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B Juliet, Naked (2018) Brooke Corso A growing correspondence worthy of The Shop around the Corner in its moments of twee sentimentality, mulling over the awkwardness of the forty-something years when the decisions of youth show their exponential repercussions. EDIT
Posted Sep 4, 2018
C- Mile 22 (2018) Brooke Corso The essence of the film: a prolonged denial of well-deserved cake after teasing with a few delicious crumbs. EDIT
Posted Aug 21, 2018
C- The Meg (2018) Brooke Corso Just keep swimming towards whatever is playing in the theater next door. EDIT
Posted Aug 13, 2018
B Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018) Brooke Corso Many of the beats are the same as in the original, only reframed through the lens of hindsight. Yet, this film is so unapologetic in its delight of the overheated ballad or disco beat that it is impossible not to understand the poignancy of the lyrics. EDIT
Posted Aug 7, 2018
A Eighth Grade (2018) Brooke Corso This is not a coming-of-age film about a girl finding her voice, but rather realizing its worth, regardless of the approval of others. EDIT
Posted Aug 7, 2018
A- Leave No Trace (2018) Brooke Corso Both Foster and McKenzie display a profound respect for their characters and the journey towards peace that doesn't always keep them at the same pace. EDIT
Posted Aug 7, 2018
A Mission: Impossible -- Fallout (2018) Brooke Corso Over and over, Tom Cruise tells the screen, "I won't let you down," and he never does, because we believe in him to deliver the goods. EDIT
Posted Jul 30, 2018
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) Brooke Corso Unfortunately, what the movie is trying to say about the inherent destructiveness of exploiting these creatures as commodities is overshadowed by the glaring aspects of the film's own commercialization. Postmodern, indeed. EDIT
Posted Jul 18, 2018
D Skyscraper (2018) Brooke Corso For Sarah, Will, and his leg sidekick, the maze of characters they must navigate is the tedious space between crazy scenes where anything, anything, anything can be saved with duct tape. EDIT
Posted Jul 17, 2018
C+ Tag (2018) Brooke Corso It helps to have a youthful zeal for the chase and maintaining friendships despite the baggage of adulthood and the reality of criminal trespassing and potential life-threatening injury. EDIT
Posted Jun 15, 2018
A- First Reformed (2017) Brooke Corso What Schrader does best is show his characters inching forward through their flaws and transgressions. EDIT
Posted Jun 11, 2018
A Hereditary (2018) Brooke Corso Hereditary commands you to lean in, watch closely, don't forget the corners and the background, even though you know the monsters are there. EDIT
Posted Jun 11, 2018
A Won't You Be My Neighbor? (2018) Brooke Corso Neville retains this respect for the capabilities and intuition of children by highlighting the progressiveness of the show through the decades. EDIT
Posted Jun 5, 2018
B- Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) Brooke Corso There are times when Solo: A Star Wars Story gets it right, and all the measures of Cool that generations have adored and emulated positively glow on the big screen with an eye twinkle and naughty grin. EDIT
Posted May 22, 2018
C+ Life of the Party (2018) Brooke Corso Its best moments are when McCarthy's innate charm, underappreciated prowess with physical comedy, and naughty-nice magnetism are put on bubbly display as her character makes up for lost time and missed opportunities. EDIT
Posted May 18, 2018
B+ Tully (2018) Brooke Corso Tully... [is the director duo's] most grounded and visceral work yet. EDIT
Posted May 9, 2018
C+ I Feel Pretty (2018) Brooke Corso The strong notion of the beauty industry reimagining what it sees and promotes as beautiful is weakly executed, and we aren't left with a solid resolution that things will get much better. EDIT
Posted Apr 26, 2018
C+ Super Troopers 2 (2018) Brooke Corso For fans of the 2001 original, it's great to watch the rebels back in action where the world is their stage and the invisible roar of the crowd drives them on to keep performing their clown act until they die. EDIT
Posted Apr 26, 2018
A A Quiet Place (2018) Brooke Corso A Quiet Place is almost wordless, yet accomplishes what only the best horror films can achieve. EDIT
Posted Apr 11, 2018
B+ Thoroughbreds (2017) Brooke Corso Composer Erik Friedlander's sumptuous, percussion-and-cello score...either tumbles through the slick interior walls like fog or crackles through the air like static on a cold day. EDIT
Posted Mar 30, 2018
C- Pacific Rim Uprising (2018) Brooke Corso Under the direction of Steven S. DeKnight, the excitement of the scant battle scenes in the first half is quickly vaporized by extended sequences of inefficiency: in the laboratory, in the training room, in the testing facilities. EDIT
Posted Mar 27, 2018
B+ Hostiles (2017) Brooke Corso ... brutal, elegiac western... EDIT
Posted Mar 20, 2018
C+ Tomb Raider (2018) Brooke Corso Unfortunately, this emphasis on rebooting the character does less for actual development and feels like too much wasted time between plot points. EDIT
Posted Mar 20, 2018
D The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018) Brooke Corso "The Strangers: Prey at Night" throws every horror cliche in the book into its slasher story of a family of four hunted by a tag team of killers who are simply doing it because "Why not?" EDIT
Posted Mar 9, 2018
A Black Panther (2018) Brooke Corso Black Panther definitely warrants multiple viewings - one just for the visual roller-coaster ride, and sets itself apart from the rest of the MCU with a formidable blend of good story and magnificent design. EDIT
