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Wesley Snipes stars in this pulse-pounding thriller set in the former Soviet Union. A once high-ranking Soviet military leader has resurfaced in Chechnya, where he has been consolidating his power with remarkable success. United States intelligence discovers he's been able to construct a thermonuclear weapon from materials scavenged from an abandoned nuclear power plant, and he and his soldiers have taken a handful of powerful citizens hostage. In hopes of preventing a global catastrophe, the military brings in Painter (Wesley Snipes), a special agent known as "the Marksman" for his talent in focusing in on the key elements of a crisis and resolving it. Painter and his crew attempt to get inside the nuclear plant-turned-terrorist base and rescue the hostages before U.S. forces begin staging a full-scale attack. But Painter's plan soon backfires when the military's operations don't go as planned, leaving him to wonder who set him up -- and why. The Marksman also stars Tim Abell and William Hope. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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  • Jun 25, 2008
    <i>"Are your nerves shaking?...that means your instincts are turned on.</i> <p> It seems that in recent years, washed up action stars like Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris and Van Damme obtain their income from starring in low-budget, crappy straight-to-video action flicks. Since they started in that industry, there is little wonder why they continued - they just don't have the acting skills to be hired for anything <b>good</b>. After Wesley Snipes featured in films like <i>Blade</i> and <i>Demolition Man</i> among others, no-one anticipated that he would lower his standards to the world of low-budget straight-to-video action flicks. It's impossible not to wonder what's compelling this actor to feature in such an appallingly low-rent affair. Regrettably, with Snipes starring in scrupulously inept and poorly produced action fares such as <i>7 Seconds</i> and <i>The Marksman</i> he's venturing into the same dangerous territory formerly tread by Seagal, Van Damme and Chuck Norris - three actors who sorely need to retire. Okay, so I admit that occasionally I do enjoy a good violent action flick. Even if they are low-budget, they can supply a healthy dosage of thrills and action. I viewed <i>The Marksman</i> in the faint hope of something like that, and boy was I wrong! The paltry budget is obvious from the first shot! One of the aspects I discovered from the initial 10 minutes is how poorly the film has been made. The opening "action" sequence is impossible to watch because of the poor lighting, the abysmal directing, the choppy editing, the feeble audio mix, embarrassing acting and the shortness of action! The plot starts off reasonably straightforward and easy to follow. Basically, there's a mysterious mercenary with a formidable reputation only known as Painter (Snipes). After a preposterously terrible opening scene that depicts a training exercise, Painter is presented with his latest mission. The US army send him to a Chechen nuclear power plant with a group of soldiers as his back-up where a group of stereotypical, forgettable evil terrorists are threatening to set off a live reactor. Though his objective is to secure the reactor and save the hostages, Painter's superiors make it clear that his priority is the reactor. However, it doesn't take long before Painter discovers that he and his soldiers are being elaborately set up - leaving Painter with little choice but to take on all the terrorists single-handedly. After the first 40 minutes the plot transforms into some political mumbo jumbo that's virtually impossible to follow. The dialogue is hard to understand as well, thus the film is hard to follow. Then again the script is filled with dialogue that one won't want to listen to...quite simply, the script is poorly written and executed worse! The worst insult is that the screenwriters were obviously aiming to create some interesting action flick with a political sub-plot, like <i>Behind Enemy Lines</i> or something. Wesley Snipes is thus tossed into the mix due to the success of his previous movies. The difference is...films in that fundamental style actually flaunt a decent script. The screenwriters here fill the film with ludicrous dialogue and forgettable action. Wesley Snipes made a terrible career move when he decided to star in this mess. His acting isn't even slightly memorable. One would expect his experience to be the saving grace here...but it's not. Combine a talented actor with a team of hacks and this is the result. The rest of the acting is largely pathetic. You can't help but feel sorry for the waste of talent. It's apparent that the actors tried. Similar to Wesley Snipes, it's the filmmakers that destroyed all the potential for good performances. Overall, <i>The Marksman</i> is a missed opportunity. The concept is mediocre and could have achieved some entertaining results for sure. However the film looks ugly and feels ugly. Every shot looks grainy, every action scene is lifeless. This film is utter tripe! Wesley Snipes was never the best actor in the world, but surely even he deserves better than <i>this</i>!
    Cal ( Super Reviewer
  • Oct 01, 2006
    Not bad explosive action-thriller. But I'm a fan of Wesley Snipes.
    Dean M Super Reviewer

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