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Rating Title/Year Author
3.5/5 My Zoe (2019) Christopher Lloyd This family drama from writer/director/star Julie Delpy is actually two different movies, each promising but incompatible. EDIT
Posted Feb 24, 2021
3/5 Crisis (2021) Christopher Lloyd A well-acted drama about the opioid epidemic that fails to artfully weave together its three parallel storylines. EDIT
Posted Feb 24, 2021
3/5 Harry and Son (1984) Christopher Lloyd One of the few films Paul Newman directed and the only one he co-wrote, Harry & Son wanders around a fractured relationship before finding a few moments of purity EDIT
Posted Feb 22, 2021
4.5/5 Nomadland (2020) Christopher Lloyd An extraordinary film of stillness and contemplation that explores the journeys of a woman put onto the road by circumstance, which becomes her identity. EDIT
Posted Feb 17, 2021
2.5/5 The World to Come (2020) Christopher Lloyd A well-acted but curiously flat tale about two frontier wives who fall into an obsessive romance with one another. EDIT
Posted Feb 11, 2021
4/5 Land (2021) Christopher Lloyd Robin Wright stars and directs in this spare, sad and lovely portrait of a woman who runs away to the mountains to find herself. EDIT
Posted Feb 10, 2021
4.5/5 The Mauritanian (2021) Christopher Lloyd A tense, probing look at the case of an African man who was detained in Guantanamo Bay after 9/11 without ever being accused of a crime. EDIT
Posted Feb 10, 2021
3/5 Elizabethtown (2005) Christopher Lloyd The much-derided tragicomedy/romance sunk several careers, but it hums with its own quirky, never-may-care sense of authenticity. EDIT
Posted Feb 8, 2021
4/5 Little Fish (2020) Christopher Lloyd A harrowing sci-fi romance gets us emotionally invested as a virus that makes us slowly forget everything in our lives interrupts a new love affair. EDIT
Posted Feb 5, 2021
4/5 Two of Us (2019) Christopher Lloyd The French Oscar submission is a spare, intimate portrait of a great romance interrupted by circumstance and prejudice, boasting two spectacular performances. EDIT
Posted Feb 4, 2021
3/5 The Wanting Mare (2020) Christopher Lloyd Visually arresting and full of imagination, The Wanting Mare takes a nigh-incomprehensible approach to the basics of storytelling. EDIT
Posted Feb 3, 2021
3.5/5 Malcolm & Marie (2021) Christopher Lloyd Beautifully acted and photographed, though very much has the feel of two people purportedly in love winding up big speeches to throw at each other, rather than an actual relationship. EDIT
Posted Jan 30, 2021
4/5 Supernova (2020) Christopher Lloyd A simple, uncluttered romantic drama starring Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth as an older couple going on a road trip as a long goodbye. EDIT
Posted Jan 28, 2021
3.5/5 Palmer (2021) Christopher Lloyd Justin Timberlake shows expanding acting chops in this solid, if a bit predictable, drama about an ex-con who bonds with kid who doesn't fit in. EDIT
Posted Jan 27, 2021
4.5/5 The Little Things (2021) Christopher Lloyd Like an intricately wrought piece of clockworks, ticking along as interlocking pieces of storytelling machinery quietly snap into place. EDIT
Posted Jan 27, 2021
3/5 Effigy: Poison and the City (2019) Christopher Lloyd "Effigy" is an interesting film, but ultimately the idea for the story is better than the movie they actually made. EDIT
Posted Jan 25, 2021
3/5 Sudden Fear (1952) Christopher Lloyd This forgotten woman-in-distress film noir stars Joan Crawford as a rich playwright and Jack Palance as the younger actor looking to marry and off her. Nice-looking but poorly plotted. EDIT
Posted Jan 25, 2021
4/5 Coming Clean (2020) Christopher Lloyd This sobering, hard-hitting documentary looks at the toll of the opioid epidemic, its long roots and the greed that has driven it. EDIT
Posted Jan 22, 2021
4.5/5 Our Friend (2019) Christopher Lloyd Imagine Love Story as a three-way weepie, in this sensitive tale featuring an Oscar-caliber performance from Jason Segel. EDIT
Posted Jan 21, 2021
4.5/5 The Dig (2021) Christopher Lloyd A rather odd but rather wonderful story about an archeological dig that never quite goes in the direction you expect it to. Marvelous performances by Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan. EDIT
Posted Jan 16, 2021
4/5 The White Tiger (2021) Christopher Lloyd A sometimes grim but compelling look at a young Indian man's ambition to break out of poverty and ingratiate himself to the rich. A tonal counterpoint to Slumdog Millionaire. EDIT
Posted Jan 13, 2021
3/5 That Obscure Object of Desire (1977) Christopher Lloyd Luis Buñuel's final film is regarded as a masterpiece but disappoints as shallow, vaguely sexist look at a cursed romance between a rich old Frenchman and a teen tease played by two different actresses. EDIT
Posted Jan 11, 2021
4/5 The Ringmaster (2019) Christopher Lloyd Not so much a documentary about a guy who makes the world's best onion rings as a documentary about the failed attempt to make that movie. EDIT
Posted Jan 7, 2021
4/5 The Racer (2020) Christopher Lloyd "The Racer" is sobering yet boasts zippy storytelling, with nary a dull moment. EDIT
Posted Dec 29, 2020
2/5 St. Elmo's Fire (1985) Christopher Lloyd Savaged when it was released, is it time for a reconsidering St. Elmo's Fire, a retrograde look at '80s single life? No. No, it's not. EDIT
Posted Dec 28, 2020
