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Overwhelm the Sky (2018) Richard von Busack Sometimes frustrating, and often genuinely frightening, Overwhelm the Sky proves Kremer is a talent to watch. EDIT
Posted Mar 11, 2020
Doctor Sleep (2019) Richard von Busack Flanagan hardly needed to revisit this familiar house of horrors when the story he's telling was already a highly satisfactory horror movie: a bonbon for those of us who haunt theaters and suck up other people's suffering. EDIT
Posted Nov 7, 2019
The Farewell (2019) Richard von Busack Shao is a heartening grandma with a lot of salt to her... She's a figure anyone would love and grieve for, but it's Awkwafina as a young woman feeling like a stranger in both the East and the West, who keeps this story tantalizingly tense EDIT
Posted Aug 8, 2019
Maiden (2018) Richard von Busack Stirring as Maiden is, it lacks all the Melvilleian tidbits that make for a detailed picture of a sea voyage. EDIT
Posted Jul 26, 2019
Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché (2018) Richard von Busack Digging in the style of an investigative reporter, Green creates a portrait of this pioneer in both her highly-paid success and later unhappiness... Happily, Green's intrepid research restores Guy-Blache to her rightful place in cinema history. EDIT
Posted Jul 11, 2019
Greta (2018) Richard von Busack Like the Chopin and Liszt performed during the course of Greta, the film is well-played, invigorating, full of sentimental associations and a bit overfamiliar. When the end game arrives, it's a satisfactory homage to a more genteel age of thrills. EDIT
Posted Mar 12, 2019
They Shall Not Grow Old (2018) Richard von Busack This film is an achievement, but one feels that something is lost in translation, and it's because of the narration... It's invaluable but has little immediacy -- a strangely placid look at something that happened so long ago. EDIT
Posted Feb 7, 2019
Joni 75: A Birthday Celebration (2019) Richard von Busack Shows both the range of her music and the affection that the world of music has for her. EDIT
Posted Jan 31, 2019
At Eternity's Gate (2018) Richard von Busack Dafoe is very pure here. The rawboned face hides nothing, showing lucidity even in the torment of his madness. EDIT
Posted Dec 7, 2018
The Atomic Cafe (1982) Richard von Busack The Atomic Cafe is a true horror comedy, with a wealth of death's-head humor that even Dr. Strangelove can't match. EDIT
Posted Sep 27, 2018
Bernard and Huey (2017) Richard von Busack This is mid-century comedy masquerading as millennial, and the mask keeps slipping. EDIT
Posted Sep 6, 2018
The Dark Knight (2008) Richard von Busack The Dark Knight always ought to be played on the biggest screen possible, and played loud, like a Led Zepplin song. Director Christopher Nolans' skyscapes, the helicopter shots and views from the 200th floor, are IMAX at its best. EDIT
Posted Aug 23, 2018
Dark Money (2018) Richard von Busack This impressive and infuriating study isn't here to make the audience despair... It's imperative to see Dark Money's expertly told tale of political skullduggery. EDIT
Posted Jul 25, 2018
The Valley (2017) Richard von Busack The Valley gets at the angst of high tech with an almost burning acuteness. EDIT
Posted Jun 14, 2018
Foxtrot (2017) Richard von Busack Astonishes with its ability to thrive on serious tonal shifts, flash-forwards and a bit of animation... Samuel Maoz demonstrates a depth of feeling and a sense of bitter absurdity. EDIT
Posted May 15, 2018
Isle of Dogs (2018) Richard von Busack Doesn't really arouse feelings, no matter how many animated dogs in full face stare us down, sometimes with tears in their eyes. EDIT
Posted Apr 11, 2018
A Fantastic Woman (2017) Richard von Busack This movie has serious tartness and sharpness. EDIT
Posted Feb 20, 2018
Happy End (2017) Richard von Busack The Michael Haneke film Happy End, made up of an all-star cast, is a chilly story of the decadence of a French family. EDIT
Posted Jan 18, 2018
Embrace of the Serpent (2015) Richard von Busack The young director, Ciro Guerra, working from the diaries of two real-life explorers, lures you in with visuals so verdant and dense, in black and white widescreen, that you can almost overlook the moral simplicity. EDIT