Posted Feb 16, 2018
The Post (2017) Brooke Corso The film deftly intertwines the denotations of its title as it serves not only as an illustration of the physical edifice and journalists, but also of the Pentagon Papers themselves, and of the woman who was given a position and made it her own. EDIT
Posted Feb 7, 2018
A Phantom Thread (2017) Brooke Corso [Paul Thomas] Anderson masterfully displays such a focus of self in the secrets within the fabrics within the rooms within the house of the main character that the film often swerves into the hyperreal as reflective of his finely tuned sensitivities. EDIT
Posted Jan 19, 2018
A The Shape of Water (2017) Brooke Corso The Shape of Water is a eternal story for our time, about loving and being loved, speaking and being heard, and compassion for humanity. EDIT
Posted Jan 2, 2018
B+ I, Tonya (2017) Brooke Corso We never fully empathize with Tonya because she never fully gains our trust; her smiles could be leers, her obvious need for attention is tempered by a resentment over loss of control over her image. EDIT
Posted Jan 2, 2018
B+ The Disaster Artist (2017) Brooke Corso The film alternates between embracing the individual viewer and the collective appreciation of bad, bad art, and while we are often laughing uproariously at the audacity of the story unfolding, there are moments of sadness where we fear we shouldn't. EDIT
Posted Dec 20, 2017
C+ Murder on the Orient Express (2017) Brooke Corso It is a nice autumn surprise to watch an old-school whodunit amidst superhero extravaganzas, but it often falls victim to its own excess. EDIT
Posted Dec 6, 2017
A Lady Bird (2017) Brooke Corso Saoirse Ronan is one of the brightest stars of her generation, able to switch from ebullient to tormented, confident to awkward in an instant and never uttering a false note. EDIT
Posted Dec 4, 2017
C+ Justice League (2017) Brooke Corso When Justice League is good, it is fun and flashy and slick; when it is bad, it is maddeningly so because there are no excuses for its flaws. EDIT
Posted Nov 16, 2017
A The Florida Project (2017) Brooke Corso The Florida Project, director Sean Baker captures that cautious ethereality of Moonee's constructed universe against the harsh reality of transient families living in a highway motel in the shadow of The Happiest Place on Earth. EDIT
Posted Nov 9, 2017
C- All I See Is You (2016) Brooke Corso Director Marc Forster takes a melodramatic plot from a Sunday-night cable feature and tries to expand it to the big screen with bigger stars and more exotic locales, but it still retains the predictability of a movie of the week. EDIT
Posted Oct 27, 2017
A- Blade Runner 2049 (2017) Brooke Corso 2049 goes back to the near future and questions humanity itself. EDIT
Posted Oct 12, 2017
Stronger (2017) Brooke Corso This is a rare movie that focuses on the deafening quiet that comes after the noise of the hospital stay... EDIT
Posted Oct 5, 2017
B+ mother! (2017) Brooke Corso mother! is a film that is going to demand multiple interpretations. EDIT
Posted Sep 27, 2017
It (2017) Brooke Corso This is Beverly Marsh's story; she ties the group together in strength and danger. EDIT
Posted Sep 27, 2017
This Means War (2012) Brooke Corso In continuing his trend of campy dialogue and cliched special effects, [McG] has made a romantic comedy involving dueling spies that even a monkey could figure out. EDIT
Posted Aug 21, 2017
Shame (2011) Brooke Corso The ambiguity of the man perched on a physical, emotional, and spiritual cliff is what makes McQueen's film an excruciating yet captivating film. EDIT
Posted Aug 21, 2017
C+ Safe House (2012) Brooke Corso Safe House wasn't bad, it just wasn't new, and if a movie is involving rogue agents, it needs to meet its characterization with a plot that keeps us guessing. EDIT
Posted Aug 21, 2017
A- American Reunion (2012) Brooke Corso Its a rare thing for a fourth movie to be the best in a series. American Reunion made me laugh even harder than the original did. EDIT
Posted Aug 21, 2017
C The Cabin in the Woods (2011) Brooke Corso Drew Goddard may have intended his film as a postmodern discourse on fear, free will, and corporate religion, but instead he serves up a ridiculously campy hodgepodge of horror classics and nihilistic violence. EDIT
Posted Aug 21, 2017
A- End of Watch (2012) Brooke Corso Capturing the stress and tension of the job detail, as well as the emotional toll on the officers, the line between audience and actor is blurred as the camera alternates between their perspective and that of the audience. EDIT
Posted Aug 21, 2017
B+ Evil Dead (2013) Brooke Corso Ultimately, Alvarez did a solid job with his remake, and this is a popcorn treat after some slow, slow late-winter months. EDIT
Posted Aug 18, 2017
B+ 42 (2013) Brooke Corso The game sequences are riveting, not only when Jackie slams a homer or steals a base, but also in the jubilance of him overcoming the negative atmosphere in which he was playing. EDIT
Posted Aug 18, 2017
C+ Oblivion (2013) Brooke Corso In the end, was the movie's title supposed to be the state of the characters, or the audience? Were we supposed to passively sit through the film without questioning the plotholes? EDIT
Posted Aug 18, 2017
A Mud (2013) Brooke Corso What a treat for the eyes and the ears. EDIT
Posted Aug 18, 2017
C+ The Great Gatsby (2013) Brooke Corso When the film requires more depth, we see the cracks appear, as if the dizzying pace of the party leaves one unable to balance once the music stops. EDIT
Posted Aug 18, 2017