3/5 Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) Christopher Lloyd A confused, overlong and tonally schizophrenic sequel to one of the best superhero movies in recent years. EDIT
Posted Dec 26, 2020
4.5/5 Air Force One (1997) Christopher Lloyd Air Force One is one of those films stuck in amber that knows exactly what it is and what it's trying to do -- and then does it very well. EDIT
Posted Dec 14, 2020
4.5/5 Let Them All Talk (2020) Christopher Lloyd A powerhouse trifecta of Meryl Streep, Candice Bergman and Dianne Wiest team up for a lovely, well-drawn character study about three old friends on one last journey together. EDIT
Posted Dec 9, 2020
3/5 Luxor (2020) Christopher Lloyd A woman looks back on the first half of her life while traveling in Egypt, where she meets an old lover who wants to rekindle their flame. Languid and contemplative. EDIT
Posted Dec 2, 2020
3/5 Uncle Frank (2020) Christopher Lloyd A well-acted and perfectly intentioned Southern drama about a gay man coming out in 1973 that never keeps you guessing. EDIT
Posted Nov 24, 2020
5/5 Mank (2020) Christopher Lloyd A zesty portrait of screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz as he toiled on Citizen Kane, Mank may be a pretty overt piece of Oscar bait. But if so, it's a damned good one. EDIT
Posted Nov 21, 2020
4/5 Dreamland (2019) Christopher Lloyd The scantiest of outlaw stories, but a great-looking film filled with warm colors and spot-on performances in even the smallest roles. Margot Robbie's blue eyes and tawny skin shine like a small sun hurtling toward burnout. EDIT
Posted Nov 17, 2020
3/5 Flight From Ashiya (1964) Christopher Lloyd A perfectly serviceable aviation/adventure picture is undone by ill-fitting flashbacks to wartime romance. EDIT
Posted Nov 16, 2020
3.5/5 Ammonite (2020) Christopher Lloyd Well-acted but painfully predictable period romance. EDIT
Posted Nov 12, 2020
5/5 Wolfwalkers (2020) Christopher Lloyd This gorgeous, melodious Irish animated film is about a girl who hunts wolves, but then wants to join the pack. Easily the best animated film of 2020. EDIT
Posted Nov 11, 2020
4/5 Hillbilly Elegy (2020) Christopher Lloyd A brave and largely successful attempt to depict the kind of culture and lives that Hollywood usually treats as a zoological exhibit. EDIT
Posted Nov 10, 2020
4/5 Chasing Einstein (2019) Christopher Lloyd A thoughtful and probing look at the burgeoning scientific debate about whether current assumptions about dark matter underpinned by Einstein's theory of relativity. EDIT
Posted Nov 7, 2020
3.5 I Walk the Line (1970) Christopher Lloyd The story of an upstanding sheriff who finds himself compromised by moonshiners, I Walk the Line is more interesting than good. EDIT
Posted Nov 2, 2020
4/5 The True Adventures of Wolfboy (2019) Christopher Lloyd A sweet, whimsical and little bit sad modern fairy tale about going out into the world to find where your home is. EDIT
Posted Oct 29, 2020
3/5 Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020) Christopher Lloyd Pretty much more of the same, in a decently funny shtick better suited for a running gag on SNL than trying to fill out an entire feature film. EDIT
Posted Oct 23, 2020
3/5 Friendsgiving (2020) Christopher Lloyd A warmhearted and well-meaning Thanksgiving comedy that doesn't aim very high, but doesn't disappoint, either. EDIT
Posted Oct 21, 2020
4.5/5 Sleepy Hollow (1999) Christopher Lloyd Sleepy Hollow represents the height, or at least the meridian, of Tim Burton's career as a master of mixing mythology, horror and humor. Oh, to have him back again. EDIT
Posted Oct 19, 2020
2.5/5 The Devil Has a Name (2020) Christopher Lloyd A dusty soap opera set in the California desert where evil oilmen fight a crusty farmer, The Devil Has a Name is a real head-scratcher. EDIT
Posted Oct 14, 2020
4/5 The Last Shift (2020) Christopher Lloyd Wonderful performances drive this story of an old greasy spoon worker training his young replacement, a film of few big 'moments' and many wondrous small observations. EDIT
Posted Oct 10, 2020
4/5 A Rainy Day in New York (2019) Christopher Lloyd Timothee Chalamete charms along with Elle Fanning and a great cast in an old-school Woody production that feels straight out of 1978. EDIT
Posted Oct 9, 2020
4/5 Love Type D (2019) Christopher Lloyd A heartwarming romantic comedy that dances to its own beat, about a woman convinced she has a gene consigning her to a life of love lost EDIT
Posted Oct 8, 2020
3.5/5 () Christopher Lloyd This slow-moving but often poignant Iranian drama looks at a mother who must make a difficult choice after experiencing a profound tragedy. EDIT
Posted Oct 8, 2020
4.5/5 Yellow Rose (2019) Christopher Lloyd Yellow Rose is like an old, familiar tune you've heard many times before, but played in a pleasing new arrangement performed with heart and grace. EDIT
Posted Oct 7, 2020
4/5 The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell (1955) Christopher Lloyd A quintessential Gary Cooper role in this portrait of the forgotten father of modern aviation, the sort of picture Golden Age Hollywood churned out with surprising speed and skill. EDIT
Posted Oct 5, 2020
4.5/5 Possessor: Uncut (2020) Christopher Lloyd The rare modern horror movie that's genuinely unsettling, like a host of worms that burrows under your skin and is content to stay there. EDIT
Posted Sep 30, 2020