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3/5 Pieces of a Woman (2020) Katie Smith-Wong Overall, Pieces of a Woman's slow pace and emotional performances drag occasionally but it is hard not to empathise with Kirby's conflicted Martha. EDIT
Posted Jan 7, 2021
4/5 Ma Rainey's Black Bottom (2020) Katie Smith-Wong Overall, Ma Rainey's Black Bottom is a timely period piece about the significance of blues music in black culture, and the racism ingrained in it. EDIT
Posted Dec 18, 2020
3/5 Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) Katie Smith-Wong Overall, Wonder Woman 1984 set its sights high in the sky. Gadot, Jenkins and Wiig are on board but it essentially struggles to find its wings. EDIT
Posted Dec 15, 2020
2/5 Dreamland (2019) Katie Smith-Wong Overall, Dreamland heavily relies on Robbie to succeed. But despite her efforts, she is unable to save this dull outlaw drama. EDIT
Posted Dec 10, 2020
4/5 Palm Springs (2020) Katie Smith-Wong Palm Springs is an audience-pleasing debut for Barbakow. With Samberg and Milioti stealing the show on and off the dancefloor, it is essentially Groundhog Day with piña coladas. EDIT
Posted Dec 8, 2020
4/5 Standing Up, Falling Down (2019) Katie Smith-Wong Overall, Standing Up, Falling Down is a laidback comedy with plenty of heart. Despite its seemingly ordinary story, Schwartz and Crystal fill it with laughter. EDIT
Posted Nov 30, 2020
4/5 The Craft: Legacy (2020) Katie Smith-Wong Overall, The Craft: Legacy is not as groundbreaking as the 1996 film but offers a strong message, reminding audiences that the world is not filled with malice. EDIT
Posted Oct 28, 2020
3/5 On the Rocks (2020) Katie Smith-Wong Compared with Coppola's previous work, On The Rocks feels diluted in terms of impact and imagery. However, the pleasant chemistry between Jones and Murray lifts it to become mildly entertaining. EDIT
Posted Oct 18, 2020
2/5 Ammonite (2020) Katie Smith-Wong Ammonite offers a tender romance that fails to capture the heart and highlight the real-life achievements of its protagonists EDIT
Posted Oct 17, 2020
5/5 Nomadland (2020) Katie Smith-Wong Driven by McDormand's complex performance, Nomadland is a breathtaking journey. EDIT
Posted Oct 16, 2020
4/5 Cicada (2020) Katie Smith-Wong Cicada offers a candid queer love story with two engaging leads. Despite its occasionally slow pace, its bravery in exploring sensitive issues and LGBTQ identity will speak to modern audiences. EDIT
Posted Oct 12, 2020
5/5 One Night in Miami (2020) Katie Smith-Wong Overall, One Night in Miami may be playing it safe by sticking to the confines of the original play. But with its engaging performances, strong screenplay and solid direction, it's hard to fault King's impressive debut. EDIT
Posted Oct 11, 2020
3/5 Herself (2020) Katie Smith-Wong Thanks to Lloyd's sensitive direction and Dunne's screenplay, Herself doesn't dwell on the negatives - it instead focuses on the strength of the human spirit, creating an emotional journey fuelled by heart and optimism. EDIT
Posted Oct 10, 2020
4/5 Wolfwalkers (2020) Katie Smith-Wong Overall, Wolfwalkers is another wonderful addition to Cartoon Saloon's filmography. With gorgeous animation and an endearing friendship at its heart, it is one of the most beautiful films this year. EDIT
Posted Oct 10, 2020
3/5 Supernova (2020) Katie Smith-Wong Overall, Supernova is a sensitive, heartbreaking journey with emotional performances from its two leads. EDIT
Posted Oct 9, 2020
3/5 Shirley (2020) Katie Smith-Wong With Decker providing enough twists in the narrative to keep audiences on their toes, Shirley is a beautifully shot drama that shrouds its eponymous character in mystery. EDIT
Posted Oct 8, 2020
4/5 Miss Juneteenth (2020) Katie Smith-Wong A delicate, well-grounded portrayal that highlights the determination among African-American women, Miss Juneteenth is a solid debut for [Channing Godfrey] Peoples that gives Behaire the commanding lead role she deserves. EDIT
Posted Sep 24, 2020