Posted Jan 2, 2018
I Saw the Light (2015) Richard von Busack It's just like its subject on New Year's Day 1953: The film I Saw the Light is dead on arrival. EDIT
Posted Jan 2, 2018
Elvis & Nixon (2016) Richard von Busack [director Liza] Johnson includes details that are supposed to reveal more about the big day, but they all seem to be discursive-padding to overlook the lack of source material. EDIT
Posted Jan 2, 2018
Francofonia (2015) Richard von Busack Enjoy scoping the things you can never quite get a look at because of the stampede of tourists, and mull over Sokurov's sentiment that the contents of the Louvre are worth more than all of France. EDIT
Posted Jan 2, 2018
Being George Clooney (2016) Richard von Busack Perhaps Being George Clooney is a small thing considered, but its particular focus adds a fascinating footnote to the study of voice acting in the movies... EDIT
Posted Jan 2, 2018
Wedding Doll (2015) Richard von Busack Good looking as the movie is-and good looking as Rosenblatt is, with an inconquerable grin reminiscent of the young Travolta's-Wedding Doll inevitably calls up memories of a certain speech by Robert Downey, Jr. in Tropic Thunder. EDIT
Posted Jan 2, 2018
Real Life (1979) Richard von Busack Real Life is a jewel of American comedy and one of the first mockumentaries ever made. EDIT
Posted Jan 2, 2018
War Dogs (2016) Richard von Busack Among the myriad problems with this unconvincing, unfunny and often sleazy comedy from Todd Phillips (The Hangover) is that co-star Miles Teller's David doesn't get much of a conscience until he's held at gunpoint. EDIT
Posted Jan 2, 2018
Don't Breathe (2016) Richard von Busack Lang's work here is physically impressive and justifiably evil-so much more striking than his performance as the scarfaced villain in Avatar. EDIT
Posted Jan 2, 2018
The Girl on the Train (2016) Richard von Busack Parsing it is like trying to comb out boiled pasta. EDIT
Posted Jan 2, 2018
Company Town (2016) Richard von Busack It's a hopeful but necessarily bleak account of the 2015 District 3 supervisor's race between Aaron Peskin and the incumbent Julie Christensen. EDIT
Posted Jan 2, 2018
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) Richard von Busack J.K. Rowling's ingenuity, now free of old Hogwarts, gets a real workout in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. EDIT
Posted Jan 2, 2018
Truman (2015) Richard von Busack ...Truman is stuck between realism and romanticism, and neither side works completely. EDIT
Posted Jan 2, 2018
The Dinner (2017) Richard von Busack Some films you watch, thinking, "This is seriously never going to end." The Dinner is more like, "this is seriously never going to begin." EDIT
Posted Jan 2, 2018
Long Strange Trip (2017) Richard von Busack A particularly well-chosen mix of some 60 songs by the band fits the history of this long-lived act, both in the the dawning and the ending of their time. EDIT
Posted Jan 2, 2018
War for the Planet of the Apes (2017) Richard von Busack It has the freshness of a story that you're hearing for the first time. EDIT
Posted Jan 2, 2018
The Friends of Eddie Coyle (1973) Richard von Busack Director Peter Yates' backdrops of the working-class outskirts of Boston during the shabbiest part of the 1970s are unparalleled. EDIT
Posted Jan 2, 2018
Lucky (2017) Richard von Busack This movie is a thing of beauty. EDIT
Posted Dec 27, 2017
Company Town (2016) Richard von Busack The tense soundtrack and the rich visuals emphasize what's at stake-the city, even going through its ugly stage, certainly looks stunning. EDIT
Posted Dec 27, 2017
Rules Don't Apply (2016) Richard von Busack Warren Beatty's comeback movie is a sometimes bizarre, sometimes winning film about multi-hyphenate billionaire Howard Hughes (Beatty) in 1959 and 1964... EDIT
Posted Dec 27, 2017
A Monster Calls (2016) Richard von Busack The animation in the three stories this monster tells is as gorgeous as Kubo and the Two Strings-forests and villages unfold like paper blossoms, or spiral out into the multi-colored fractals of wet-on-wet watercolors. EDIT
Posted Dec 27, 2017
Lion (2016) Richard von Busack Photographer Greig Fraser's landscapes of Saroo's two worlds are extremely handsome. EDIT
Posted Dec 27, 2017