - 1991
No Score Yet 71% God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai Chow Sing Cho/The Saint of Gamblers (Character) - 1991
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Magnificent Scoundrels Valentino/Jackie (Character) - 1991
No Score Yet 57% The Shaolin Idiot Lau Ching/Chow Sing Cho (Character) - 1991
No Score Yet 87% Fight Back to School Unknown (Character) - 1991
No Score Yet 78% The Top Bet Chow Sing Cho/"The Saint of Gamblers" (Character) - 1991
No Score Yet No Score Yet Love Is Love Sam Shek Kam-Shui (Character) - 1990
No Score Yet 59% Curry & Pepper Unknown (Character) - 1990
No Score Yet No Score Yet My Hero Sing (Character) - 1990
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Last Conflict Lau Ting Kin (Character) - 1989
No Score Yet 60% Yi dan qun ying (Just Heroes) (Tragic Heroes) Unknown (Character) - 1989
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Unmatchable Match Cheung Lon/Cockroach (Character) - 1989
No Score Yet No Score Yet Dragon Fight Andy Yau (Character) - 1988
No Score Yet No Score Yet Just Heroes "Jacky" Yuen Kei-hao (Character) - 1987


Sing says: Have you ever seen a fist that big?