3/5 Monsoon (2019) Katie Smith-Wong Overall, Monsoon blends beautiful shots and Golding's delicate performance to create a slow albeit poetic look on immigration. EDIT
Posted Sep 21, 2020
5/5 Rocks (2019) Katie Smith-Wong Bold in its realism but subtle in its execution, Rocks is a brilliant and dynamic piece of filmmaking. EDIT
Posted Sep 15, 2020
2/5 The Black Emperor of Broadway (2020) Katie Smith-Wong The Black Emperor of Broadway should have been able to highlight racism and social awareness through its narrative. Despite its solid performances, a lack of clarity only serves to confuse, rather than educate, audiences. EDIT
Posted Sep 15, 2020
2/5 The New Mutants (2020) Katie Smith-Wong There isn't enough to drive audiences to The New Mutants. Lacklustre and mostly confusing, it ultimately fails to bring new life into an already suffering franchise. EDIT
Posted Aug 29, 2020
2/5 Love You Forever (2019) Katie Smith-Wong Overall, Love You Forever is classic Valentine's Day schmaltz, but for the rest of the year, it just hurts your teeth. EDIT
Posted Aug 28, 2020
4/5 Proxima (2019) Katie Smith-Wong Overall, Proxima is an endearing tale that keeps its mother-daughter relationship as its heart, which is reinforced by Green and Boulant's winning chemistry. EDIT
Posted Aug 3, 2020
2/5 Sticky Toffee Pudding (2020) Katie Smith-Wong [Harvard] John includes enough elements to drive the film throughout its 102min runtime, but the end result is a bit too messy to be deemed enjoyable. EDIT
Posted Jul 27, 2020
3/5 1BR (2019) Katie Smith-Wong Apartment 1BR is a decent addition to the 'mad cult' subgenre with good direction from Marmor that keeps a rather predictable story interesting before arriving at a 'love it or hate it' ending. EDIT
Posted Jul 21, 2020
3/5 Turnover (2019) Katie Smith-Wong Overall, Turnover is a sweet, family-friendly drama that subtly celebrates diversity and acceptance amid its ensemble cast. EDIT
Posted Jul 1, 2020
3/5 Soundtrack to Sixteen (2019) Katie Smith-Wong Soundtrack to Sixteen is a sweet, refreshingly naturalistic film that speaks to the teenager in all of us. EDIT
Posted Jun 26, 2020
1/5 Iron Mask (2019) Katie Smith-Wong The Iron Mask relies on Chan and Schwarzenegger to bring in audiences, but even they cannot save this car crash of a film. EDIT
Posted May 4, 2020
3/5 Stray Dolls (2019) Frank Ochieng Sinha, in addition to emphasizing the harried bond of her feminine tag team drenched in decadent turmoil, shines a revealing spotlight on blue-collar working class drudgery in all its puddles of purgatory. EDIT
Posted Apr 11, 2020
2/5 Butt Boy (2019) Frank Ochieng ...about as cheeky as a quarantined outhouse. Painfully contrived and methodically doltish, Butt Boy strives for its validation of absurd fanny fun but this comedic crapper definitely needs its behind spanked. EDIT
Posted Apr 10, 2020
4/5 System Crasher (Systemsprenger) (2019) Frank Ochieng ...startling and grippingly raw portrait of childhood monstrosity. Zengel's furious face is resourcefully inspired as her walking wounded minor is a major firecracker with atom bomb-like capabilities. EDIT
Posted Apr 9, 2020
4.5/5 Never Rarely Sometimes Always (2020) Frank Ochieng Solidly acted and restrained in its thought-provoking resonance, Hittman's quiet commentary on young female empowerment is tranquil and engaging in its message of disenchantment. EDIT
Posted Apr 7, 2020
2.5/5 Big Time Adolescence (2019) Frank Ochieng Unfairly, Big Time Adolescence suffers from the standard formula of routine coming-of-age comedies that follow the predictable pattern of snarky amusement and surfacing angst. EDIT
Posted Apr 7, 2020
4/5 Clemency (2019) Frank Ochieng Chukwu creatively establishes a totally distinctive brand of somber female empowerment in a penetrating character study of professional disconnect and consciousness...aided by Woodard's profoundly convincing performance EDIT
Posted Apr 4, 2020
