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It's sporadically entertaining, but The Green Hornet never approaches the surreal heights suggested by a Michel Gondry/Seth Rogen collaboration.



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In the 3D action-comedy The Green Hornet, Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) is the son of LA's most prominent and respected media magnate and perfectly happy to maintain a directionless existence on the party scene - until his father (Tom Wilkinson) mysteriously dies, leaving Britt his vast media empire. Striking an unlikely friendship with one of his father's more industrious and inventive employees, Kato (Jay Chou), they see their chance to do something meaningful for the first time in their lives: fight crime. To get close to the criminals, they come up with the perfect cover: they'll pose as criminals themselves. Protecting the law by breaking it, Britt becomes the vigilante The Green Hornet as he and Kato hit the streets. Using all his ingenuity and skill, Kato builds the ultimate in advanced retro weaponry, Black Beauty, an indestructible car equal parts firepower and horsepower. Rolling in a mobile fortress on wheels and striking the bad guys with Kato's clever gadgets, The Green Hornet and Kato quickly start making a name for themselves, and with the help of Britt's new secretary, Lenore Case (Cameron Diaz), they begin hunting down the man who controls LA's gritty underworld: Benjamin Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz). But Chudnofsky has plans of his own: to swat down The Green Hornet once and for all. -- (C) Sony

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Seth Rogen
as Britt Reid/The Green Hornet
Cameron Diaz
as Lenore Case
Tom Wilkinson
as James Reid
Christoph Waltz
as Benjamin Chudnofsky
Jill Remez
as Daily Sentinel Reporter
Joe O'Connor
as Daily Sentinel Reporter
Morgan Rusler
as Daily Sentinel Reporter
Taylor Cole
as Limo Girl
Jamison Yang
as City Hall Reporter
Michael Holden
as Funeral Businessman
Gary Davis
as Police Officer
Billy Mayo
as Police Officer
Brandon Rudat
as TV Anchor
Beverly Brooks
as TV Anchor
Lu Parker
as TV Anchor
Diane Mizota
as TV Reporter (Red Estate)
Theodore Bressman
as Daniel Vertlieb/Dead Reporter
Dave Rickley
as Archive Reporter
Dina Mamedova
as Russian Aftermath Reporter
Tanner Gill
as SWAT Leader
George Fisher
as Chauffeur
Daniel Arrias
as Drug Dealer
Eddie Perez
as Drug Dealer
Reuben Langdon
as Crackhead
Amir Abdalla
as Armenian Gang Boss
Alexandra Lord
as Pool Girl
Frederick C. Ruiz
as Club Bouncer
Keith Adams
as Member of Chudnofsky's Gang
Dennis Keiffer
as Member of Chudnofsky's Gang
Travon Magee
as Member of Chudnofsky's Gang
Dave A. Powledge
as Member of Chudnofsky's Gang
Jimmy Trimble
as Member of Chudnofsky's Gang
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  • May 02, 2014
    A spoiled playboy becomes a super-hero after his father leaves him a newspaper fortune. Seth Rogen proved in Take this Waltz that he can play a character that isn't just Seth Rogen speaking someone else's words, but this is Seth Rogen speaking someone else's words. The rest of the cast is a comic book farce with each character playing type with no dimension. The plot is about as predictable as it could be without a single twist or variation from the formula. Overall, I hope Seth Rogen got a lot of money for this film because aside from that, the film fills no other purpose.
    Jim H Super Reviewer
  • Jan 21, 2014
    I am assuming that the low score this one received was because people were expecting a more faithful reimagining of their childhood superhero instead of Seth Rogen(!) portraying the famous valiant persona. Indeed, the entire final product is absolutely uncorrelated with the original stunts and kicks of the TV show being aired in TCM as we speak; the spirit of David Sardy's catchy theme does not coincide with this "action/comedy"; the villains are cardboard cuouts (excluding the funny James Franco cameo). Clearly, I am not here to defend the film. I am here to state the obvious: 1) Michel Gondry is completely dependent on a good screenwriter for then complementing such script with his vision (I am looking at you, Kaufman), and 2) Gondry's inconstant quality variance is comparable to that of David Gordon Green. Everything listed so far is disturbing and disappointing, but are also potential elements that may distract our vision from what is a well-paced and awfully entertaining ride with Seth Rogen and Jay Chou accomplishing a great chemistry that nobody would have put a single bet on. Every single superhero story needs a readjustment to today's standards. I agree: a PG-13 formulaic comedy with a varied soundtrack and nothing special in between is not the best solution, but hell, this took off my weekly University stress. It turned out better than I thought. Because I was expecting a 2-star film, you know... Does that make sense? 54/100
    Edgar C Super Reviewer
  • Mar 08, 2012
    [img][/img] Once you get past the incredibly bad script and the super hero movie cliche's The Green Hornet although very uneven and trashy isn't terrible. I expected much more though from Michel Gondry because he works well with comedians, and I very much enjoyed Be Kind Rewind and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind when he worked with Black and Carrey but with Seth Rogen something must have went wrong. Otherwise, Michel Gondry is an amazing and ambitious director who is talented but tries too hard/little here. Was this even made by him really? This is nothing like his usually very surreal stuff. It's hard to tell because it's much more aggressive than his usual material. However, while this loud, big budget and utterly mainstream comic book flick is not that good. I will admit I found enough bits funny and enough bits entertaining to reccommend it.
    Directors C Super Reviewer
  • Dec 02, 2011
    I actually hated this movie. It was funny, BUT I CAME FOR AN ACTION MOVIE. Seth Rogen takes so much credit in this nobody even remembers the chinese guy. The plot was so pointless and forgettable that I cant even remember it. This movie was supposed to be great, but I saw nothing to like.
    Bradley W Super Reviewer

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