3.5/5 The Captain (2019) Frank Ochieng ...[a] hair-raising, high-in-the-sky action thriller. Lau's action-adventure spectacle that feels as unapologetically loose and unrestrained as a defective seat belt. EDIT
Posted Apr 2, 2020
4/5 Stray (2018) Frank Ochieng Stray is simply contemplative and resoundingly lyrical in representing two kinds of nature set against one another: pained human nature and the Great Outdoors joined at the emotional hip EDIT
Posted Apr 1, 2020
3.5/5 Banana Split (2018) Frank Ochieng ...[an] unconventionally perceptive and engaging coming-of-age female friendship/romancer. Inherently touching and liberating, Banana Split is an endearing account of cemented youthful female relations EDIT
Posted Mar 28, 2020
3.5/5 Onward (2020) Frank Ochieng Onward is speculative in its whimsy concoction as an increasingly impish supernatural gem that offers charm and treasured wizardly at its escapist core. EDIT
Posted Mar 27, 2020
1/5 Loqueesha (2019) Frank Ochieng ...embarrassing and abominable. Utterly imbecilic and indigestible, Loqueesha is a rancid stain for all that participated in this flatulent farce EDIT
Posted Mar 24, 2020
2/5 Bloodshot (2020) Frank Ochieng ...relentlessly convoluted. The bio-engineered banality featured in Diesel's vanity film project will make one's weary eyes reflect this indulgent action thriller's movie title. EDIT
Posted Mar 18, 2020
2.5/5 The Hunt (2020) Frank Ochieng ...[a] shoddy survivalist exploitation flick...not grounded in depth or dimension to give this blurry slice-and-dice suspense piece any genuine meaty intrigue beyond its choppy pokes at exaggerated blood spats and occasional schlocky chuckles. EDIT
Posted Mar 14, 2020
4/5 The Way Back (2020) Frank Ochieng ...a golden three-point shot. Thoroughly convincing and hitting close to home. Both harrowing and heartfelt, The Way Back is definitely a slam dunk for Affleck EDIT
Posted Mar 11, 2020
2.5/5 Burden (2018) Frank Ochieng ...a compelling but seemingly trite tension tale. Redemption expositions are cozy and thought-provoking in concept but nicely wrapped feel-good fables such as Burden seem to be holding back the realness of its provoked outrage. EDIT
Posted Mar 8, 2020
4/5 Swallow (2019) Frank Ochieng Swallow certainly echoes the intricate tendencies of a feminine lost soul left to her hidden mental devices. Absorbing, contemplative and probing...low-key but potent in its dramatic portrait EDIT
Posted Mar 6, 2020
2.5/5 The Jesus Rolls (2019) Frank Ochieng However, The Jesus Rolls throws a gutterball down the farcical greasy lane in an unimaginative sex buddy road flick where the thin-layered juvenile raunchiness is a strikeout of the unwanted kind. EDIT
Posted Feb 27, 2020
2/5 Impractical Jokers: The Movie (2020) Frank Ochieng Ultimately, this cruel impractical joke is on all of us...is about as amusing as sitting on a whoppie cushion filled with chocolate filling. EDIT
Posted Feb 26, 2020
1.5/5 Brahms: The Boy II (2020) Frank Ochieng Clearly, naughty Brahms from 2016's The Boy needed more of a supernatural spanking than he does a needless follow-up in a dull and creepy cornball sequel...the belabored subpar chills that aimlessly wallow in manufactured weirdness and waste. EDIT
Posted Feb 23, 2020
2.5/5 Seberg (2019) Frank Ochieng ...ambitious but thoroughly disjointed psychological thriller biopic . Both Stewart and her vulnerable inspiration Jean Seberg deserved a better deep dive than this tiptoe through the surfacing waves of despair and disillusionment. EDIT
Posted Feb 20, 2020
3.5/5 Buffaloed (2019) Frank Ochieng Wexler's bubbly blue-collar comedy Buffaloed is a wacky Valentine ode to the chilly upstate New York-based enclave. An unconventional character study that wants to reach for every nuanced nugget it sends out. EDIT
Posted Feb 16, 2020
1.5/5 Blumhouse's Fantasy Island (2020) Frank Ochieng What's next? Perhaps Love Boat with sea-sick passengers? How about Hotel with extra pushy guests? Or maybe Finders of Lost Loves with alarming divorce rates? [A] whimsical waste of a pointless reboot. EDIT
Posted Feb 14, 2020